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  •  Dear Laetitia Lecourt, Thanks you very much for sending the free demo kit. We received it and liked the concept. Since we are upgrading and replacing our network, we would like to test the usage of patchsee to quickly identify network connections on our core switches. We found Patchsee via a website of a dutch network cable reseller. Regards, Jeroen 

    Jeroen H - System Administrator - MUNICIPALITY - Netherlands (The) - 01/2017

  •  Hello Mrs Lecourt, I liked the easy traceability of the cables when installed into a rack. I will definitely consider your solution next time we need to order new patch cables. Your solution was recommended by a colleague from our branch in the UK. Mit freundlichen Grüssen / Best regards Stefan IT Administrator  

    Stefan C - IT Administrator - ELECTRONIC PRODUCTS - Germany - 01/2017

  •  yes i have received the 2 products. It is a very good idea to see where the cable is ending. I will keep it in my mind for the next order of patchcables. Thank you and with Best regards 

    Joachim D - IT Manager - BETRIEBSBERATEUR - Germany - 01/2017

  •  Hi Laetitia, After trying your product we have bought approx 350 cables for our infrastructure. Best regards Mark S. 

    Mark S - Datatekniker - ADVISERS - Denmark - 12/2016

  •  Hi Frederic, Recieved the sample kit and forwarded it to our R&D guys…must say they were impressed so we probably have some future here and we will include it in some projects Until then Have a nice day 

    Damjan P - Purchasing - SYSTEM INTEGRATOR - Slovenia - 11/2016

Free demonstration kit
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