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  •  Hi Frederic, Yes, I received the demo kit last week. Thanks to patchsee for sending the kit. It’s an amazing product. I am really impressed with the quality of cable and connector. By using patchsee cable I seen throughput performance increase. Also the light will help deploying and troubleshooting network. I will recommend patchsee. I was searching for high quality cat6 connectors basically, but I see patchsee link on a forum . Regards, 

    Muzamal A - network Architect - SYSTEM INTEGRATOR - Pakistan - 04/2013

  •  Dear Mr. Dalles, your invention is really great, I wonder why no other cable maker has thought of that.. really simple and efficient, only two optic fibres, flexible enough, and a great construction, with solid connectors. The only thing that I don't like is the little lamp, works but is somehow awkward to use as you have to sneak it between the other cables on the switch.. a design with a flexible head that could be put on the wire would help the person working. Although the budget is really tight this year, we will discuss and see if we can buy some of these great cables for the routers, I have seen that hey offer great transfer rates too. Wishing you all the best!  

    Cristi S - IT Manager - UNIVERSITY - Romania - 04/2013

  •  Hi, We discovered PatchSee through one of our consultants that works in a lot of data centers and installs patch cabling. He told us about the product and how handy it was. We have tested the demonstration kit and really liked it. Actually today we placed an order through XXX for 50 cables. Best regards,  

    Lionel J - ICL System Support - international transportation - Belgium - 03/2013

  •  We love working with the Patchsee cabling system, it’s so easy! I like to receive a apple green sample (DESKPATCH) if possible.- We order through XXX. Thank you very much!  

    Edward H - Presales - IT Consultancy - Netherlands (The) - 03/2013

  •  Hello Mr. DALLES, I received the demo kit and I think that is an interesting solution. Had knowledge about the product through a company for which we provide services. Thanks. Best regards, Dinarte T. 

    Dinarte T - ICT Technician - SYSTEM INTEGRATOR - Portugal - 02/2013

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