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  •  Hi Laetitia, The cables have already proven to be very useful in combination with the Patch Light. We were able to quickly identify which cable was attached to which outlet and switch port. If we could recommend 1 thing, it would be more cable color options. This makes it easier for u to quickly determine which cables interconnect the switches. Therefor we used normal CAT 6A cables. But it would be better if we could have used PatchSee cables, because of the ability to use the Patch Light. We could have also used the PatchClips, but we found out those were not as distinctive as other cable coloring. Now that we have used it for 2 weeks, we are very pleased and can no longer use cables without the ability to use a Patch Light.  

    Sieuwe G - ICT - industrial manufacturer - Belgium - 11/2015

  •  Hi, I just got them today! It is very clever what you did there. I think that you got a niche of the market. I have spend hours and hours trying to figure out which cable goes where, and I never though of this simple tweak. Your product is trully amazing. I hope that we will see patchsee in Greece some day. Best regards Antonis 

    Antonis K - Consultant - HOSTING - Greece - 11/2015

  •  Hello, Thank you for the demonstration kit. I already bought the patch cables of our new installation, when I heard of your product from a colleague who used them in an installation of a client. I tested it and it was very pleasant to work with. Your contact information is saved, once new or extra patching cables are necessary you will hear from me. Thank you!  

    Bram D - Technological Expert - industrial manufacturer - Belgium - 11/2015

  •  Great product! :) , we ordered a set from our local distributor. Regards 

    Bie W - IT Manager - MARKETING AGENCY - Poland - 10/2015

  •  Excellent Cables, They are worth the extra, I would not use anything else in any wiring cab.  

    Scott W - IT Manager - Education sector - United Kingdom (The) - 10/2015

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