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  •  Hello Mr. Dalles, I have found out about your products from XXX company. The „lighting“ cables were very interesting items in the portfolio and our technicians wanted to see it in real. We are SMB IT company and many times we are instaling these cables in server rooms. So, maybe we consider to use that in future. Best regards  

    Marek K - Product Manager - DATA NETWORK INSTALLERS - Slovakia - 07/2016

  •  Hello Frederic, Hope you had a great weekend! I'm writing this e-mail as I received a demo-kit this morning and I've gotta say that I'm pretty impressed with what I've found in there! I had absolutely no idea, that you have more smart things in your portfolio - PLUGCAP, ID Scratch, Deskpatch ... just WOW ;) In your previous e-mail, you've mentioned that there is a distributor in Poland - would you mind sharing some contact details? I'd really love to order a small batch of your products for a bit more testing (a couple of PCI6-U/2 to PCI6-U/6 cables as well as couple Deskpatch and IDScrach). Thanks! 

    Tomasz W - IT Manager - HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT - Poland - 07/2016

  •  Hi Frederic, Thanks for the demo sample. I have put them in the lab, showing them to my project manager's. Everyone is excited about this new product. I hope that they will agree with me and replace all the common cables with them. Thanks again for the opportunity to try this awesome product and I hope that we will work together. Best regards , Ioannis 

    Ioannis I - Network Implementation Engineer - IT INTEGRATION COMPANY - Greece - 07/2016

  •  Hello Mr. Dalles, I have heard about patchsee from my colleagues from XXX Germany. I'm working for XXX Slovakia as external IT support and also I'm working on secondary technical school XXX. Patchsee is very interesting and useful solution. Best Regards Branislav B. 

    Branislav B - IT Support - MANUFACTURER OF INDUSTRIAL FASTENERS - Slovakia - 06/2016

  •  Hi, the solution is interesting and we plan to resell it toour customers. It seems me to remember that I received a email regarding Patchsee. Please let me know how can we purchase Patchsee and accessories. Best Regards  

    Paolo B - Amministratore - DATA NETWORK INSTALLERS - Italy - 05/2016

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