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How does it work ?

The light is transmitted by two Plastic Optical Fibres (POF) running through the length of the cables which are bent back at 180° inside the boots at each extremity.

Concept demonstration : transmission of the light

The POF are maintained in accessible position by a plastic boot and along the inner sides of the cable to carry the light injection. The transmission of light does not disturb the electric performance in any way.

The light is injected by the ECO PATCHLIGHT or PRO PATCHLIGHT which is placed over the boot at one end of a patch cord in use. The other end of the patch cord is identified thanks to the two luminous dots.

The PATCHSEE solution is covered by an international patent


PATCHSEE cables are the only RJ45 in the world with optical technology.

To locate your RJ45 cables, the light is transmitted from one end to the other by two plastic optical fibers integrated into the cable.

PATCHSEE Intelligent Patch Cord cables plug in just like classic RJ45 cables.
Slide your PatchLight onto one end of the PATCHSEE Intelligent Patch Cord cable and turn it on (demo model provided in free demonstration kit).
Thanks to PATCHSEE Intelligent Patch Cord, you can instantly see where the other end of your cable is plugged in !

Intelligent Patch Cord cables :

  • Find your cables at the speed of light
  • Compatible with all standard computer equipment : cabling, switches, serves, etc.
  • Compliant with EIA/TIA & ISO standards - 10 GB applications
  • Cat. 6a / Cat. 6 / Cat. 5e
  • Non-shielded U-UTP & shielded U-FTP
  • From 2 feet to 165 feet (0.6 to 50 meters)
Test PATCHSEE for free !
Free demonstration kit Ask for a demo kit

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