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The Standard RJ45

Categories 5e and 6 define the interoperability of network cabling systems to ensure that end users can assemble category 5e or 6 certified components from different suppliers and obtain a complete category 5e or 6 channel.

To guarantee the performance of these channels, the standard specifies the characteristics of each component, in particular RJ45 patch cord which are an important part of the channel.

Extract from TIA/EIA-568-B.2-1
Telecommunications cabling, once specified uniquely for each telecommunications application, has evolved into a generic cabling system. Telecommunications applications now use ANSI/TIA/EIA-568-B1 to specify their cabling requirements. This has resulted in the continued developpement of high-speed applications and demonstrated the need for improved transmission performance and higher categories of twisted pair cabling.

The requirements in this standard are for 10 Homs category 6 balanced twisted pair cabling systems and components. Category 6 cabling provides higher performance than category 5e and recognizes advances in cabling technology. Category 6 shall be backward compatible with categories 3, 5 and 5e as specified in ANSI/TIA/EIA-568-B.1 and ANSI/TIA/EIA-568-B.2. Application running on the lower category cabling shall be supported by category 6. For category 6, the 8 positions modular jack interface shall maintained at the telecommunications outlet connector in the work area. If different category components are to mixed with category 6 components, then the combination shall meet the transmission requirements of the lower performing category. See table1 for matrix of mated components performance representative of backward compatibility. To ensure generic cabling system performance, components are specified to support interoperability when products from different manufacturers are mated.

Table 1- Matrix of backward compatible mated component performance

  Category of Modular Connecting Hardware Performance
Category 3 Category 5 Category 5e Category 6
Modular Plug & Cords performance Category 3 * Category 3 Category 3 Category 3 Category 3
Category 5 Category 3 Category 5 Category 5 Category 5
Category 5e Category 3 Category 5 Category 5e Category 5e
Category 6 Category 3 Category 5 Category 5e Category 6
* Category 3 plug performance requirements are assumed to be less restrictive than category 5e

Transmission performance depends upon the characteristics of the cable, connecting hardware, cords and cross-connect jumpers, the total number of connections, and the care in which they are installed and maintained. This Standard includes laboratory and field test configurations and procedures that can be used to verify the components, cabling, and installation will meet this new specification.

6-3 Cords Patch cords, requirement cords, and work area cords used for system moves, ads, and change are critical transmission performance. Category 6 cords and cordage shall meet the applicable requirements of clause 6.1 through 6.3 of ANSI/TIA/EIA-568-B.2 and clause and 7.4.4 of this standard.

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