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The RJ45 patch cord already in place on the desk side

  • Wall-mounted, WallPATCH is already in place and will stay that way!
  • A single reference for all your installations
    • Adjustable length from 0 to 4m (13ft), WallPATCH covers 95% of the length requirements
    • Performance up to 10Gb / s, Cat 5e and Cat 6 compatible
    • Available in U/UTP and U/FTP
  • Easy to install and use
    • A self-adhesive case very easy to install on any type of surface
    • 4 outputs available: install it even in every corner
Installation étape 1

Place it next to the wall outlets

Installation étape 1
Installation étape 2

Press the center button

Installation étape 2
Installation étape 3

Adjust the length

Installation étape 3
Installation étape 4

Close the case

  • Technical characteristics
    • Adjustable length: from 0 to 4m
    • Shielded or unshielded: Available in U/UTP and U/FTP
    • CAT 6A: Performance up to 10Gb / s, Cat 5e and Cat 6 compatible
    • Compatible with all systems: Guaranteed performance on all cabling systems
    • Compatible with high density environments: ultra thin cord (Ø 3.8mm in UTP and Ø 4.5mm in FTP) small sleeve on three sides (in line with the RJ45 plug)
    • Flexible and resistant cord: integrated bending radius damper
    • Powers your equipment (Phones, cameras, ...) with WallPATCH on 4PPOE networks
    • Cord fitted with a protective cap
  • Registered design
Design déposé
  • Optimized packaging: 40x40x20 cm / 80 WallPATCH
Emballage compact

  • 5-year warranty on all manufacturer cabling systems (interoperability) ...

Unshielded data sheet (UTP)
Shielded data sheet (FTP)


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