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Cable management system
is a strategic responsibility

The primary role of every Comms rooms, Patch panels, Server farms, Data centers is to keep corporate information services up and running. Today, however, systems are evolving quickly and infrastructure management continues to grow increasingly complex. Every maintenance operation and every technical intervention, whether planned or unexpected, must be fast and secure. The financial cost resulting from Network service downtime and mission-critical applications can represent significant loss in many sectors, such as banking, e-commerce, telecommunications and industry.

PATCHSEE is a solution
that is unique exclusive and efficient

Given these needs, the PATCHSEE solution was designed from the outset to meet the expectations of network designers and managers in terms of efficiency, performance and security. With PATCHSEE, your network management benefits from an exclusive technology that lets you identify data connections and strategic links quickly and efficiently. Today, over 15 million PATCHSEE cables are up and running around the world, proving both the market need and PATCHSEE performance in many fields. Compatible with all existing network hardware, PATCHSEE offers unparalleled ease-of-use, security and speed during maintenance and troubleshooting operations for data centers, computer rooms, network racks and more.

Performance that IT
administrators have been waiting for

  • Lets you instantly trace both ends of any network cable using an exclusive lighting system
  • Clear visual identification increases security when handling network connections
    No more plugging and unplugging the wrong cables, no more basic mistakes causing down-time for information services
  • Confirm links before disconnecting servers and other connections
    Increased security.
  • Small sized boots fit easily into high density environment
    switches, servers and patch panels
  • PatchClip removable color clips
    Practical for managing any kind of network; provides visual differentiation for racks, applications and servers according to their use (e-commerce, Web, data, etc); protects cable lock-tabs
  • Compatible with all types of computer equipment
    cabling, switches, etc.
  • Complies with EIA/TIA & ISO standards - 10 GB applications
  • Cat. 6a / Cat. 6 / Cat. 5e - UTP & FTP
  • Available in lengths from 2 to 165 feet (0.6 to 50 meters)
  • Several PatchLight models to choose from, providing different colors for simultaneous identification
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