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  •  Just order x300 thinpatch for installation, great product, very pleasant to handle  

    Maria R - Italy - 05/2022

  •  Thanks for the demo kit. We have been using Patchsee for 10 years, we are going to think about switching to thinpatch. It looks very handy  

    Dean D - United States (The) - 03/2022

  •  Used this light tracking cables since several years, a bit more expensive but I wouldn't go back for classic cords 

    Demonlu C - Australia - 08/2021

  •  I received the demo kit and ordered my first Thinpatch cables ! Honestly I was very surprised by the flexibility and maneuverability. they seem sturdy...  

    Ley D - Ireland - 05/2020

  •  I've worked with the PRO-PatchLight: Powerful light injector + charger kit - 3 colors and the Patch cables. It's a amazing product, no issues finding the right connection, on the SWITCH and on the Patch Panle, because of these products. I've requested the Demo KIT for my self, and in time I will buy also the Patch Cables for it.Every IT Technician or Engineer needs this, it makes our job in Patching way easier. Thanks PatchSee. 

    Steve S - IT Engineer - HEALTH PRODUCT - Netherlands (The) - 05/2019

  •  Hello, Yes I have received the demo kit about 2 weeks ago. The patch was presented to our colleagues from the Network Dep. with a very positive feedback. We will take it into consideration for further projects. Can you send us a price list ? Best regards, Andrei 

    Andrei L - Product Manager - SYSTEM INTEGRATOR - Romania - 05/2019

  •  Buongiorno Frederic, confermo di aver ricevuto e provato il campione delle vostre patch. L’impressione è stata molto positiva, ed abbiamo anche effettuato un ordine delle vostre patch tramite un fornitore italiano. Grazie Cordiali saluti, Antonio 

    Antonio C - Network Operation Team - SYSTEM INTEGRATOR - Italy - 04/2019

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