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  •  Hello frederic. Thank you very much for the demo kit. I have to say that the cords are made of high quality, and i find them very useful and practical. I made a demo exposure on my fb friends and received very positive feedback. Thank you again and looking forward to test any demo item you may have available. 

    John T - Network Administrator - GOVERNMENT ORGANISATION FOR DEVELOPMENT OF TOURISM - Greece - 08/2017

  •  Hi Frederic, Thank you very much for the free kit!! I have used this technology and it can do be really useful in some environments :D I will contact you in the first opportunity i have when showing to clients. Thank you 

    Luis S - Network Engineer - SYSTEM INTEGRATOR - Portugal - 08/2017

  •  Hi Mr Fred, Good day! ive received the item, this item is nice for tracing the cables. how much is the cost per patch cord and the Light tracer? Thank You! Keith 

    Keith E - Data Center and Cabling Specialist - DATA CENTRE & HOSTING COMPANY - Philippines (The) - 08/2017

  •  Hey Frederic, I got your DEMO KIT. I have to say that's interesting solution. I spoke with my supervisor and showed the KIT. I can't promise anything but if you can? just send me a pricelist. 

    Mateusz K - Network Engineer - TELECOMMUNICATION COMPANY - Poland - 08/2017

  •  Hi Frederic, Really like it a lot, it is very useful both patchsee cables and light util to easy find both ends of a network cable when connected.. We make a lot of installations and customers don't take care when trace cabling in racks.. with this kit I can easy show them all these benefits of material, including cabling, color ends, velcro's and light util. Thanks a lot! Kind regards 

    Eric R - DevOps - INTEGRADORES DE REDES - Spain - 08/2017

  •  Dear Frederic, thank you very much, your package has arrived, we’ve tryed the patch cord and it works well! Where can we buy it in Italy? Thank you, best regards. Andrea 

    Andrea M - IT Manager - CAR ACCESSORIES MANUFACTURER - Italy - 07/2017

  •  Dear Frederic I have received the device and associated accessories few days back. That is really wonderful. Can you share the cost for different length cables? Regards 

    Ibrahim M - Network Administrator - HOSPITAL - Pakistan - 07/2017

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