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RJ45 tested, approved

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  •  Hello Frederic, Your product is awesome. Do you have any Indian counterpart for support? Regards, Sunil 

    Sunil K - Technical Manager - SYSTEM INTEGRATOR - India - 08/2017

  •  Hello frederic. Thank you very much for the demo kit. I have to say that the cords are made of high quality, and i find them very useful and practical. I made a demo exposure on my fb friends and received very positive feedback. Thank you again and looking forward to test any demo item you may have available. 

    John T - Network Administrator - GOVERNMENT ORGANISATION FOR DEVELOPMENT OF TOURISM - Greece - 08/2017

  •  Hi Frederic, Thank you very much for the free kit!! I have used this technology and it can do be really useful in some environments :D I will contact you in the first opportunity i have when showing to clients. Thank you 

    Luis S - Network Engineer - SYSTEM INTEGRATOR - Portugal - 08/2017

  •  Hi Mr Fred, Good day! ive received the item, this item is nice for tracing the cables. how much is the cost per patch cord and the Light tracer? Thank You! Keith 

    Keith E - Data Center and Cabling Specialist - DATA CENTRE & HOSTING COMPANY - Philippines (The) - 08/2017

  •  Hey Frederic, I got your DEMO KIT. I have to say that's interesting solution. I spoke with my supervisor and showed the KIT. I can't promise anything but if you can? just send me a pricelist. 

    Mateusz K - Network Engineer - TELECOMMUNICATION COMPANY - Poland - 08/2017

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