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RJ45 tested, approved

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  •  Hello Mr. Dalles, I received your package and I like the patch cords very much. We have a small server room and I think I am going to substitute the cable we have right now, with the ones you have. MB 

    Michael B - IT Coordinator - FLUID AND HYDRAULICS ENGINEERING MULTINATIONAL - Italy - 03/2017

  •  Hi Frederic To be honest I was a bit disappointed of the lamination within the tool included in demo kit. However I had the chance to test the real tool on a recent trip and that worked much better. I also discovered that the company already are using the patchsee cables and they have already proven to be very handy Best regards Marius N.  

    Marius N - Network Operations Manager - MOBILE SATELLITE COMMUNICATIONS - Norway - 03/2017

  •  Hi Laetitia, I was already familiair with PatchSee and we have it in production. The kit was for a colleague of mine who wanted to test it as well, he may be ordering soon.  

    Patrick V - Senior System Engineer - international retailorganisation - Netherlands (The) - 02/2017

  •  Hi Yes and thank you for the demo kit. Product is good as expected. Right now we are in planning stage and after some calculations I can send amounts of cables that we need. To who I can send my request? BR Henri R 

    Henri R - IT Manager - MODULAR HOUSE MANUFACTURER - Estonia - 02/2017

  •  Hi Frederic, I think that your patchsee idea is a brilliant solution to help locate cabling especially when it extends in more then one cabinet. In Italy is called a Columbus’s egg. I did hear it from a network technician who passed by, and seeked it in Internet. I am now seeking some reseller in Italy to have an idea of the price. Can you hint me who to contact first? Paolo P 

    Paolo P - IT Field Support - AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTS MANUFACTURERS - Italy - 02/2017

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