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  •  Hello Frederic! Yes we’ve got it. Very interesting technology, would be very helpful in our server rooms. We are a small company with a few locations only, we’re not a reseller. What would be the cost for us as an endusers i.e. 1, 2, 3 and 5 meters UTP cat 5e/cat6 patchcords? Regards P. 

    Przemyslaw P - IT Manager - ONLINE BOOKSTORE - Poland - 03/2019

  •  Dear Mr Dalles, yes, I've received demo package. Patchcord and the idea are great. I'll show it to my clients and we'll see what they say. 

    Sebastian K - Owner - INSTALLER - Poland - 03/2019

  •  Dear Frederic Yes, I received the product and I already tested. It's a very interesting feature. For customers who plan to use this feature, do you have a price list who includes the available cable sizes? Best regards Jorge G. 

    Jorge G - IT Technician - CABLING INSTALLER - Portugal - 02/2019

  •  Hi Frederic, Yes I received the patchsee sample, thank you very much for sending it. In my former employment, we actually had all of our server rooms cabled with patchsee, so I am already a fan :) Right now though I work for a school and I am trying to convince them to use patchsee in their server rooms and wiring closets, which is why I needed the sample. Just out of curiosity, do you happen to offer educational pricing? Many thanks, Andrew 

    Andrew P - Network and IT Manager - SCHOOL - Czech Republic (The) - 01/2019

  •  Hi Frederic, Sorry for the delay in responding but I didn’t notice that my reply in confirmation of the arrival of the demo kit had been stuck in the outbox. The demo kit has arrived and I’ve also received your documents so thank you very much. We’ll be analyzing the info you sent in the department and, when we start evaluating our rearrange of the infrastructure, we’ll take this solution into account. Curiously, earlier this week we had a situation where I had to follow the cables in our datacenter and it was not easy. I commented with my colleagues that your solution would have helped in solving the situation faster. So I’ll be contacting you when I have something in hands to ask you for a quote. Thanks again for the information and demo kit. Best regards, 

    Joao M - IT Infrastructure & Security Architect - INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS COMPANY - Portugal - 12/2018

  •  Frederick, after 6 years of continuous use, the Patchsee cords work perfectly! I am very surprised even by the charger. We are going to conquer Peru with this marvel of Superior quality! 

    Jorge Orlando G - - INSTALADOR - Colombia - 12/2018

  •  Hello Laetitia, Thank you for the PatchSee Kit. It is really impressive and can be very useful in patch cabinets. Even the Patchclip looks useful. The question is, of course, how much does this all cost?  

    Ryan P - Director - Reseller - Belgium - 11/2018

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