Colour coding using removable clips

PatchClip, the cable clip that brings flexibility within easy reach:

  • A complete line of cable clips available in 16 colors (far more than color cables).
  • Packaging: blister pack with 50 cable clips of the same color.
  • Cable clip identification system compatible with all cables in the PATCHSEE intelligent patch cord product line.
  • PatchClip reference: CC/PC (CC = color). See Public Pricing page

+ flexibility for optimizing your storage:

  • PatchClip is a cable clip that helps you manage cables of different colors AND different lengths.
  • Simply by changing the cable clip, you can be sure to always have the right length and color RJ-45 cable.
  • A flexible and cost-effective solution: no more need to fill your storage with excessive cable color and length references.


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