Pre-cut cable tie

pre-cut cable tie

Tie your network cables and RJ45 cords together easily and efficiently:

"fasten" and "unfasten" easily. Save time when working with safes, cupboards and cable trays.

ID-SCRATCH: The most practical & technical

  • No need for any tools (scissors, pliers, etc.)… can be torn off by hand every 3cms.
  • Only use the length you need, within 3cms
  • Surprising adhesive powerand strength: withstands over 10kgs of torque, even pre-cut
  • Compact size (2m roll) so it is always at hand and can be used in any environment
  • Conforms to the EN 50174-2 and ISO 18010 standards

Product description

  • Discover and test the ID-SCRATCH solution by taking advantage of the trial offer available by clicking here
  • 12 colours available
  • Withstands torque of 10kgs with one loop and over 60kgs with a double
  • Rot-proof : "fasten" and "unfasten" over 1,000 times
  • Material: Polyamide
  • Fire resistance: UL 94HB
  • Thickness: 1.3mm
  • Width: 20mm
  • Diameter of 1 roll: 7cm – length 2m
Diameter of 1 roll: 7cm – length 2m

Available as a reel containing one x 2m roll

reel ID-Scratch 12 colours

Color Reference Length Packaging
Dark Black   IDS-DB-BOX-2.0 2 m 1 reel box
Red Violet   IDS-VR-BOX-2.0 2 m 1 reel box
Fluo Orange   IDS-FO-BOX-2.0 2 m 1 reel box
Dark Green   IDS-DG-BOX-2.0 2 m 1 reel box
Beige White   IDS-BW-BOX-2.0 2 m 1 reel box
Blue Aqua   IDS-BA-BOX-2.0 2 m 1 reel box
Fluo Green   IDS-FG-BOX-2.0 2 m 1 reel box
Fluo Pink   IDS-FP-BOX-2.0 2 m 1 reel box
Medium Yellow   IDS-MY-BOX-2.0 2 m 1 reel box
Christmas Red   IDS-CR-BOX-2.0 2 m 1 reel box
Standard Grey   IDS-SG-BOX-2.0 2 m 1 reel box
Light Brown   IDS-LB-BOX-2.0 2 m 1 reel box
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