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  •  Only 6 letters : T H A N K S ! We did refeet our local servers room with patchSee cable (200 of them) and it changed our life. Day to day action on the wiring is not more pain, but a real pleasure... We can reopen the server room to no-IT visitor whithout shame anymore... Bye bye to the "spaghetti" and all the colored wires ! Black is black and everythin looks clean. MAGIC ! 

    Yannick C - Network Architect - SPORTING GOODS WEBSHOP - France - 10/2018

  •  Hi Frederic, Thanks you very much for you contact. Yes, I received the kit and It's amazing. By the way, I bought your cables for our new DataCenter. Kind Regards, Tiago T. 

    Tiago T - CTO - MUNICIPALITY - Portugal - 09/2018

  •  Hi. just got it. its an amazing solution and i think it should be the standard in out industry. ill try to find a place for it in our budget (this year too late, maybe next years budget). thanks  

    E. R - IT Manager - CONTROL ROOM EQUIPMENT SUPPLIER - Israel - 08/2018

  •  Dear Frederic Dalles, Yes I have received the KIT and is very interesting for our Datacenter. We are going to create a new Datacenter in 2019 and in that time I will contact you again. Best regards 

    Rui R - IT Manager - TOURISM ORGANIZATION - Portugal - 07/2018

  •  Dear Frederic, yes we got it – many thanks. Good product, perfect for big installations. Kind regards 

    Markus H - CEO - CABLING RESELLER - Switzerland - 06/2018

  •  yes, we received and we like it. We are showing to our customers. 

    Francesco C - IT Manager - DATA NETWORK INSTALLERS - Italy - 06/2018

  •  Yes I received the sample. It is a great product. As we moved out to a new building we had in our plan to use your patch cords for the cabling into our datacenter As the product is great, we have it in our mind, and in the future we are going to your products. 

    Michalis A - IT Dept - FINANCE - Greece - 06/2018

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