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  •  Hi Frederic, Thanks you very much for you contact. Yes, I received the kit and It's amazing. By the way, I bought your cables for our new DataCenter. Kind Regards, Tiago T. 

    Tiago T - CTO - MUNICIPALITY - Portugal - 09/2018

  •  Hi. just got it. its an amazing solution and i think it should be the standard in out industry. ill try to find a place for it in our budget (this year too late, maybe next years budget). thanks  

    E. R - IT Manager - CONTROL ROOM EQUIPMENT SUPPLIER - Israel - 08/2018

  •  Dear Frederic Dalles, Yes I have received the KIT and is very interesting for our Datacenter. We are going to create a new Datacenter in 2019 and in that time I will contact you again. Best regards 

    Rui R - IT Manager - TOURISM ORGANIZATION - Portugal - 07/2018

  •  Dear Frederic, yes we got it – many thanks. Good product, perfect for big installations. Kind regards 

    Markus H - CEO - CABLING RESELLER - Switzerland - 06/2018

  •  yes, we received and we like it. We are showing to our customers. 

    Francesco C - IT Manager - DATA NETWORK INSTALLERS - Italy - 06/2018

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