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  •  Hello There, Yes, I received the demo Kit. It seems very attaractive and it will save the time while tracing the patch cables.Who is teh partner in Fiji. Thanks for sending the kit.03/04/2013 

    Sanjey C - - OFFICE EQUIPMENT - Fiji - 06/2018

  •  Hello Frederic, Yes i recently received the demo kit and we are evaluating it at the bank. I think the product is great and i like the outcome. Initially i will be getting back to you soon on more feed back and questions. regards 

    Anthony S - IT Manager - INVESTMENT BANK - Bahrain - 06/2018

  •  Hello Frederic, Thanks for your prompt action. I did receive the Demo Kit Last week and I must tell you that, this is a great product with simple innovation that can help end users to trace patch cords without any additional investment on Intelligent devices in the Hub Room / Patch Rack area. 

    Girish K - - DATA CENTRE INSTALLERS - India - 06/2018

  •  Hi Frederic, I’ve received the kit. In fact, this solution is very useful, mainly in full fil rack. In our organization, we have ordered to our suplier (Isinet) 400 patchecords 2,1m and 100 of 3,1m. Thank you. 

    Joao V - IT Department - BANKING - Portugal - 05/2018

  •  Hi Frederic, Yes, we already received the demo kit. About the solution, it´s a very good solution, and now we have to demonstrate in a client of ours˛. I´ll give you news. Thanks Best Regards  

    Nuno N - Service Desk Manager - SYSTEM INTEGRATOR - Portugal - 03/2018

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