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  •  Hi Mr Dalles Thanks for your question. We have ordered your Product, perfect !!! And we will use it for all new netsegments. Best Regards Patrick D. 

    Patrick D - IT Manager - CITY HALL - Switzerland - 08/2016

  •  Hello Frederic, I already received the free kit, which i appreciate and thank you the kindness and disponibility. The solution it is good, and I know that my client will accept my suggestion about yours solutions. I´m going to need some quantities of patchsee intelligent cords. Has I already inform you i´m a hardware/software reseller. Can you inform me the prices to: Class6Patch : Cat. 6 UTP or FTP RJ45 patch cords 100 units - 1,5 mts 100 Units - 2,1 mts Cumprimentos 

    Abel L - Technical Manager - HARDWARE RESELLER - Portugal - 08/2016

  •  Hi Frederic, We have received the Demo kit you sent and we were interested by the concept. The Patch Cables would be a big time saver for dense cabinets like our core. We are planning a hardware upgrade later in the year so we might consider these cables in the future when we swap out our existing switches and have the opportunity to change patch cables. I'll be sure to keep your contact details if we plan to change this in the future. Thanks for time. Chris.C 

    Chris C - IT Manager - SCHOOL - Australia - 07/2016

  •  Dear Frederic, Thank you for your email and many thanks for demo kit. I think that’s amazing technology and VERY good idea! I’m working as IT manager in our company and we manage a lot of “small” server rooms for us and for our clients. Clarity and simplicity is the key factor for us – from creation of documentation, implementation and management. When I see some competing server room – for example as image “horror” in attachment, it is pathetic. We are working on new server room (img “new” ) and there is a good place where we want to test PATCHSEE, because this server room connects the important production equipment (like CNC machines, SQL databases, other machines…) in a large modern carpentry. There is no space for errors with respect to production. I think that PATCHSEE is the best way for solving crisis management in wiring networks. 

    Lukas M - Project Manager ICT - SYSTEM INTEGRATOR - Czech Republic (The) - 07/2016

  •  Hello Mr. Dalles, I have found out about your products from XXX company. The „lighting“ cables were very interesting items in the portfolio and our technicians wanted to see it in real. We are SMB IT company and many times we are instaling these cables in server rooms. So, maybe we consider to use that in future. Best regards  

    Marek K - Product Manager - DATA NETWORK INSTALLERS - Slovakia - 07/2016

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