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  •  Hi Laetitia, After trying your product we have bought approx 350 cables for our infrastructure. Best regards Mark S. 

    Mark S - Datatekniker - ADVISERS - Denmark - 12/2016

  •  Hi Frederic, Recieved the sample kit and forwarded it to our R&D guys…must say they were impressed so we probably have some future here and we will include it in some projects Until then Have a nice day 

    Damjan P - Purchasing - SYSTEM INTEGRATOR - Slovenia - 11/2016

  •  Hi Mr Dalles, I did get to know your solution by xxx I find PATCHSEE intelligent patch cords very interesting and I will propose them to my customers. Best regards. Enrico S.  

    Enrico S - IT Engineering - ENGINEERING & CONSULTING SERVICES - Switzerland - 11/2016

  •  Hi Frederic, I've tested your kit. It's very interesting idea:solve tangled patching with a led. I've request a quote to my local reseller. This is a local government administration so it's very complicated to buy something (at the end of the year). I hope to acquire in next future thanks best regards Francesco M. 

    Francesco M - IT Consultant - TOWN HALL - Italy - 11/2016

  •  Hi Frederic, Your solution is very useful. Using PatchSee patch cords, network guys very easy and fast can determine connections. If you produce RJ45 pre-terminated keystone witch same PatchSee technology then you will have end-to-end solution. I know your solution from my previous company. We have used your patch cord in our DC. Remarks: Price is a little bit higher comparing to similar patch cords (these day everyone is looking for cheaper solutions). For DC; good to have pre terminated keystone. Note: Do you have reseller in Turkey? Best regards, Hasan C. 

    HAsan C - IT and Software Development Manager - SYSTEM INTEGRATOR - Turkey - 11/2016

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