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  •  Hi Frederic To be honest I was a bit disappointed of the lamination within the tool included in demo kit. However I had the chance to test the real tool on a recent trip and that worked much better. I also discovered that the company already are using the patchsee cables and they have already proven to be very handy Best regards Marius N.  

    Marius N - Network Operations Manager - MOBILE SATELLITE COMMUNICATIONS - Norway - 03/2017

  •  Hi Laetitia, I was already familiair with PatchSee and we have it in production. The kit was for a colleague of mine who wanted to test it as well, he may be ordering soon.  

    Patrick V - Senior System Engineer - international retailorganisation - Netherlands (The) - 02/2017

  •  Hi Yes and thank you for the demo kit. Product is good as expected. Right now we are in planning stage and after some calculations I can send amounts of cables that we need. To who I can send my request? BR Henri R 

    Henri R - IT Manager - MODULAR HOUSE MANUFACTURER - Estonia - 02/2017

  •  Hi Frederic, I think that your patchsee idea is a brilliant solution to help locate cabling especially when it extends in more then one cabinet. In Italy is called a Columbus’s egg. I did hear it from a network technician who passed by, and seeked it in Internet. I am now seeking some reseller in Italy to have an idea of the price. Can you hint me who to contact first? Paolo P 

    Paolo P - IT Field Support - AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTS MANUFACTURERS - Italy - 02/2017

  •  Dear Ms Lecourt, Thank you for this opportunity to present this ingenious solution by our company. I use patchsee cabel for a long time and i’m totally enthused how simple cable management could be. :) But sometime, at a new company, It is very helpful to be able to visualise how patchsee works. Thant you very much for your demo kit. Yours sincerely,  

    Dimitrijs K - Projektleiter - TEXTILE - Germany - 01/2017

  •  Dear Laetitia Lecourt, Thanks you very much for sending the free demo kit. We received it and liked the concept. Since we are upgrading and replacing our network, we would like to test the usage of patchsee to quickly identify network connections on our core switches. We found Patchsee via a website of a dutch network cable reseller. Regards, Jeroen 

    Jeroen H - System Administrator - MUNICIPALITY - Netherlands (The) - 01/2017

  •  Hello Mrs Lecourt, I liked the easy traceability of the cables when installed into a rack. I will definitely consider your solution next time we need to order new patch cables. Your solution was recommended by a colleague from our branch in the UK. Mit freundlichen Grüssen / Best regards Stefan IT Administrator  

    Stefan C - IT Administrator - ELECTRONIC PRODUCTS - Germany - 01/2017

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