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  •  Just order x300 thinpatch for installation, great product, very pleasant to handle  

    Maria R - Italy - 05/2022

  •  Thanks for the demo kit. We have been using Patchsee for 10 years, we are going to think about switching to thinpatch. It looks very handy  

    Dean D - United States (The) - 03/2022

  •  Used this light tracking cables since several years, a bit more expensive but I wouldn't go back for classic cords 

    Demonlu C - Australia - 08/2021

  •  I received the demo kit and ordered my first Thinpatch cables ! Honestly I was very surprised by the flexibility and maneuverability. they seem sturdy...  

    Ley D - Ireland - 05/2020

  •  I've worked with the PRO-PatchLight: Powerful light injector + charger kit - 3 colors and the Patch cables. It's a amazing product, no issues finding the right connection, on the SWITCH and on the Patch Panle, because of these products. I've requested the Demo KIT for my self, and in time I will buy also the Patch Cables for it.Every IT Technician or Engineer needs this, it makes our job in Patching way easier. Thanks PatchSee. 

    Steve S - IT Engineer - HEALTH PRODUCT - Netherlands (The) - 05/2019

  •  Hello, Yes I have received the demo kit about 2 weeks ago. The patch was presented to our colleagues from the Network Dep. with a very positive feedback. We will take it into consideration for further projects. Can you send us a price list ? Best regards, Andrei 

    Andrei L - Product Manager - SYSTEM INTEGRATOR - Romania - 05/2019

  •  Buongiorno Frederic, confermo di aver ricevuto e provato il campione delle vostre patch. L’impressione è stata molto positiva, ed abbiamo anche effettuato un ordine delle vostre patch tramite un fornitore italiano. Grazie Cordiali saluti, Antonio 

    Antonio C - Network Operation Team - SYSTEM INTEGRATOR - Italy - 04/2019

  •  Hello Yes, I received a demo version, a great solution. We are not currently planning to invest in cabling but I will have your product in mind. I'll call you if there's a need for investment. Pozdrawiam Maciej 

    Maciej B - IT Manager - PUBLIC LIBRARY - Poland - 03/2019

  •  Hi Frederic, I did receive it and like them where can I purchase them in Australia? Thanks  

    Justin H - Senior IT Manager - WORLDWIDE PROVIDER OF LEGAL SERVICES - Australia - 03/2019

  •  Hello,I received the product and I already tested. It's a very interesting feature. For my enterprise who plan to use this feature, do you have a price list who includes the available cable sizes? 

    Maher K - Tunisia - 03/2019

  •  Buongiorno Soluzione davvero bella Alla prima occasione le proveremo “sul campo” Grazie e Buona serata 

    Emanuele N - Project Manager - SYSTEM INTEGRATOR - Italy - 03/2019

  •  Hello Frederic! Yes we’ve got it. Very interesting technology, would be very helpful in our server rooms. We are a small company with a few locations only, we’re not a reseller. What would be the cost for us as an endusers i.e. 1, 2, 3 and 5 meters UTP cat 5e/cat6 patchcords? Regards P. 

    Przemyslaw P - IT Manager - ONLINE BOOKSTORE - Poland - 03/2019

  •  Dear Mr Dalles, yes, I've received demo package. Patchcord and the idea are great. I'll show it to my clients and we'll see what they say. 

    Sebastian K - Owner - INSTALLER - Poland - 03/2019

  •  Dear Frederic Yes, I received the product and I already tested. It's a very interesting feature. For customers who plan to use this feature, do you have a price list who includes the available cable sizes? Best regards Jorge G. 

    Jorge G - IT Technician - CABLING INSTALLER - Portugal - 02/2019

  •  Hi Frederic, Yes I received the patchsee sample, thank you very much for sending it. In my former employment, we actually had all of our server rooms cabled with patchsee, so I am already a fan :) Right now though I work for a school and I am trying to convince them to use patchsee in their server rooms and wiring closets, which is why I needed the sample. Just out of curiosity, do you happen to offer educational pricing? Many thanks, Andrew 

    Andrew P - Network and IT Manager - SCHOOL - Czech Republic (The) - 01/2019

  •  Hi Frederic, Sorry for the delay in responding but I didn’t notice that my reply in confirmation of the arrival of the demo kit had been stuck in the outbox. The demo kit has arrived and I’ve also received your documents so thank you very much. We’ll be analyzing the info you sent in the department and, when we start evaluating our rearrange of the infrastructure, we’ll take this solution into account. Curiously, earlier this week we had a situation where I had to follow the cables in our datacenter and it was not easy. I commented with my colleagues that your solution would have helped in solving the situation faster. So I’ll be contacting you when I have something in hands to ask you for a quote. Thanks again for the information and demo kit. Best regards, 

    Joao M - IT Infrastructure & Security Architect - INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS COMPANY - Portugal - 12/2018

  •  Frederick, after 6 years of continuous use, the Patchsee cords work perfectly! I am very surprised even by the charger. We are going to conquer Peru with this marvel of Superior quality! 

    Jorge Orlando G - INSTALADOR - Colombia - 12/2018

  •  Hello Laetitia, Thank you for the PatchSee Kit. It is really impressive and can be very useful in patch cabinets. Even the Patchclip looks useful. The question is, of course, how much does this all cost?  

    Ryan P - Director - Reseller - Belgium - 11/2018

  •  Hi Frderic Thank you for the demo patch cord. It seems to me very interesting solution for crowded server rooms. Do you have any reseller in Greece? Thank you Fragkiskos 

    Fragkiskos N - IT Manager - SHIP MANAGEMENT COMPANY - Greece - 11/2018

  •  Hi, just got it. its very smart solution and i hope use it in future. Thanks! 

    Pjotrs B - Local IT Manager - ELECTRONIC RETAILER - Latvia - 11/2018

  •  Hi Frederic, I did receive the demo kit. The cables definitely on the list of items to consider for when we move to a new office and have to set up new MDF/IDFs. Thanks! 

    Ryan B - IT Support - CLOUD MANAGEMENT PROVIDER - United States (The) - 10/2018

  •  Only 6 letters : T H A N K S ! We did refeet our local servers room with patchSee cable (200 of them) and it changed our life. Day to day action on the wiring is not more pain, but a real pleasure... We can reopen the server room to no-IT visitor whithout shame anymore... Bye bye to the "spaghetti" and all the colored wires ! Black is black and everythin looks clean. MAGIC ! 

    Yannick C - Network Architect - SPORTING GOODS WEBSHOP - France - 10/2018

  •  Hi Frederic, Thanks you very much for you contact. Yes, I received the kit and It's amazing. By the way, I bought your cables for our new DataCenter. Kind Regards, Tiago T. 

    Tiago T - CTO - MUNICIPALITY - Portugal - 09/2018

  •  Hi. just got it. its an amazing solution and i think it should be the standard in out industry. ill try to find a place for it in our budget (this year too late, maybe next years budget). thanks  

    E. R - IT Manager - CONTROL ROOM EQUIPMENT SUPPLIER - Israel - 08/2018

  •  Dear Frederic Dalles, Yes I have received the KIT and is very interesting for our Datacenter. We are going to create a new Datacenter in 2019 and in that time I will contact you again. Best regards 

    Rui R - IT Manager - TOURISM ORGANIZATION - Portugal - 07/2018

  •  Dear Frederic, yes we got it – many thanks. Good product, perfect for big installations. Kind regards 

    Markus H - CEO - CABLING RESELLER - Switzerland - 06/2018

  •  yes, we received and we like it. We are showing to our customers. 

    Francesco C - IT Manager - DATA NETWORK INSTALLERS - Italy - 06/2018

  •  Yes I received the sample. It is a great product. As we moved out to a new building we had in our plan to use your patch cords for the cabling into our datacenter As the product is great, we have it in our mind, and in the future we are going to your products. 

    Michalis A - IT Dept - FINANCE - Greece - 06/2018

  •  I have received your sample kit and I have to say that it is good solution.  

    Krzysztof G - Technical Support Center Engineer - System Integrator - Poland - 06/2018

  •  Gentile Frederic, conoscevo già da precedenti esperienze lavorative il prodotto e ho ri-provato con soddisfazione i PatchSee. Sono già stati inclusi in due dei nostri nuovi progetti e sono confidente che li adotteremo per tutte le installazioni mediamente complesse. Saluti, 

    Giovanni G - Storage and Data Protection Specialist - DATA NETWORK INTEGRATORS - Italy - 06/2018

  •  Hello There, Yes, I received the demo Kit. It seems very attaractive and it will save the time while tracing the patch cables.Who is teh partner in Fiji. Thanks for sending the kit.03/04/2013 

    Sanjey C - OFFICE EQUIPMENT - Fiji - 06/2018

  •  Hello Frederic, Yes i recently received the demo kit and we are evaluating it at the bank. I think the product is great and i like the outcome. Initially i will be getting back to you soon on more feed back and questions. regards 

    Anthony S - IT Manager - INVESTMENT BANK - Bahrain - 06/2018

  •  Hello Frederic, Thanks for your prompt action. I did receive the Demo Kit Last week and I must tell you that, this is a great product with simple innovation that can help end users to trace patch cords without any additional investment on Intelligent devices in the Hub Room / Patch Rack area. 

    Girish K - DATA CENTRE INSTALLERS - India - 06/2018

  •  Hi Frederic, I’ve received the kit. In fact, this solution is very useful, mainly in full fil rack. In our organization, we have ordered to our suplier (Isinet) 400 patchecords 2,1m and 100 of 3,1m. Thank you. 

    Joao V - IT Department - BANKING - Portugal - 05/2018

  •  Hi Frederic, Yes, we already received the demo kit. About the solution, it´s a very good solution, and now we have to demonstrate in a client of ours². I´ll give you news. Thanks Best Regards  

    Nuno N - Service Desk Manager - SYSTEM INTEGRATOR - Portugal - 03/2018

  •  Buongiorno, abbiamo provato il kit demo ed in effetti è molto interessante. Non appena condivideremo con i clienti le funzionalità e dovessero nascere necessità sarà nostra premura contattarvi. Giordano  

    Giordano Z - Network Engineer - DATA NETWORK INSTALLERS - Italy - 03/2018

  •  Buongiorno, abbiamo ricevuto il campione delle Vostre bretelle. Il prodotto e sicuramente valido e pratico. 

    Antonio T - Technical Manager - DATA NETWORK INTEGRATORS - Italy - 03/2018

  •  Buon pomeriggio, ho ricevuto il prodotto demo e sarei quindi interessato a conoscerne i prezzi. Cordiali saluti  

    Ugo G - Owner - DATA NETWORK INSTALLERS - Italy - 03/2018

  •  Just received... Amazing 

    Emiliano R - Italy - 12/2017

  •  Hello Frederic, Thank you for sending me the package. We love the idea and the quality of the patchcord. Unfortunately, they're too expensive for such a small company as Miconet and their core functionality wouldn't be heavily utilized here - we don't have big data centers with hundreds of cables running parallel to each other. But still, I think that it has a huge potential and could be a lifesaver for a bigger company. Best regards, Tomasz 

    Tomasz K - Network Administrator - INTERNET ACCESS PROVIDER - Poland - 10/2017

  •  Hello Frederic, yes I've recieved your cable. I hadn't much time to test it but it looks nice - both the quality and the improvements you made to 'make finding the other end' easy. All in all I'm highly impressed by your product. Regards Przemyslaw C  

    Przemyslaw C - Director - SYSTEM INTEGRATOR - Poland - 10/2017

  •  Bonjour Mr. Dalles, Thank you for your response. It is true, we have already bought a small number of cables (<100pieces) in July, and we are ready to make another purchase in the coming weeks. We would like to try some of your accessories, for this reason we are going to buy one piece from those accessories. We are satisfied by your products, and for that I was thinking to have one demo kit to show it to some friends. Thank you Regards  

    Konstantinos A - Information Systems Manager - PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY - Greece - 10/2017

  •  Hi, Yes I did. It is a great solution. do you have any reseller of your products in Poland ? where I can buy it? Pozdrawiam, Nikodem K 

    Nikodem K - IT Manager - CONSTRUCTION AND INSTALLATION COMPANY - Poland - 10/2017

  •  Hi Frederic, I have received and tested it, the solution are very interesting. I have take contact with your distributor for pricelist, we are going to send a mailing our database for sell the solution. Cordiali Saluti  

    Raffaele G - CEO - DATA NETWORK INSTALLERS - Italy - 09/2017

  •  Hi Frederic Yes we did receive it, actually already a few days after I sent my first E-Mail. Like I hoped my Manager likes it and we already ordered a bunch of Cables from a local Reseller (PC-Ostschweiz) Thanks again for your support Regards Marc 

    Marc T - IT Manager - MANUFACTURER OF STEEL MESHES - Switzerland - 09/2017

  •  Hello Frederic, Your product is awesome. Do you have any Indian counterpart for support? Regards, Sunil 

    Sunil K - Technical Manager - SYSTEM INTEGRATOR - India - 08/2017

  •  Hello frederic. Thank you very much for the demo kit. I have to say that the cords are made of high quality, and i find them very useful and practical. I made a demo exposure on my fb friends and received very positive feedback. Thank you again and looking forward to test any demo item you may have available. 

    John T - Network Administrator - GOVERNMENT ORGANISATION FOR DEVELOPMENT OF TOURISM - Greece - 08/2017

  •  Hi Frederic, Thank you very much for the free kit!! I have used this technology and it can do be really useful in some environments :D I will contact you in the first opportunity i have when showing to clients. Thank you 

    Luis S - Network Engineer - SYSTEM INTEGRATOR - Portugal - 08/2017

  •  Hi Mr Fred, Good day! ive received the item, this item is nice for tracing the cables. how much is the cost per patch cord and the Light tracer? Thank You! Keith 

    Keith E - Data Center and Cabling Specialist - DATA CENTRE & HOSTING COMPANY - Philippines (The) - 08/2017

  •  Hey Frederic, I got your DEMO KIT. I have to say that's interesting solution. I spoke with my supervisor and showed the KIT. I can't promise anything but if you can? just send me a pricelist. 

    Mateusz K - Network Engineer - TELECOMMUNICATION COMPANY - Poland - 08/2017

  •  Hi Frederic, Really like it a lot, it is very useful both patchsee cables and light util to easy find both ends of a network cable when connected.. We make a lot of installations and customers don't take care when trace cabling in racks.. with this kit I can easy show them all these benefits of material, including cabling, color ends, velcro's and light util. Thanks a lot! Kind regards 

    Eric R - DevOps - INTEGRADORES DE REDES - Spain - 08/2017

  •  Dear Frederic, thank you very much, your package has arrived, we’ve tryed the patch cord and it works well! Where can we buy it in Italy? Thank you, best regards. Andrea 

    Andrea M - IT Manager - CAR ACCESSORIES MANUFACTURER - Italy - 07/2017

  •  Dear Frederic I have received the device and associated accessories few days back. That is really wonderful. Can you share the cost for different length cables? Regards 

    Ibrahim M - Network Administrator - HOSPITAL - Pakistan - 07/2017

  •  Hi Frederic, yes I received and tested your product! Extremely useful in our case, because we works in a very dark enviroments. In the next days I’m going to order 100pcs 5 mt. long. Thanks a lot for you freedemo unit. PB  

    Paolo B - ICT Manager - GAS AND HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES - Italy - 06/2017

  •  Hello Frederic I’ve received the sample ,thank you. I like the system, although the cables are too stiff and also have a bigger diameter, the advantage to track the cables is definitely visible. Regarding pricing I’m already in contact with our local provider. Kind regards 

    Paulo D - Network Engineer - SYSTEM INTEGRATOR - Switzerland - 06/2017

  •  You can try to identify cables by color, and you can try to keep them neat and easy to follow. The real world however is working against you. Patchsee cables are an elegant solution to a universal problem: where does the cable go. I use them and recommend them whenever I can. 

    Nesbitt B - United States (The) - 06/2017

  •  Hi Frederic My previous employer used your solution, and I liked it so much that I decided to introduce my new employer to the product. Dennis P. 

    Dennis P - Network Engineer - DATA NETWORK INSTALLERS - Denmark - 04/2017

  •  Good evening Mr Dalles, thanks for the demo kit, I've received it some days ago. I think that it's a really smart way to identify which cable goes where. I saw your products while visiting one of our customer's datacenter and I was really intrigued by them. Best regards 

    Carlo B - IT Manager - STORE RADIO SOLUTIONS PROVIDER - Italy - 04/2017

  •  Hello Mr. Dalles, I received your package and I like the patch cords very much. We have a small server room and I think I am going to substitute the cable we have right now, with the ones you have. MB 

    Michael B - IT Coordinator - FLUID AND HYDRAULICS ENGINEERING MULTINATIONAL - Italy - 03/2017

  •  Hi Frederic To be honest I was a bit disappointed of the lamination within the tool included in demo kit. However I had the chance to test the real tool on a recent trip and that worked much better. I also discovered that the company already are using the patchsee cables and they have already proven to be very handy Best regards Marius N.  

    Marius N - Network Operations Manager - MOBILE SATELLITE COMMUNICATIONS - Norway - 03/2017

  •  Hi Laetitia, I was already familiair with PatchSee and we have it in production. The kit was for a colleague of mine who wanted to test it as well, he may be ordering soon.  

    Patrick V - Senior System Engineer - international retailorganisation - Netherlands (The) - 02/2017

  •  Hi Yes and thank you for the demo kit. Product is good as expected. Right now we are in planning stage and after some calculations I can send amounts of cables that we need. To who I can send my request? BR Henri R 

    Henri R - IT Manager - MODULAR HOUSE MANUFACTURER - Estonia - 02/2017

  •  Hi Frederic, I think that your patchsee idea is a brilliant solution to help locate cabling especially when it extends in more then one cabinet. In Italy is called a Columbus’s egg. I did hear it from a network technician who passed by, and seeked it in Internet. I am now seeking some reseller in Italy to have an idea of the price. Can you hint me who to contact first? Paolo P 

    Paolo P - IT Field Support - AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTS MANUFACTURERS - Italy - 02/2017

  •  Dear Ms Lecourt, Thank you for this opportunity to present this ingenious solution by our company. I use patchsee cabel for a long time and i’m totally enthused how simple cable management could be. :) But sometime, at a new company, It is very helpful to be able to visualise how patchsee works. Thant you very much for your demo kit. Yours sincerely,  

    Dimitrijs K - Projektleiter - TEXTILE - Germany - 01/2017

  •  Dear Laetitia Lecourt, Thanks you very much for sending the free demo kit. We received it and liked the concept. Since we are upgrading and replacing our network, we would like to test the usage of patchsee to quickly identify network connections on our core switches. We found Patchsee via a website of a dutch network cable reseller. Regards, Jeroen 

    Jeroen H - System Administrator - MUNICIPALITY - Netherlands (The) - 01/2017

  •  Hello Mrs Lecourt, I liked the easy traceability of the cables when installed into a rack. I will definitely consider your solution next time we need to order new patch cables. Your solution was recommended by a colleague from our branch in the UK. Mit freundlichen Grüssen / Best regards Stefan IT Administrator  

    Stefan C - IT Administrator - ELECTRONIC PRODUCTS - Germany - 01/2017

  •  yes i have received the 2 products. It is a very good idea to see where the cable is ending. I will keep it in my mind for the next order of patchcables. Thank you and with Best regards 

    Joachim D - IT Manager - BETRIEBSBERATEUR - Germany - 01/2017

  •  Hi Laetitia, After trying your product we have bought approx 350 cables for our infrastructure. Best regards Mark S. 

    Mark S - Datatekniker - ADVISERS - Denmark - 12/2016

  •  Hi Frederic, Recieved the sample kit and forwarded it to our R&D guys…must say they were impressed so we probably have some future here and we will include it in some projects Until then Have a nice day 

    Damjan P - Purchasing - SYSTEM INTEGRATOR - Slovenia - 11/2016

  •  Hi Mr Dalles, I did get to know your solution by xxx I find PATCHSEE intelligent patch cords very interesting and I will propose them to my customers. Best regards. Enrico S.  

    Enrico S - IT Engineering - ENGINEERING & CONSULTING SERVICES - Switzerland - 11/2016

  •  Hi Frederic, I've tested your kit. It's very interesting idea:solve tangled patching with a led. I've request a quote to my local reseller. This is a local government administration so it's very complicated to buy something (at the end of the year). I hope to acquire in next future thanks best regards Francesco M. 

    Francesco M - IT Consultant - TOWN HALL - Italy - 11/2016

  •  Hi Frederic, Your solution is very useful. Using PatchSee patch cords, network guys very easy and fast can determine connections. If you produce RJ45 pre-terminated keystone witch same PatchSee technology then you will have end-to-end solution. I know your solution from my previous company. We have used your patch cord in our DC. Remarks: Price is a little bit higher comparing to similar patch cords (these day everyone is looking for cheaper solutions). For DC; good to have pre terminated keystone. Note: Do you have reseller in Turkey? Best regards, Hasan C. 

    HAsan C - IT and Software Development Manager - SYSTEM INTEGRATOR - Turkey - 11/2016

  •  Hello Frederic, Yes, I have received a demo-kit two weeks ago. Actually, it is a very interesting solution - I liked it. I have also showed it to a few of my colleagues. I'll have this solution in mind and in case of questions/orders in the future I'll try to contact that Polish distributor which you have mentioned in previous mail. Thank you. 

    Oleh H - Network Specialist - SYSTEM INTEGRATOR - Poland - 11/2016

  •  Hello I contacted your distributor in Portugal, they gave me the price and delivery time. I made the proposal to my client, awaiting information from him. Thank’s Best regards Maria M 

    Joao M - IT Sales - PORTUGAL INDUSTRIAL MANUFACTURER - Portugal - 10/2016

  •  Good morning, The solution was first presented by your coolleague Frederic. I have tested it and shoed it to my colleagues , and none of them have seen such patchcords before. It is a really useful. Have a nice day, B.G 

    Bogdan G - Level 3 System Engineer - IT COMPANY - Romania - 09/2016

  •  Hi Mr Dalles Thanks for your question. We have ordered your Product, perfect !!! And we will use it for all new netsegments. Best Regards Patrick D. 

    Patrick D - IT Manager - CITY HALL - Switzerland - 08/2016

  •  Hello Frederic, I already received the free kit, which i appreciate and thank you the kindness and disponibility. The solution it is good, and I know that my client will accept my suggestion about yours solutions. I´m going to need some quantities of patchsee intelligent cords. Has I already inform you i´m a hardware/software reseller. Can you inform me the prices to: Class6Patch : Cat. 6 UTP or FTP RJ45 patch cords 100 units - 1,5 mts 100 Units - 2,1 mts Cumprimentos 

    Abel L - Technical Manager - HARDWARE RESELLER - Portugal - 08/2016

  •  Hi Frederic, We have received the Demo kit you sent and we were interested by the concept. The Patch Cables would be a big time saver for dense cabinets like our core. We are planning a hardware upgrade later in the year so we might consider these cables in the future when we swap out our existing switches and have the opportunity to change patch cables. I'll be sure to keep your contact details if we plan to change this in the future. Thanks for time. Chris.C 

    Chris C - IT Manager - SCHOOL - Australia - 07/2016

  •  Dear Frederic, Thank you for your email and many thanks for demo kit. I think that’s amazing technology and VERY good idea! I’m working as IT manager in our company and we manage a lot of “small” server rooms for us and for our clients. Clarity and simplicity is the key factor for us – from creation of documentation, implementation and management. When I see some competing server room – for example as image “horror” in attachment, it is pathetic. We are working on new server room (img “new” ) and there is a good place where we want to test PATCHSEE, because this server room connects the important production equipment (like CNC machines, SQL databases, other machines…) in a large modern carpentry. There is no space for errors with respect to production. I think that PATCHSEE is the best way for solving crisis management in wiring networks. 

    Lukas M - Project Manager ICT - SYSTEM INTEGRATOR - Czech Republic (The) - 07/2016

  •  Hello Mr. Dalles, I have found out about your products from XXX company. The „lighting“ cables were very interesting items in the portfolio and our technicians wanted to see it in real. We are SMB IT company and many times we are instaling these cables in server rooms. So, maybe we consider to use that in future. Best regards  

    Marek K - Product Manager - DATA NETWORK INSTALLERS - Slovakia - 07/2016

  •  Hello Frederic, Hope you had a great weekend! I'm writing this e-mail as I received a demo-kit this morning and I've gotta say that I'm pretty impressed with what I've found in there! I had absolutely no idea, that you have more smart things in your portfolio - PLUGCAP, ID Scratch, Deskpatch ... just WOW ;) In your previous e-mail, you've mentioned that there is a distributor in Poland - would you mind sharing some contact details? I'd really love to order a small batch of your products for a bit more testing (a couple of PCI6-U/2 to PCI6-U/6 cables as well as couple Deskpatch and IDScrach). Thanks! 

    Tomasz W - IT Manager - HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT - Poland - 07/2016

  •  Hi Frederic, Thanks for the demo sample. I have put them in the lab, showing them to my project manager's. Everyone is excited about this new product. I hope that they will agree with me and replace all the common cables with them. Thanks again for the opportunity to try this awesome product and I hope that we will work together. Best regards , Ioannis 

    Ioannis I - Network Implementation Engineer - IT INTEGRATION COMPANY - Greece - 07/2016

  •  Hello Mr. Dalles, I have heard about patchsee from my colleagues from XXX Germany. I'm working for XXX Slovakia as external IT support and also I'm working on secondary technical school XXX. Patchsee is very interesting and useful solution. Best Regards Branislav B. 

    Branislav B - IT Support - MANUFACTURER OF INDUSTRIAL FASTENERS - Slovakia - 06/2016

  •  Hi, the solution is interesting and we plan to resell it toour customers. It seems me to remember that I received a email regarding Patchsee. Please let me know how can we purchase Patchsee and accessories. Best Regards  

    Paolo B - Amministratore - DATA NETWORK INSTALLERS - Italy - 05/2016

  •  Hi Frederic, Yes we received the kit, thanks for sending it. We love the cable and our projects team will keep them in mind for upcoming datacentre projects as we can really see them helping lower ongoing support costs in environments we manage. We heard about your product from a new who used them in a previous job and said how great they are. I believe you have a distributor down in Tasmania, I will make contact with them when scoping our upcoming projects. Thanks for making contact. Regards, Seth 

    Seth T - Business Dev. Executive - DATA CENTRE INSTALLERS - Australia - 05/2016

  •  Hi Frederic I received the kit this morning. It looks very impressive and I can't wait to show my clients. Thank You Regards Anton 

    Anton M - Technical Sales - DATA NETWORK INSTALLERS - South Africa - 05/2016

  •  Hello, the cables seem like an interesting solution. We are in the process of replacing the networking in our data center and will be looking into using your cables. Although our site isn’t very large (3 rack cabinets), we can see the benefit of patchsee. As usual, the price and availability will be deciding factors… Your solution were suggested by one of our colleagues, he must’ve seen them at a customer. Best regards, 

    Goran A - IT Manager - CITY HALL - Slovenia - 03/2016

  •  Hello Frederic, We received your demo and we're very pleased with the product and its concept, which is a real time saver for us technicians who have to maintain IT cabinets with several switches and patch panels. We've come to our knowledge through another IT colleague from CEGER (Portugal Government IT Services) Kind regards, Alice L 

    Alice L - IT& Communications - INTERNATIONAL LAWYER FIRM - Portugal - 02/2016

  •  Good morning, I received your kit. I am a user and admirer of your solution. I used these cables already in my previous company, and now I've made them even use the new company where I am working. I met them through a dealer and I think I will continue to use it also in the future. Giuseppe T 

    Giuseppe T - ICT Security and System Administrator - VENDING MACHINES MANUFACTURER - Italy - 02/2016

  •  Good Morning Mr. Dalles, Thank you so much for the demo kit. We have tested and we thinks it’s really practical and useful. Our company handle audio/video system integration and, in part, also components for LAN net. For our future need we will thinking to use your cables. I need to have info about prices, discount, supply conditions and payment. Thanks for collaboration Best Regards 

    Cesare C - Sales - NETWORK INSTALLER - Italy - 02/2016

  •  Dear Laetitia Lecourt, Thanks you very much for sending the free demo kit. We received it and liked the concept. Since we are upgrading and replacing our network, we would like to test the usage of patchsee to quickly identify network connections on our core switches. We found Patchsee via a website of a dutch network cable reseller. Regards, Jeroen 

    Jeroen H - System Administrator - MUNICIPALITY - Netherlands (The) - 01/2016

  •  Dear Laetitia Lecourt, Thanks you very much for sending the free demo kit. We received it and liked the concept. Since we are upgrading and replacing our network, we would like to test the usage of patchsee to quickly identify network connections on our core switches. We found Patchsee via a website of a dutch network cable reseller. Regards, Jeroen 

    Jeroen H - System Administrator - MUNICIPALITY - Netherlands (The) - 01/2016

  •  Hi Frederic Checked the demo patch cord and understood its working. Indeed nice product for identification in high density racks. Rgds Prasanna  

    Prasanna K - IT Manager - SYSTEM INTEGRATOR - India - 01/2016

  •  Hello, I must admit that I am very pleasantly surprised with functionality and quality of workmanship of the product. We liked the solution to the problem of searching the cable, no need to connect any personally transmitters and look for a measure of each cable one by one or search by inducing it is a big plus and I liked it, but I could add apart is that it would be nice if would be added shield for that cables to eliminate interference as there is a lot of cables next to each other or near any equipment that might cause interference will. Anyway, I'm very happy with the possibility of obtaining such samples to check the operation of this type of solution to the problem of finding cables. A really good job. Best Regards Paweł B.  

    Pawel B - IT Manager - HOSPITAL - Poland - 01/2016

  •  Hi Frederic Thanks sent me the evaluation kit. I think it is good idea and looks good for us. I am wondering to use it for demonstration area to show it our customers. So I have ordered it (patch cables and light) to our partner.  

    Kenichiro S - IT Data center Manager - SYSTEM INTEGRATOR - Japan - 01/2016

  •  I think it is very clever, I especially like the boot that you use, makes it feel very sturdy. Is there any way I can get some pricing on those cables? We are a K-12 Education Environment, Small school district with 4 Sites. Thanks 

    Titus O - IT Manager - EDUCATION - United States (The) - 12/2015

  •  Good morning, I have just received the kit and quickly tested, confirming how it works. I came to know about this solution form a colleague of mine in Brussels who is using the solution and has obtained a cleaner view in all network nodes. Regards, Roberto 

    Roberto C - IT Manager - ANIMAL HEALTH MULTINATIONAL COMPANY - Italy - 11/2015

  •  Dear Mr Dalles, i use many patch in our company. The identification solution for the cables is very important in a mess :-) Best regards Alessandro 

    Alessandro Z - IT Manager - UNION TRAINING AND SERVICES - Italy - 11/2015

  •  We are using patch cord for more than 5 years almost everywhere because it is a great idea. First series in our company was that with big rubber ends which was quite difficult to remove from patch panels, but newer series with lightened connectors are much better. Right now we use only shielded cables. Also we use almost all lengths available from 1.5m to 15,2 metres. I have to say everyone who come here and see those cables are very curious about them. Jakub  

    Jakub B - IT Manager - GOVERNMENT ORGANIZATION - Czech Republic (The) - 11/2015

  •  Hi Laetitia, The cables have already proven to be very useful in combination with the Patch Light. We were able to quickly identify which cable was attached to which outlet and switch port. If we could recommend 1 thing, it would be more cable color options. This makes it easier for u to quickly determine which cables interconnect the switches. Therefor we used normal CAT 6A cables. But it would be better if we could have used PatchSee cables, because of the ability to use the Patch Light. We could have also used the PatchClips, but we found out those were not as distinctive as other cable coloring. Now that we have used it for 2 weeks, we are very pleased and can no longer use cables without the ability to use a Patch Light.  

    Sieuwe G - ICT - industrial manufacturer - Belgium - 11/2015

  •  Hi, I just got them today! It is very clever what you did there. I think that you got a niche of the market. I have spend hours and hours trying to figure out which cable goes where, and I never though of this simple tweak. Your product is trully amazing. I hope that we will see patchsee in Greece some day. Best regards Antonis 

    Antonis K - Consultant - HOSTING - Greece - 11/2015

  •  Hello, Thank you for the demonstration kit. I already bought the patch cables of our new installation, when I heard of your product from a colleague who used them in an installation of a client. I tested it and it was very pleasant to work with. Your contact information is saved, once new or extra patching cables are necessary you will hear from me. Thank you!  

    Bram D - Technological Expert - industrial manufacturer - Belgium - 11/2015

  •  Great product! :) , we ordered a set from our local distributor. Regards 

    Bie W - IT Manager - MARKETING AGENCY - Poland - 10/2015

  •  Excellent Cables, They are worth the extra, I would not use anything else in any wiring cab.  

    Scott W - IT Manager - Education sector - United Kingdom (The) - 10/2015

  •  It’s a great product. Trying to get more people to try and comment on it. Thanks! 

    Steven M - IT Manager - CLOUD SERVICES COMPANY - United States (The) - 10/2015

  •  Hi Fredrik, Yes, I do have some feedback – I LOVE IT!!! It’s sitting here on my desk right now because I’ve been showing it to everyone I know who understands the challenge of trying to trace a cable from a switch to a server when it is bundled, tied, and routed with dozens of other cables. I don’t have any immediate plans to replace our existing cables right now, but the next opportunity I get to do so, I will definitely be interested in using your product. Thanks again for the demo unit – it’s definitely something people need to see to realize just how much of a game-changer this would be for them. Stacy S. IT Manager 

    Stacy S - IT Manager - AEROSPACE - MANUFACTURER - United States (The) - 10/2015

  •  So far I have liked it. I am trying to get the rest of the team to see its efficacy 

    Mark H - IT Manager - STATE ORGANIZATION - United States (The) - 10/2015

  •  Hello Frederic, I have received the demo kit and I can truly say that I am very impressed with the product. An ingenious idea that makes identifying cables so easy. An important feature when you are trying to keep the site up at 100%. I also truly enjoyed the sample of the ID-Scratcher, another fabulous product that I will be buying in the future. Regards, Roberto P 

    Roberto P - IT Manager - PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY - United States (The) - 10/2015

  •  Hi Frederic, Yes I got it last week. It was good. I gave it for a customer for demo testing. Who are the customers you have for references? Regards, Germain  

    Germain W - Regional Manager - SYSTEM INTEGRATOR - Sri Lanka - 10/2015

  •  Hello, I've received Demo Kit 3 weeks ago. From me there arevery interesting solutions especially patchord with builtin fiber. It's very helpfull with searching end of any patchcord. Could you send me information about polish distributors? What are prices of your solutions in Poland? Regards, Paweł K. 

    Pawel K - IT infrastructure Engineer - GLOBAL PRINT SOLUTIONS - Poland - 09/2015

  •  Very useful solution indeed. We are a final user and we will thinking about using your product directly for our project and we'll request them to our suppliers in the future. All the best Andrea  

    Andrea S - IT Manager - TELECOM OPERATOR - Italy - 09/2015

  •  Yes I have received the patch cords sample. I made a project on Local Media Station, and this could be an easier way to do maintenance (we are always using big printed schematics). I also presented it to my colleague Ricardo responsible for Datacenters implementations offering. I expect that further opportunities could also came from him. I got know your solution doing search on the internet (I also know similar solutions)  

    Victor R - Project Manager - DATA NETWORK INTEGRATORS - Portugal - 09/2015

  •  Dear Sir, Greetings!!! Yes! we have received patch cord, it’s really very nice solution to identify patch cords in a mess cablings in a DC or Server Room. Thanks & Best Regards 

    Radhey V - Pre-sales Cabling - DATA NETWORK INTEGRATORS - India - 09/2015

  •  Hi Frederic, I’m going to buy your solution from your distributor GFO EUROPE. I’ve found it very smart… a lot expensive, but nice. I’ve knew about your solution from a customer of us in the Venice area, who showed us a cabled rack. All the best, Luca 

    Luca B - Managing Director - CABLING INSTALLER - Italy - 07/2015

  •  Hello, We are already using it now. I used it at my previous workplace, with great success. But I needed to convince my manager, that this product was superb. And it worked as a charm !  

    Anders C - IT associate - INTERNATIONAL BIOTECHNOLOGY COMPANY - Denmark - 06/2015

  •  Hi Frederic, The patch cord is excellent. Here we have a small datacenter, were we have our’s servers to provide cloud services to our customers. Can you advise were we can purchase in Portugal, about 200 patch cords with several lengths for our datacenter? Melhores cumprimentos, Carlos P 

    Carlos P - Project Manager - CLOUD COMPUTING - Portugal - 06/2015

  •  Hallo, Thank You very much for the demo cord, we are impressed. We have already found a local reseller and we plan to use PATCHSEE in near future (we expect move to new HQ). We learned about PATCHSEE from a new member of our staff, who used PATCHSEE in his previous job. Best regards Jakub  

    Jakub R - IT Manager - MINISTRY - Czech Republic (The) - 06/2015

  •  Hello patchsee, I've received the demo kit, It looks realy nice. Can you provide me a pricelist of your products? Thanks! Kind regards, Bas 

    Bas J - IT Technician - SYSTEM INTEGRATOR - Netherlands (The) - 05/2015

  •  Yes I received the kit and was thoroughly impressed, I have since bought several cables from the local retailer (Nyherji) and have begun switching out old cabling for these :) Kveoja / Best Regard Albert  

    Albert M - IT Manager - NATIONWIDE CAR DEALER - Iceland - 05/2015

  •  Dear Ms Lecourt, I’ve received the kit. The impressions are positive and I have placed a first order of 480 CAT6 UTP cables for one of the projects that I lead. With best regards, Met vriendelijke groeten / Cordialement, Ali Z 

    Ali Z - IT Manager - ELECTRICITY SUPPLIER - Belgium - 05/2015

  •  Hello Ms. Lecourt, thank you fort he example. I tested it and feel very comfortable with it. Due to a lack of resources I’m presently not able to reorganize my Server Rack’s. But I will come back with an order of patch cables once I’ll start the server rack reorganization project. Best regards, Mag. Josef U. 

    Josef U - IT LEITER - CABLE AND WIRE PRODUCTION - Austria - 05/2015

  •  Dear Frederic, At the beginning I would thank you for intelligent patch cord. The information about this solution I got on training in your distributor. The solution is interesting and it can be implement in LAN installation at large building how example offices, hotels, data centres. Best regards Pawel 

    Pawel P - IT Technician - SYSTEM INTEGRATOR - Poland - 04/2015

  •  Dear Mss Lecourt, We received the demo kit, thanks. Quality of the cable looks good. We don’t have a patching project yet but if we would have one in the future, it looks like we would buy patchsee cables. Kind regards, Olivier  

    Olivier V - Head of ICT Facilities - INTERNATIONAL LAW FIRM - Belgium - 04/2015

  •  Hello, we´ve received the Demo Kit, thanks for that. In an Customer Project we´ve implemented these technology and we will see how it works in the daily business. mit freundlichen Grüßen Michael  

    Michael K - General Manager - SYSTEM INTEGRATOR - Germany - 04/2015

  •  Dear Laetitia, Thanks a lot for the trial products. That are very good and qualitative products and we are very happy with it. In case of further need... I will contact you directly. Thanks and have a nice weekend. Kind regards, Pascal 

    Pascal P - IT Manager - SYSTEM INTEGRATOR - Germany - 04/2015

  •  Dear Mr. Dalles, I received you demo kit and open it. To be honest, I was surprised. Your solution is very interesting and very practical. The only potential drawback can be the price. If the price is acceptable, I think this patch cord will find his piece of market. Best regards, Nenad 

    Nenad K - IT Manager - UNIVERSITY - Serbia - 04/2015

  •  Hello, About the question. I know you from CeBit and back then I recieved my first Free Kit (I'am ordering them sience then). The last Kit got on my blog but it is written in Polish. Do you have a partner or a shop here in Poland? I'm asking because I will be rebuilding my server room and I'm looking for best cable solutions for 1/10 Gbps  

    Slawek S - IT Manager - HOSPITAL - Poland - 04/2015

  •  Hi Frederic, We have received the package today. It looks great! I’ve sent an email to the reseller here in Singapore asking about pricing, as we want to replace all of our cables in the server room with these cables if possible. Thanks, Jens  

    Jens H - IT Manager - MARKETING AGENCY - Singapore - 04/2015

  •  We have been using PatchSee cables in our company for the past 5-6 years and we love them. 

    W. R - End User - Marketing - United States (The) - 03/2015

  •  Dear Mrs. Lecourt, Yes, we received your Demo-Kit, thank you very much. We find it a very good solution to optimize security and time-effort in installation. When we have again a relevant project we will take this product in consideration. Best regards 

    Günter W - IT Manager - MEDICAL EQUIPMENT - Austria - 03/2015

  •  Hi Fred Our infrastructure architect thinks they are AMAZING! We're planning to replace the patch panel at one of our sites so he's budgeting these cables in for that project. Thanks for letting us take a look at them! Dawn 

    Dawn B - IT Manager - LOGISTICS COMPANY - Australia - 03/2015

  •  Hello Frederic! I must say I'm impressed with your products. I will shortly buy some sample products to make a proper test. Have a nice day, Saso  

    Saso E - Consultant - IT Consulting company - Slovenia - 03/2015

  •  Dear Mr. Frederic Dalles, Thank you to your mail and for the demo kit patch cable we received it now at least we could offer this product solution in the future to our customers. Thanking you for your effort. Regards, Eduard R 

    Eduard R - Technical Manager - IT Consulting company - Saudi Arabia - 03/2015

  •  The product is very impressive. Will share with others. 

    Joe B - President - CABLING INSTALLER - United States (The) - 02/2015

  •  Hi, I appreciate this demo kit. It's really amazing, and helps to organize and indentify problems in our network structure. Which is the price for these items? I know this Kit by a partner. 

    Nuno M - IT Manager - MUNICIPALITY - Portugal - 02/2015

  •  Hi Frederic, I have not had a chance in install the patchsee cable in a production environment yet, but have tried it out in my lab. Very nicely built cable and looks like an interesting solution, but I’m not sure it would be viable in most of our installations. I will keep it in mind for future installations. I first heard about Patchsee from a discussion on I am actually more intrigued with the roll of id-scratch cable ties, that’s a very cool solution. Regards, Thomas 

    Thomas C - IT Manager - MEDICAL EQUIPMENTS - Australia - 02/2015

  •  Hallo Mr. Dallas thank you for the demo KIT. I think, that it’s interesting solution for IT techniques and we will recommend your product to our customers. Sincerely 

    Pavel S - Telecom and Network Specialist - SYSTEM INTEGRATOR - Czech Republic (The) - 01/2015

  •  Dear Fredric, Sorry for being late in replying, i checked the light couple of days ago after coming back from a short vacation, It works and able to actually demo the patchsee cable and i like it very much. I am planning it to demo it to our clients and i am hopeful that i would be able to get some orders. Regards, 

    Irfan U - Owner - SYSTEM INTEGRATOR - Saudi Arabia - 01/2015

  •  Hi Frederic, Received the kit. Thanks for the same. It is definitely useful. I will recommend this my customers in their future projects. Best Regards, Sushil 

    Sushil G - Data Network Engineer - DATA CENTRE INSTALLERS - India - 01/2015

  •  Hi Frederic, Cables are great i show them to guys in my networking team and sales group. They all says the same "we want'em". I will back to you with more details as soon as i will get back to office  

    Michal T - System Engineer - DATA NETWORK INTEGRATORS - Poland - 01/2015

  •  Frederic, just now have received the parcel and send to testing by out IT department guys. From the first moment it looks nice ) Have you any representative providers here in Ukraine ? Thanks! 

    Oleksiy M - IT Manager - BANKING - Ukraine - 01/2015

  •  Yes thanks so much, looking forward to demonstrating it at our staff meeting this Friday. I should have some more feedback at that point. Warm regards, Thomas 

    Thomas C - Support Engineer - DATA CENTRE INSTALLERS - United States (The) - 01/2015

  •  Dear Mr. Dalles, yes i receved your demo kit. I think that your intelligent patch cord it is a very useful. I hope to be able to exploit its full potential. Congratulations for your work.  

    Claudio Z - Managing Director - DATA NETWORK INSTALLERS - Italy - 01/2015

  •  Hi Mr Frederic, Yes I received it and I really like the idea, very well done. I have already done a demonstration to our commercial team and they all asked for pricing. Can you please send me your price table and amount discount? Thank you. 

    Pedro S - IT Support - NETWORK INSTALLER - Portugal - 01/2015

  •  Hello Laetitia, It’s great Works fine. We ordered patchsee cable’s for our datacenter but didn’t install them yet. Maybe before the end of the year we have it installed  

    Bert B - Systeem-Netwerkbeheerder - Financial Company - Netherlands (The) - 12/2014

  •  Hallo, Yes, we have tested equipment - everything is very good, quality is high. Cables very interesting – probably even exclusive  Many thanks for the examples – we will contact with you, when will need the equipment. Have a great holidays! 

    Aleksandras A - IT Solutions and Maintenance - SYSTEM INTEGRATOR - Lithuania - 12/2014

  •  Hi Mr. DALLES Very interesting… I heard about you from Maguay Romania! Have a nice day! 

    Vlad B - IT Manager - GOVERNMENT IT Dept - Romania - 12/2014

  •  Hi Fredric, I received your kit and I testes it. I believe it is a very interesting solution, especially in the network racks in the workshop where there are VLAN and potentially many people that could move a patch cord from the correct switch port. Of course now it depends how competitive the cost of this solution is compared to a standard one. I’m going to ask a quotation to the supplier. I know that xxx is one of you distributor in my area and they are whom told me about the solution. Of course I already have all my racks cabled and I could purchase new patches for expansions or rack revision only. For your info our group has 3 production plants and 4 sales offices in Europe, all together with about 1000 PCs Many thanks for your help and I hope to begin having a piece of your company in ours. Regards Roberto 

    Roberto P - IT Manager - MULTINATIONAL IN HOME AND OFFICE FURNITURES - Italy - 12/2014

  •  hello Frederic, yes I have it. The KIT is very useful for our work. Thank you very much. regards Dimitris  

    Dimitris K - IT Manager - GOVERNMENT IT Dept - Greece - 11/2014

  •  Hello sir, Yes I did receive the patch cord and I will propose it in future projects and let’s see what happens, Thank you  

    Jorge M - Telecom and Network Specialist - DATA NETWORK INSTALLERS - Portugal - 11/2014

  •  Hi Frederic, I have had your previous demo unit, long time ago. I’ve included such solution to one small project in Kosovo, upgrade of small data center where for reorganization of telecom and data racks I requested such patch cords. I hope that soon I will come back to you for patch cords and other equipment based on your solution. BR, Agon  

    Agon B - Data Network Engineer - NETWORK INSTALLER - Albania - 11/2014

  •  Hello we are satisfied with the quality of the material. We are planning a new data center with your cables. If the deal goes well we will adopt patchsee solution. Thank you Vitor M. 

    Vitor M - Owner - IT Consulting company - Portugal - 11/2014

  •  Hi, i recieved the set, thanks. And ordered 200 cat6a cables as a start...  

    Paul V - Adviseur ict - Institute for applied research - Netherlands (The) - 10/2014

  •  Thanks for Demo kit. We received it and are also sharing it with our clients. Will call you back for orders as and when booked. 

    Amit C - IT Support - DATA NETWORK INTEGRATORS - India - 10/2014

  •  Good afternoon Mr. Dalles, yes We have received the demo kit and your solution it’s interesting. Could you please send us a price list? Kind regards Alberto A.  

    Alberto A - Purchasing - HOSTING - Italy - 10/2014

  •  Hi Frederic, I received the demo kit on site. I will use it to motivate some order if possible. Thanks for the quick response. Ibrahim 

    Ibrahim C - IT Manager - MINING - Ivory Coast - 10/2014

  •  Hello I have seen the demo kit. Seems to be useful one. I am yet to use that in a DC setup to check real time usefulness. With thanks & warm regards Soumyakanta M. 

    Soumyakanta M - Infrastructure Installation Manager - DATA CENTRE INSTALLERS - India - 10/2014

  •  Hey Frederic, I did receive your patch cord demo kit and I was pretty impressed. It really is an innovative new concept that is perfect for network technicians. I especially like the spring near the termination that will reduce stress to the ends of the cables. I have also showed my co-workers and they said that they thought it would be useful and they recalled them having to track down cables before and what a hassle it was to do while trying to keep the network up. Unfortunately now, we do not do any of our own physical server maintenance or cabling as we did last year. We just moved one of our last physical machines to a virtual cluster in the past month. Thanks for the product demo kit and the follow up, Callan C. 

    Callan C - Network Administrator - UNIVERSITY - United States (The) - 07/2014

  •  Hi Frederic, I did receive the demo box, thanks! I think the idea and design is great, and would be hugely helpful to us if we are going to reorganize our Ethernet cables again. However the last time we brought in a new switch we carefully labeled both ends of the cables so now we know exactly where each cable goes. So for now, we don't need your solution, but it is a great idea and I will let you know if we decide to order in the future. Regards, Kit 

    Kit C - System Admin - PUBLISHING AND SOCIAL NETWORKING - United States (The) - 07/2014

  •  Hello Frederic, I received the demo kit today and I am really pleased with it. I think that the PatchSee system could be a good solution to our datacenters cabling, that have hundreds of RJ45 cables. I will get in contact with XXX soon to know about prices and delivery times. Thanks a lot for the demo kit and your attention through all this process. Best Regards, Cristina M 

    Cristina M - IT Manager - INDUSTRY - Portugal - 05/2014

  •  Hello Mr Frederic, I saw it once before and now it is more interesting in use. It can be very usefull in big server racks. Do u have patchsee patchcords on shilded u/ftp? Greets MK  

    Marcin K - IT Manager - SYSTEM INTEGRATOR - Poland - 05/2014

  •  Hi, I have received the free demo kit and i already tested. It was interesting your solution to test the connection of the fiber our network. It will gives us a help in future :). I meet your solution by a friend. I think he have read an article on a magazine about your kit and because of that we decided to try it. Best regards, Ricardo  

    Ricardo M - IT Manager - CITY HALL - Portugal - 05/2014

  •  Hi Frederic, thanks, my college likes this solution. Also as reference i can point to local distributor Alternetivo. kind regards, martin  

    Martin S - IT Manager - COLLEGE - Czech Republic (The) - 05/2014

  •  Hi Frederic, Sorry for the late reply. Yes, I have received the demo kit and thank you cause I have seen your very innovative solution. Your PATCHSEE intelligent patch cords really help the engineers in locating a specific end of cable. But, most of the cabling now have use some tagging or has a label for both ends. Anyway, your solution is unique and I think you’re the only one who offers it worldwide. I have heard about your solution from my friend and I am so curious that’s why I get your free demo kit. Thanks  

    Ragie G - Consultant - Installer - Philippines (The) - 05/2014

  •  Hi Laetitia, Yes of course and they were impressed :) I worked with PatchSee before and like it a lot. I'm going to order some cables from my local supplier . The demo kit helped me convince everyone that this is a superior drop-cable.  

    Dirk R - ICT Coordinator - Installateur - Belgium - 04/2014

  •  Sir, Thanx a lot for sending demo kit. Recently tested the kit. Found the product useful for network people. The idea of patchsee is really innovative, simple to use. For patch cord identification we used to plug in and plug out the patch cord from patch panel and depended on the Switch port LED. Now with this product patch cord can be identified live , without disconnecting and without disturbing the users. My further understanding is as follows: 1. Product application is within a network rack. 2. All patch cords in the rack must be from Patchsee. 3. Product can not be used to identify a cable running from patch panel to users desk. Let me know the additional details regarding the product. Thanx once again. Kalyan 

    Kalyan D - IT Manager - UNIVERSITY - India - 03/2014

  •  Frederic Just to let you know that I got my kit today and its AWESOME. I will check with the contacts you gave me to see if they can send me some quotes. Regards Nilton 

    Nilton G - IT Manager - INTERNATIONAL MARKETING COMPANY - Brazil - 03/2014

  •  Hello Frederic, Free demo Kit is fantastic. I already try it. When we plan to build some large IT environment I will choice Patchsee. With my colleague from other firm we already try also patchsee cables cat. 6. Best Regards, Alexander M 

    Alexander M - IT Support - TOURISM ORGANIZATION - Bulgaria - 03/2014

  •  Dear Frederic Thank you very much. We have received the demo kit of the product and it is very promising. I have requested our team to review the item and test its quality for datacenter use. Can we have more information and product brochure from you on different length you may have and if possible an estimated pricing which we can forward to our procurement office. Just to mention that in XXX department cannot purchase directly from supplier but rather we go through a procurement process whereby all potential suppliers are sent a Request for Proposal and the best quality price is evaluated and awarded the contract. I will pass on the demo unit to our core network team who will also review the product and provide a feedback. Regards Bavesh  

    Bavesh B - IT Manager - TELECOM OPERATOR - Mauritius - 03/2014

  •  Nice solution, we will consider if recable the network room Approximately how much does it cost ? Regards 

    Denis M - IT Support - TOWN HALL - Italy - 03/2014

  •  Hi Frederic, I receive it a few days ago. It’s great product! I like it. I would like to have it in my network, but right now, our budget is tighten, so I am negotiation with our managers to purchase it for servers ... Pozdrav/Regards, Aleksandar J. 

    Aleksandar J - IT Manager - TRADING COMPANY - Serbia - 03/2014

  •  Dear Mr. Frederic Thanks for sending me free demo kit. It is really useful to us. Thanks once again. Regards, Yatin S. 

    Yatin S - IT Manager - 3 WHEELERS & RICSKSHAW MANUFACTURER - India - 02/2014

  •  Dear Mr. Dalles, we have received the demo kit, we like your solution and we will consider it when we decide to re-cable our server room. Regards, Primoz 

    Primoz S - IT Manager - UNIVERSITY - Slovenia - 02/2014

  •  Dear Frederic! I thank you for having sent us a sample of the cable. This solution is very interesting and solves many problem in finding the right cable. Of course, such a solution we are always interested in and when the right moment, we will contact your distributor in Slovenia, Inovakom d.o.o. Best regards Dragan S 

    Dragan S - IT Manager - UNIVERSITY - Slovenia - 02/2014

  •  Dear Frederic, thank you for the demo kit. It is a nice innovation. What are the prices like per metre? What lengths are available? best regards J.G. 

    Jernej G - IT Manager - UNIVERSITY - Slovenia - 02/2014

  •  Hi Frederic First I need to thank you for the demo kit. Interesting solution for a messy environment as academic in our house. Unfortunately I got it about a year to late while we are moving in the new building that is already set up with cabling and we are not expecting much more purchases to be done in next year. But I am very interested in IDScratch that was also in the demo kit you've sent me. I find its flexibility very useful in computer classrooms and other places where we need to reorganize calbes on a weekly on monthly basis. But first I need to get a budget to buy it. I am also curious about other two datacenter cabling protecting/marking solutions. PatchClip and PlugCap for helping during quick actions in the datacenter cabling. Best regards Matej 

    Matej G - IT Manager - UNIVERSITY - Slovenia - 02/2014

  •  Hi Frederic, My excuses. We are in the midst of a complete network assessment project & a data center relocation project. We have received the demo kit and where really surprised by how easy this is. We might consider this for our networks in the future. But for now there are no short term plans. Regards, Ricky R. 

    Ricky R - IT Data center Manager - OIL&GAS Company - Suriname - 02/2014

  •  Hello Frederic, Thanks for your prompt action. I did receive the Demo Kit Last week and I must tell you that, this is a great product with simple innovation that can help end users to trace patch cords without any additional investment on Intelligent devices in the Hub Room / Patch Rack area. This will fly with great success if made available with right marketing plans, product reach and pricing in the cabling market. Irrespective of OEM cabling vendors, customers who are having budget issues for a full intelligent solution can quickly decide for these patch cords instead of choosing semi-intelligent solution for 20% premium from an OEM basket. - Girish KP, Bangalore, INDIA 

    KP G - Managing Director - DATA CENTRE INSTALLERS - India - 02/2014

  •  Dear MR DALLES Thank you for sending the sample. This is a very interesting solution. We do audits of information security so we can recommend your solution to our customers. Who is your sales representative in Poland? I found the information about your products on this site: Best regards. Marek S. 

    Marek S - Consultant - SYSTEM INTEGRATOR - Poland - 01/2014

  •  Hi Frederic The Patchsee intelligent patch cords are a brilliant innovation. The current cabling is untidy and makes it hard to find the end connections when trying to do a trace on the cable. We are looking at this type of patch cabling for our Data Centre. We learnt of the Patchsee cables through T.D. Consulting who are currently doing some design & integration work for us. Regards Arthur S. 

    Arthur S - IT Manager - LOGISTICS COMPANY - Australia - 01/2014

  •  Thank you. I received the order very quickly. I'm really happy with the eco-stratch it's very easy, soft and strong. The deskpatch doesn't work for me but the idea is good (and the cable ofcourse)  

    Rob L - IT Tech - End user - Netherlands (The) - 01/2014

  •  Bonjour, Oui nous avons testé votre produit que vous nous avez envoyé. Votre câble est bonne qualité et bien étudié. Pouvez-vous m’envoyez un tarif 2014 sur tous vos produits svp ? Cordialement  

    Stéphane B - Gérant - Infogérence - France - 01/2014

  •  Hello, I´ve received the package with your demo kit. Thanks a lot. I´ve passed the kit to my team to be tested. The first impression of your solution is very good. We´ll probably want to now more details about that solutions and others that you have. If it is possible, send me some more information about it. Regards, Filipe F. 

    Filipe F - IT Manager - DATA NETWORK INSTALLERS - Portugal - 01/2014

  •  Hello, First time I saw Patchsee on Cebit Hannover in 2005 or 2004 and I knew that is a fine product. Every time I get a demo kit I show this to my supervisiors and suggest thet to buy some patchcords to server room. The problem is price but I think that in my current job I convince my chief to upgrade cabling with Patchsee patchcords. Will see. Best regards 

    Slawomir S - Network Administrator - HOSPITAL - Poland - 01/2014

  •  Hi Laetitia, We have tested the product and do like it very much. We have ordered the patchsee cables trough our local supplier for use in our computer room  

    Joris K - Network/IT Support - industrial manufacturer - Netherlands (The) - 12/2013

  •  Have been using them for almost 5 yrs and it helps a lot for PABX and ever changing office LAN environment. 

    Ibrahim M - IT Manager - TRAINING AND EDUCATION - Singapore - 12/2013

  •  Dear Mr Dalles , Thank you very much for trhe Demo Kit . I have used PatchSee cord in the past while I was working at EIS . Our supplier was EMA Ltd. I like to use PatchSee Cord because of the facility for intervention and also of its quality. The first CAT 6A Network using 10 Mbps in Mauritus was implemented by us with about 750 points using PatchSee Cord. Should be glad to have more info and also to keep update of PatchSee new products. Best Regards , Clifford. 

    Clifford G - CEO - CABLING INSTALLER - Mauritius - 11/2013

  •  Dear sir, I have received the kit and tried it. It is a good product. I got your details from web. Do you have a dealer in India?. We are interested to purchase some cables. Regards, Augustine 

    Augustine G - Information Technology Department - BANK - India - 11/2013

  •  Dear Mr. Frederic DALLES, with this e-mail I confirm that I receive the PatchSee DemoKit. Additional I make an order for PatchSee patch cables from your distributor in Bulgaria - Argo Kontar. It's good product. Thank you in advance. Sincerely yours, Ernesto 

    Ernesto B - Support Manager - DATA NETWORK INSTALLERS - Bulgaria - 11/2013

  •  Hi Frederic, It was fantastic, can you send me a softcopy brochure and also your minimum order for a certain model. This will be a preparation for me to gather info on costing. Thank You, 

    Raziedo T - Senior Network Engineer - SERVICES COMPANY - MULTINATIONAL - Philippines (The) - 11/2013

  •  Dear Mr. Frederic, Yes I have received the kit and it is really interesting and sure I am gonna try and promote when there is a possibility in my projects that are into networking. Can you please share me the price list of your products ? it will be of more help for me. Regards, I. 

    Ghandi I - Managing Director - SYSTEM INTEGRATOR - India - 10/2013

  •  Hi Frederic, DEMO kit received today. Thanks. And I’m also interested in it, could we have more product details as Carl mentioned in previous mail, Model, color, length etc? I would like to purchase some cables for pilot testing in Shanghai. Thanks Eagle 

    Eagle P - IT Manager - CAR MANUFACTURER - China - 10/2013

  •  Hello Frederic, We have tested the Patchsee cables and have found good use in our testing environment. One concern we do have is with the moulded plastic clip protector being weak and showing signs of stress after a few insertions and removals. We would like to conduct further lab testing on the cables, are you able to provide a sales contact for a small order? Kind regards, Andre Z. 

    Andre Z - IT Manager - Web Hosting - Australia - 10/2013

  •  Yep. Received the demo kit in a timely fashion. I am quite impressed by the product! Are you able to send me some info regarding pricing and availability? We may consider using these cables for our major sites. Regards, Craig A. 

    Craig A - Project Coordinator - SUPPLIER OF CONCRETE AND AGGREGATE - Australia - 10/2013

  •  Dear Sir, We have received Patch Cord. I like your product we will contact you after responce or as needed Warm Regards, CHINTAN K. 

    Kalathiya C - IT Manager - CABLING INSTALLER - India - 10/2013

  •  Dear Mr DALLES, I received your demo kit, thanks. It is an interesting idea. If not for hole network, then just for some more important connections. We were wondering what would be the price for Cat 6 patch cords 1 and 3 m long? Best regards, Robert P 

    Robert P - IT Manager - UNIVERSITY - Slovenia - 10/2013

  •  Dear Mr. Dalles, we have received FREE demo KIT of PATCHSEE cord. Thank you. These cords are really practical and I'm almost sure we will buy them in the future from your distributor INOVAKOM. Thanks for your concern. Stanislav Z. 

    Stanislav Z - IT Manager - LOGISTICS COMPANY - Slovenia - 10/2013

  •  Dear Frederic, We have received a Free demo KIT and it works fine. I'm impressed with good idea and its functionality. When we plan next installation we will contakt INOVAKOM. Regards, Stane Ilc 

    Stane L - IT Manager - REAL ESTATE - Slovenia - 10/2013

  •  Hi! I liked the patch cord, I'll keep it in mind for the next redesign of our network rack. I actually find your offer for a free sample on reddit (r/freebies), it seemed interesting and I asked for the sample.  

    Damjan D - IT Manager - SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH INSTITURE - Slovenia - 09/2013

  •  Hi Frederic, I have received the package and we’re very impressed with the intelligent patch cord, we will definitely be considering them for the next rack we setup. Can you please send through a price list. Kind Regards, 

    Adrian P - Group IT Manager - Oil & Gas Exploration - Australia - 09/2013

  •  Hello Mr. Dalles, Thank you for your inquiry. I have received and tested the demo kit. I think the visual identification feature implemented into the patch-cord is an elegant and fast way to locate the far end of the cable with the added bonus that we do not need to physically disconnect the circuit. At this time, the cabling in our data-centers is not complex enough to require such an identification technology, but now that we have your contact details if we ever expand our data-centers to the point where this kind of technology will make sense to implement we will surely get in touch with you. Best regards, George M 

    George M - IT Manager - Internet & Hosting - Romania - 09/2013

  •  Hello, Dalles, I received your demo KIT. I think it fits our working environment perfectly. So, I ordered three dozen of cables through DDI agent. DDI is a professional cabling service provider. We have good cooperation with them. I wish you can deliver better product in future. Thanks Jun Z. 

    Jun Z - IT Manager - CAR MANUFACTURER - China - 08/2013

  •  My opinion, of course, is positive. PATCHSEE is very helpful and easy to work. I can save much precious time. I found out about it on the training conducted by the C & C. Best regards Jolanta 

    Jolanta P - Sales - SYSTEM INTEGRATOR - Poland - 08/2013

  •  I am more than satisfy with your product and I am going to send u a detail BOQ for the same but do you have any tool to trace the live cables as i have to remove old cables after tracing it. 

    Raza H - Manager Operations - SYSTEM INTEGRATOR - United Arab Emirates (The) - 08/2013

  •  Hello Frederic, I received demo kit, thanks a lot. I was really surprised, this is really smart solution! I will contact ALTERNATIVO, because I need price to do calculation for our management. Thanks Kind regards Milan S. 

    Milan S - IT Manager - TRANSPORT and LOGISTIC COMPANY - Czech Republic (The) - 08/2013

  •  Hallo Latitia, I have received the sample Kit, and it works fine. It is definitely my nice system. What makes it easy to find a tree in the forest. For the most existing environments, will it be difficult or the expensive to replace all the patch cables. With new projects it could be done. I will bring it to the attention of the others, while designing the project. And contact you when needed. If you have other ideas, feel free to tell me. Whit kind regards  

    Faruk F - Network Engineer - Integrator - Netherlands (The) - 07/2013

  •  Hello Laetitia, I apologize: i didn't contact you to confirm i received the sample kit. Well, it 's good idea and it could be very interesting. We will start a project to evaluate the move of our data center, and i will include such kind of equipment in the suggestions. I will contact you,but don't expect befor end of year. Thank you for the sample. Have a nice day. Best regards  

    Luigi P - data center manager - Bank - Belgium - 07/2013

  •  Hi Frederic, I did review the patch see products and found them very innovative. We will start positioning these in our projects with a focus in the DC space. I am sure we will have good success moving forward. Manas D 

    Manas D - Vice President - SYSTEM INTEGRATOR - India - 06/2013

  •  Dear Mr. Frederic, Thank you for sending us a PATCHSEE sample. We consider this as a first class product. We have heard about your products from one of our customers who is using them for some years now and they interested for future support and sales. We would like to discuss on how we can do business with you. As a start is it possible to have a price list and let us know of the payment terms? Looking forward to hearing from you 

    Christoforos C - Sales Engineer - SYSTEM INTEGRATOR - Cyprus - 06/2013

  •  Hi Fredric, At last have received it and i was worth receiving it. and yes it can be a value added product once delivering solution to clients . I will be utilizing your demo kit to our existing clients with Data center or are in planing phase to go for Patchsee. As far as the financials are concern will appreciate if some details can be forwarded on how to order quantity lead time and location if need to be ordered and available sizes Best regards Mustapha 

    Mustapha K - Sales - SYSTEM INTEGRATOR - Pakistan - 06/2013

  •  Hi Laetitia, I did receive the cable/package. Thanks, its good for a quiz question. How does it work they ask, ;-) What i did is show it on the XXX department and i will leave it there as well for curious people to examine. Most people here are administrators but they do not actually patch themselves.The patching is done by YYY people who do the phisical infrastructure here and i will show them as well. There is no questions for more cables though at the moment but you never know. Good luck,  

    Arend V - Senior Network Architect - Bank - Netherlands (The) - 06/2013

  •  Hi Frederic, Yes, I have, thank you. It is an imaginative and potentially useful solution, and I’ll certainly bear it in mind should I need something like this in future. Do you have a distributor in New Zealand or Australia? Regards, Martin. 

    Martin B - IT Manager - STEEL BUIDING SYSTEMS - Australia - 06/2013

  •  Hi, The Patchsee looks like a great product. I can see a use for multiple cabinet switching and longer runs in Data Centres. I have passed the demo kit onto our cabling estimator to show to our customers. I heard about your product through the reddit forum. Kind Regards, Ben M. 

    Ben M - ICT Technician - SYSTEM INTEGRATOR - Australia - 06/2013

  •  Hi, Frederic That’s very interesting cable. Singapore office ordered Patchsee cables from Comnet Systems Pte Ltd Thank you Best Regards, Prasana 

    Prasana P - IT Dept - ENERGY TRADING PRODUCTS & LOGISTICS SERVICES - Singapore - 06/2013

  •  Very nice solution. Easy to operate and maintain. My interest for PatchSee start from an empty box found in my new office. Best regards Vangelis X. 

    Vangelis X - ICT Administrator - Detergent Manufacturer - Greece - 06/2013

  •  Hi, I was looking how to organize my lan racks and I’ve found your web site. That’s how I’ve found Your company. Yours cables are quite useful. Thank You very much for demo kit. Z poważaniem / Best regards /Med vänliga hälsningar Damian K. 

    Damian K - IT technician - INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURER - Poland - 06/2013

  •  Hi Frederic, I’ve receive it yesterday and already tried it and made a quick presentation to our team. They find it very interesting to solve some known problems in patching. I first saw this product in a presentation from our distributor Eurocabos. Best regards, 

    Paulo F - Coordenador Comercial - SYSTEM INTEGRATOR - Portugal - 06/2013

  •  Hello Frederic Thank you for the demo kit, I’ve found it an very smart solution. I was introduced to your solution by your local distributer Eurocabos. Cumprimentos Luis M. 

    Luis M - DORS – Direção de Operações de Rede e Plataformas de Serviço - INTERNET PROVIDER - Portugal - 06/2013

  •  Hi Frederic, Thanks for your mail and I am happy with your product. Will get back to you later to take this further. I heard about your product from my colleagues in uk, we are using your product in our uk data center. Regards, Manish 

    Manish C - IT Manager - POWER GENERATOR RENTAL - United Arab Emirates (The) - 04/2013

  •  Hi Frederic, Yes, I received the demo kit last week. Thanks to patchsee for sending the kit. It’s an amazing product. I am really impressed with the quality of cable and connector. By using patchsee cable I seen throughput performance increase. Also the light will help deploying and troubleshooting network. I will recommend patchsee. I was searching for high quality cat6 connectors basically, but I see patchsee link on a forum . Regards, 

    Muzamal A - network Architect - SYSTEM INTEGRATOR - Pakistan - 04/2013

  •  Dear Mr. Dalles, your invention is really great, I wonder why no other cable maker has thought of that.. really simple and efficient, only two optic fibres, flexible enough, and a great construction, with solid connectors. The only thing that I don't like is the little lamp, works but is somehow awkward to use as you have to sneak it between the other cables on the switch.. a design with a flexible head that could be put on the wire would help the person working. Although the budget is really tight this year, we will discuss and see if we can buy some of these great cables for the routers, I have seen that hey offer great transfer rates too. Wishing you all the best!  

    Cristi S - IT Manager - UNIVERSITY - Romania - 04/2013

  •  Hi, We discovered PatchSee through one of our consultants that works in a lot of data centers and installs patch cabling. He told us about the product and how handy it was. We have tested the demonstration kit and really liked it. Actually today we placed an order through XXX for 50 cables. Best regards,  

    Lionel J - ICL System Support - international transportation - Belgium - 03/2013

  •  We love working with the Patchsee cabling system, it’s so easy! I like to receive a apple green sample (DESKPATCH) if possible.- We order through XXX. Thank you very much!  

    Edward H - Presales - IT Consultancy - Netherlands (The) - 03/2013

  •  Hello Mr. DALLES, I received the demo kit and I think that is an interesting solution. Had knowledge about the product through a company for which we provide services. Thanks. Best regards, Dinarte T. 

    Dinarte T - ICT Technician - SYSTEM INTEGRATOR - Portugal - 02/2013

  •  Hello Frederic, As a matter of fact we've just received de demo kit I will now look into it and then I would like to know prices (cat5, cat 6 and cat7 ), conditions and who are your partners here in Portugal. I thank you in advance for your concern and information. Regards, Jose 

    Jose C - Sales - CABLING INSTALLER - Portugal - 02/2013

  •  Hello Yes I received the demo kit. Sounds like a good solution to take into account in future network infrastructures. Thanks 

    Antonio P - IT Manager - SHOPS AND LEISURE CENTER COPORATION - Portugal - 02/2013

  •  Hi, I did you receive it a FREE demo KIT of the PATCHSEE intelligent patch cords. It’s an amazing product and i was thinking to show the kit to our company, at the sometime I discover now that our company will by this solution. Thanks for your attention. Best regards, Marco C. 

    Marco C - IT Dept - SHOPS AND LEISURE CENTER COPORATION - Portugal - 02/2013

  •  Hello, Yes i received the demo kit and i’m thinking about buying intelligent cables through a reseller. Thank you very much. Best Regards, Luís S. 

    Luis S - Informatica - PUBLIC ORGANIZATION - Portugal - 02/2013

  •  Hello, I received it. It’s a good solution for our rack configuration, and I’ve already contact a local seller for more information. Thanks, Ana P. 

    Ana P - IT Manager - CONSTRUCTION COMPANY - Portugal - 02/2013

  •  Hello, Yes, I’ve received it. Looks very interesting. I’m thinking to use this system as a standard for newly build production shop. I heard about patchsee from company who support our network infrastructure. S pozdravem/ Best regards/ Mit freundlichem Gruß Dusan H. 

    Dusan H - IT Manager - VEHICLE LATCHES MANUFACTURER - Czech Republic (The) - 02/2013

  •  Hi. I just got it this morning:o) I was out of office yesterday. It is a really nice demo kit you have produced. I think that it looks like a high quality product. So I will make a recommendation to purchase PatchSee cables for our new DataCenter  

    Nicolai T - consultant - Hosting Company - Denmark - 02/2013

  •  Hi Frederic I received your free demo Kit. PATCHSEE intelligent patch cords, you’re a very good product. In December (Received in January) sold about 350 Thanks, best regards C. 

    Jose C - Project Manager - CABLING INSTALLER - Portugal - 01/2013

  •  Hi there Frederic, I’ve received the demo kit, and I liked. My IT department is in process of reviewing all our patch cord cables. And I will have PatchSee in consideration. Although, we will only make a decision on changing the patch cord cables later this year. I let you know when the times comes. Thanks in advance and best regards, Nelson 

    Nelson N - Informatica & Design - FOOD SERVICES COMPANY - Portugal - 01/2013

  •  Dear Frederic Thanks so much for your support , I really appreciate this , We Received the kit and also we tested it , It's very innovated and creative test technique that is used in computer networks If we have to upgrade our network cables to PATCHSEE cables , I will contact you . Thanks so much again  

    Osama R - Consultant - RESEARCH INSTITUTE - Egypt - 01/2013

  •  Hi Frederic, Your solution for patch cord in cabling is great and I’m very interesting with it. I heard about your product from my friend in social networking ( Thanks & Regards, Tran 

    Tran H - IT Dept - INVESTMENT BANKING - Vietnam - 01/2013

  •  Hi Fred, thanks so much for the Demokit. Through one of my local distributors of your cable solutions I’ve replaced all the cables in my server room, with roughly 120 of your CAT6 cables. I heard of the product through one of your local suppliers, IC Srl, who brought me a cable to show me how they worked. Great product! Thanks once again for making my life a whole lot easier! 

    Johan S - IT Manager - VIDEO GAME EDITOR - Italy - 01/2013

  •  Hello Frederic, I’ve received the new patch see demo kit, I’ve tested it out and I enjoyed it! We need to re-patch our rack shelters over here, and I’ve the following questions: • How many costs a 1meter, 3 meter and 5 meter patch see cable? • Do you have any more colors than black? • Can give prices for the metrics mentioned above but with color cables? Thanks 

    Ricardo C - IT Support - HEALTH & HOSPITAL WASTE MANAGEMENT - Portugal - 01/2013

  •  Hi Frederic, I have some clients I am taking it to next week. We have tried it at our office – looks great! 

    Shelley D - Manager - CABLING INSTALLER - United States (The) - 01/2013

  •  Dear Frederic, Thank you for your email, I confirm receive of your sample. It looks very good, and we started to show it to some of our clients and consultants, most of them asked about its price but I cant answer them. Can you send me the price list so we can present it more efficiency ? Regards, Abdullah S. 

    Abdullah S - Manager - CABLING INSTALLER - Egypt - 01/2013

  •  Dear Mrs. Lecourt, Thank you for this great demo kit. I'm looking forward to receiving the kit! The way I discovered PatchSee is at a Dutch academic hospital (UMC, Universiteit Medisch Centrum, in Utrecht). I was there for a visit to the new datacenter they built. And the person responsible demonstrated to me these new patch cables and gave me a sample patch cable. I've shown this cable to a number of my students (all IT professionals) and really every single student was enthusiastic about it!!! I used a simple flashlight to demonstrate. I'm very sure that you received new customers because of me. :) And I will point to your website and the option for a free demo kit so that they can show it to their colleagues also. Yours sincerely,  

    Marco D - IT Trainer - University - Netherlands (The) - 11/2012

  •  Hi Frederic, Yes. It is very nice. Can you possibly send me the rates for patch cables? Thanks. I saw your promptioanal vid on youtube (Mission Impossible or something) . Kind regards, Rocelle 

    Rocelle A - Sales - Cabling Reseller - Australia - 10/2012

  •  Hi Frederic I got one of your demos units and are interested in becoming one of your distributers in Africa. Please tell me what we need to do to become a distributer and also let me know what prices we can expect? Thanks Adriaan K. 

    Adriaan K - Sales - CABLING DISTRIBUTOR - South Africa - 10/2012

  •  Hi, I received a sample product and I am happy with it. Just wondering is there any reseller in Australia, Sydney ?  

    Ye A - IT Administrator - BEAUTY PRODUCTS MANUFACTURER - Australia - 10/2012

  •  Hello Mr. Dalles, generally I like the solution, I also like quality of cable. Our company is going to build new bulding next year, and I would definitely recommend to equip new distribution panels/racks with PatchSee cabling. I’ve got infromation about your product from one of our colleagues. 

    Marce M - IT Dept - INdustry Multinational - Czech Republic (The) - 09/2012

  •  Dear Fred, Thankyou very much for the Patchsee Kit .I received it this morning.Tested it.I think its a very useful tool. I use a tone generator which is sometimes hard to pick up the signals....we have to physically unplug the cords to confirm the tone. Saves time. Thanks again. Eve  

    Eve M - Cable Technician - Cabling Installer - Papua New Guinea - 09/2012

  •  Dear Sir’s A very interesting option, which can override the identification by character / number. Through the company in Portugal many thanks Antonio A.  

    Antonio A - Centro do IP - Health Dept - Portugal - 09/2012

  •  Hello. We received your cable. What a great idea. Congratulations! It’s now at our datacenter, for studying with Mr. Santin. Regards. 

    Anselmo P - Software Company - Brazil - 06/2012

  •  Hello, Yes I received the demo kit and looks very interesting. Is a very clever solution to use on structure cabling installations and not only. I like it. I will speak with the distributor here in Cyprus to get more information and prices and will include this option in our quotations. Thanks a lot. 

    Andreas L - Managing Director - DATA CENTRE INSTALLERS - Cyprus - 06/2012

  •  Hello I heard about your products at the C&C Partners Company network training. I think your intelligent patch cord is very useful thing. It makes life easier in the datacenter. 

    Karol J - IT Specialist - FOOD INDUSTRY - Poland - 06/2012

  •  Hello I have tested the received equipment and also received an offer asked to XXX. Order of this will be placed in the coming week. I found it very useful to be able to follow the connections. I also showed to external persons and they were very surprised by it. Thanks  

    Cedric G - IT-Support - Consultancy - Belgium - 05/2012

  •  Hello Mr Dalles, thank you for your mail, It is very smart solution. We well offer it to our customer.ž Best regards, 

    Zeljko H - DATA CENTRE INSTALLERS - Croatia - 04/2012

  •  Hi, We really like this and just ordered 200 pieces patchcords. We heard about your products from our installer. By the way ... Do you have a sample kit of DeskPatch? Thanks, Łukasz 

    Lukasz B - IT Manager - Tobacco Firm - Poland - 04/2012

  •  There is curious and practical solution. I thank You. Pozdrawiam/Best regards, Marcin Melonek 

    Marcin M - Installation Project Specialist - ENERGY SUPPLIER - Poland - 04/2012

  •  Ladies and Gentlemen Thank you for your sample kit of our intelligent patch cords. The solution is very interesting. I try to be interested in this product to their customers. Please send me the terms and conditions. Best Regards Emil N. 

    Emil N - Dyrektor Zarzadzajacy - SYSTEM INTEGRATOR - Poland - 04/2012

  •  Dear Frederic Dalles, I just got demo-patchcord. I find this solution very interesting. Next week I will show, this some of my clients to get feed back. Where I can buy this solution ? Becouse they will ask for prices for sure. best regards Miron K. 

    Miron K - Manager - SYSTEM INTEGRATOR - Poland - 04/2012

  •  Dear Sir, Thank you for sample kit of your intelligent patch cords – I received it yesterday. The solution is very interesting and innovative. I received some information about your products during technical training delivered by XXX Company. Best regards Piotr Siwak 

    Piotr S - Assistant Designer - DATA CENTRE INSTALLERS - Poland - 04/2012

  •  Dear Mr. Dalles, We are using ~20 PatchSee patch cords for 3 years, but we are in the process of replacing all of our patch cords (about 150) in our data center. Your sollution is very usefull for tracing cables, but we never had the chance to use your special light sources (we used little led torches). You cables were recommended to us by our hardware partner Maguay. Best regards, Stefan R.  

    Stefan R - IT Manager - INDUSTRY - Romania - 03/2012

  •  Hello, mr. Frederic DALLES, Thank you for interesting demo kit of your innovative product. I must say that PatchSee is very handy solution for usually messed up cables in larger organizations as well as in smaller ones. Considering design I have no remarks and I would recommend the product to our customers. To do that, I need more information about the available lengths and prices. Best regards. Uroš B. 

    Uros B - INSTALLER - Slovenia - 03/2012

  •  This is a great concept ..for fast troubleshooting..i recommend it to everyone that wants to be ahead in discharging his duties. 

    Romanus O - Nigeria - 03/2012

  •  Hi Frederic, Received the sample kit , The idea and the product looks fine but can this be on user patch panels to the user end ? if so how do you do the end terminations ? I liked the product , do you have local reseller in UAE ? Regards, Hafis A. 

    Hafis A - IT Support Administrator - COLLEGES - United Arab Emirates (The) - 03/2012

  •  Hello Mr Dalles, Thank you for sample. It`s interesting solution. I`ve presented this solution to my manager. Do you sell it directly or by the distributor? I`m not guarantee purchases but we`ll be remember your products in our next projects. Z poważaniem Tomasz G. 

    Tomasz G - System Integrator - Poland - 03/2012

  •  Hi, Very good and interesting product. I did a small presentation for his teammates. Many people are delighted with the solution. Congratulations on such a great product. Pozdrawiam/Regards Marcin H. 

    Marcin H - System Administrator - BANK - Poland - 03/2012

  •  Hello. I get the information about your products at the training for the MMC - lan systems (computer networks). Your patchsee products are very interesting and innovating in that solutions. Best regards. Artur P. 

    Artur P - SYSTEM INTEGRATOR - Poland - 03/2012

  •  Hi Fredric, Your product is really an invention, it will be with a great value in our environment. I’m checking with my team the required length and the needed quantities. Thanks, Hatem 

    Hatem A - IT Manager - Oil and Gas Industry - Egypt - 03/2012

  •  We loved it! We went ahead and ordered a package from your Swedish distributor XXX. Just received it yesterday!  

    Filip S - Consultant - Media - Sweden - 02/2012

  •  Dear Laetitia, Thanks for the free kit. It looks very promising! I’ve showed it to some of my colleagues and also discussed it with my international colleagues. It seems that your product is already the standard within one of our bigger sites (Mannheim – Germany), so this also gives me a trusted feeling. I think the quality is very nice and the fiber part is really useful. We will definitely consider your product when we are going to rewire our datacenter. This will probably happen in Q1/Q2 this year. Best Regards,  

    Michael K - Infrastructure - Pharmaceutical industry - Netherlands (The) - 02/2012

  •  Hi Mr. Dalles, sorry, that answer until now. I am very busy. Demo kit arrived okay. Patchsee is very simple but very functional solution I like. We negotiate with our suppliers to supply patchsee for our data center. Of patchsee I learned on the Internet. Best regards! 

    Petr V - Network Administrator - MILITARY HOSPITAL - Czech Republic (The) - 01/2012

  •  Dear Frederic, Thank you very much for sending the sample kit. PATCHSEE product is a great innovation of your engineering team. Providing the easy solution to networking and infrastructure teams. I believe that this will be appreciated throughout the world. Surely we will recommend to our project teams for the use of PATCHSEE products. Best regards 

    Shabbir S - Telecom Supervisor - Liquiefied Natural Gas Industry - Qatar - 01/2012

  •  Hi Frederic, I tested the cable out, and the concept is quite interesting, to say the least. One of my IT managers put me on to this product, as he just fitted out his office with it. So, I thought I would give it a go, and see if it could benefit our other companies. We are also moving the HQ, and now would be the ideal time to give it a test. Whereabouts in Australia can I get some pricing for these cables? Thanks in advance, 

    Daniel O - Group IT Manager - Marketing & Communication Company - Australia - 01/2012

  •  Hello Mr. Dalles. I have already test the sample kit and my appreciation is that technology is amazing. I analyze the cable and I can say that is very well built, fits anywhere because it is slim, very fast 10GB cable, the identification of cable is amazing is like it have something like fiber optic that can identify at speed of light. My final thoughts is that is a perfect cable for datacenters and servers because of many advantages as I mention on my opinion this is the first and the best cable that I ever tested. Congratulations. Melhores Cumprimentos 

    Andre C - IT Support - FOOD INDUSTRY - Portugal - 12/2011

  •  Hello, Thank you for sample kit that I received two days ago. I get to know about PatchSee during my “Cisco netAcademy” when instructor showed us his sample kit. This solution is very interesting and we will think in future about using this cable in our server room. Thank you and regards P.K. 

    Pawel K - Network Administrator - Global technology Company - Poland - 12/2011

  •  Dear Mrs. Lecourt, Yes, we use your patch cables in our server room. We are very satisfied with them. We have purchased them right after the Cebit 2008, but I cannot recall from whom, I am sorry. Nice day to you too!  

    Cliteur J - ICT - pharmaceutical company - Netherlands (The) - 11/2011

  •  Hi Laetitia That is impressive logistics, thank you for the information   

    Mikkel A - Purchase Manager - IT reseller - Denmark - 11/2011

  •  Hi Fredric, I like them and they could save some time in our server room. Can you please send me a price schedule for the different lengths? We use most lengths regularly. Thanks, 

    Kraig W - Managing Director - Data network Installer - New Zealand - 11/2011

  •  Hi Your solution is the best I know of. Well to tell you the truth, I know about patchsee for a long time. I already bought hundreds of cables for my work. Best regards 

    Hugo V - Network Infrastructure - UNIVERSITY - Portugal - 10/2011

  •  Yes, I did receive it. Many thanks for that. For our situation I can really see value in the Patchsee stuff however. On that, who do I talk to about purchasing the patchsee cables from here in Australia, need to get some current volume pricing information. 

    Tony B - IT Manager - Marketing Agency - Australia - 10/2011

  •  Hello Frederic, yes, I have already received today. Thanks. Today I will meet my client and I can show them. I am thinking about the distribution in our country. Our company is a little hungarian company but we are soulful. What do you think how can we be your hungarian partner? And I need a price list too. Thx BR 

    Attila G - General Manager - Data network Installer - Hungary - 10/2011

  •  Patchsee cables and PatchLight speed up connecting and reconnecting devices at network distribution points. They saved us a lot of time since we started using them 2 years ago. Patchgrip and Patchclips helped us in organising our connection groups  

    Tomasz W - Network Administrator - City organization - Poland - 09/2011

  •  Hi Frederic, I have received the Both Patch see and deskpatch. The products are really impressive.  

    Rao B - IT Manager - Hosting / Data Centres - India - 09/2011

  •  Hello Laetitia, thank you for your email. And thank you for the free sample kit. I think the light identification was a good idea, but I got more impressed by the clip-on color identifiers! Especially when I saw the wide variety of colors they come in 

    Sebastian R - System developer - Mode - Sweden - 09/2011

  •  Hello Federic, Thank you for sending us a Patchsee cable, we find it very useful, and we will be replacing the cables inside our server room next year. We will contact you sometime next year. Thank you again.  

    Megumi Y - Network/IT Support - Industry Multinational - Japan - 09/2011

  •  Hello , I received your sample kit and i confirm it's an intelligent solution for every kind of network implementation. We knew about your products by our Network Engineers and those field experiences. We are evaluating the utilization of this product in our environment and i suppose that we could consider a future purchase. I hope in a future collaboration.  

    Paolo R - Sistemi Informativi - System Integrator - Italy - 08/2011

  •  It is a very good product, very well made and of course also useful. I know patchsee via a friend that suggested me. Thansk for the free sample. 

    Francesco C - IT Manager - Technical Solution Provider - Italy - 08/2011

  •  Hi! The order was great! I have just started using it, and everything is perfect! The cables are smooth and nice and the light seems to work just fine! So Im happy! J  

    Sebastian G - Network/IT Support - Consultancy - Sweden - 08/2011

  •  Hi, Since I have just replaced a whole rack with patchsee cabling, the patchgrip is interesting to me at the moment. I can’t believe your company has been around since 2001 and I have only just heard of you ! Thanks Andrew 

    Andrew H - I.T. Department - International Holiday Resorts - Spain - 08/2011

  •  XXX is a utility company primarily involved in the generation of electricity. I am the technical lead for the Information Management group located at "-----" Nuclear station. I am always looking for innovative technology to improve our environment. I currently use Patchsee cabling in our computer center and in any location requiring a visual verification of point to point connectivity. The use of these really fantastic cables has improved our ability to reduce human performance errors during changes. I have introduced Patchsee to other stations and the Corporate offices in the hopes they will continue the trend. Have a great day and thanks for such a insightful product. Ralph 

    Ralph R - IT Technical Manager - Power and Energy Company - United States (The) - 08/2011

  •  Hi, Thanks forquick response! We tested the patchsee products already. Our network guys loved them!  

    Robin K - Owner - IT Consultancy - Netherlands (The) - 07/2011

  •  Hello Mr Dalles, I already use your solutions and find innovative and interested.. Our current supplier is ANIXTER. What other distributors in Italy and what discounts we can apply? thanks Best Regards 

    Stefano C - System Engineer - System Integrator - Italy - 06/2011

  •  Hi Frederic, Many thanks for your sample kit. I am very happy with your solution and I am thinking about ordering some cables soon (I just need to finalise our requirements and work out how many cables I need) Regards, 

    Liam W - Site Support Analyst - Food Multinational - Australia - 06/2011

  •  Having great fun showing it to all our clients. We are in the process of upgrading and new site installs so I will hopefully get an ok on a couple of some of these cables. 

    Wynand F - Network/IT Support - System Integrator - France - 06/2011

  •  Hello, Mr. DALLES, I received the sample kit with the cable few days ago. I don't had much time, but I tested it very carefully and I'm impressed of your innovation. Definitely I'll use your product in the future if I have project with loose financing. The only cons that I found of your product is that it is not very cheap, but this is normal because you present high quality product with interesting innovation. Thank you, If I have any questions I'll contact you or I'll talk directly with your local distributor 

    Alexander V - Manager - Installer - Bulgaria - 06/2011

  •  Dear Mr. frederic, I successfully received both shipments, 2 demo kit around. The product 'very functional, I can finally show it to the final customer. 

    Daniele B - Account Manager - Installer - Italy - 05/2011

  •  Hi Laetitia. I´m fine, thank you. Summer is on its way and it is a lovely weather outside, the snow is gone... :-) By the way, do you live in the south of France? Nice weather? No, unfortunately is the installation not finished yet. There has been high focus on some other projects so we haven't had time to finish it of. I promised you a picture and it will come as soon as we have something to show... Yes, I´ve worked with your cables before and I am very satisfied with them. Now my colleagues can't be without them either... Oh, the pimp my rack challenge..., but our racks are already pimped out with your cables ;-) Best regards  

    Jesper A - IT - Sweden - 05/2011

  •  Hello Frederic, thank you for the kit. I received it and I showed it to my technical office. I think that is very interesting to know the destination of the patch. When your Distributor propose me your patch, I like it very much. So I introduce your patch in a project...I hope to win the offer!!!! Thanks again and you have a nice week.  

    Alessandra S - Installer - Italy - 05/2011

  •  Hello Mr. Dalles, It's only today I received the sample kit sent, thank you (it was sent at our former address, we have been relocated). I am familiar with PatchSee products from the past, I am convinced it is a nice solution for quick cord identification in the telecommunications closet. Best regards, 

    Yannis K - Installer - Romania - 05/2011

  •  Hello Mr. Dalles I think it very good idea We are Reseller and in last week we contact 2/3 Curstomers to view the new solution for yours infrastructure Can you send me the price list for Reseller ??  

    Claudio D - Customer & Tecnical Manager - Reseller - Italy - 05/2011

  •  Dear Frederic. I got a very professional set in yellow. I'll show my co-operators is a solution. Thank you.  

    Bartlomiej M - Project Coordinator - LAN - Integrator - Data Centres - Poland - 05/2011

  •  Hi Frederic, Thanks for the sample kit. I must say that it is a very interesting product. Do you have any distributor in Malaysia? What is the price? Thank you for your attention. 

    Andrew Y - General Manager - Malaysia - 05/2011

  •  Hi Mr. Fredric, I have received the sample kit and I must see say the quality and innovation is awesome I really appreciate your technical advances in patch cords. Not only I discovered the robustness of quality and material of your product I also found it very useful in every networking application . In future I will recommend your intelligent patch cord to my company official I hope they will also give a positive response and should use your product in coming projects. 

    Bilal B - Field Engineer - System Integrator - United Arab Emirates (The) - 05/2011

  •  Hello, I’ve ordered that sample kit because some of my clients are interested in that kind of solutions. At that moment I don’t get feedback from them. Personally I think that it is interesting solution that I could recommend for my clients.  

    Adam M - Managing Director - System Integrator - Poland - 05/2011

  •  Hello Frederic, We get to know about your product through internet search and we have already became a customer of PatchSee through your local vendor from Doha, Qatar called “XXX “. I would rate it as an excellent solution for network infrastructure and team. It gives us a perfect solution for tracking down the cables in a professional way rather than messing up the rack cabling. Once again thanks a bunch for a solution for a long time headache of managing the cabling infrastructure. Thanks n' regards 

    Aju T - Network Services - Gas Operating Company - Qatar - 05/2011

  •  Hi Frederic Thank you so much for the sample kit. I am very impressed with your product and it certainly has a very useful integrated feature for identification in wiring closets. I actually have a few existing patchsee cables in my data center. This comes from the time we were previously known as the French company Alstom South Africa. We are now rebranded as Actom but continue to have a good working technology partnership and relationship with Alstom France and internationally. I plan to possibly motivate a budget to convert all my cabling to patchsee in the near future. Once again, Thank you for an excellent, practical and useful product. Thanks  

    Shaheen B - Projects and Proposals Control - Industry Multinational - South Africa - 04/2011

  •  Dear Mr. Frederic DALLES We received your patch card and its good. we would like know all product range of Patchsee, pricing and send the detailed terms for Distribution. Thanks & Regards. 

    Mohammed O - Managing Director - System Integrator - India - 04/2011

  •  Hi, Package came today. This is great. Thank you. I will present this to my manager. With regards. 

    Viljem T - IT Systems Engineer - Transport, packaging and pallet technology - Slovenia - 03/2011

  •  Excellent & I will quote to our customers in the coming project 

    Francis C - Regional Manager - IT Solutions company - China - 03/2011

  •  Hello Frederic, thanks in advance for your email message. I’m sorry for a little delay, because holidays. We received your package. Patch cord looks really good and usable for our network structure. Best regards 

    Pavel J - Firm IT manager - Industry - Czech Republic (The) - 03/2011

  •  Thank you very much for the sample kit. I've discussed this with my Network Manager and he's quite enthusiastic with the possibilities it can offer. I've given the kit to him. The "million-dollar" question is how much? We might need to include it on our next budget and preferably deal with a local distributor. Patchsee was first mentioned to me by a Network Engineer in Qatargas who told me to check your website. 

    Sherwin K - Senior IT Technician - International School - Qatar - 03/2011

  •  Hi, yes, we received the kit one week ago. The prodact is really good, (now I understand the puna's red eyes). Now waiting a quote from local system integrator (Eurotel Treviso) for replace some rack.  

    Massimiliano F - ICT Technician - Home designers - Italy - 03/2011

  •  Hallo Frederic Thank you, I received the shipment for testing to my client. I think patchsees are good idea. Now I'm waiting for feedback from the client Regards  

    Michal G - System Integrator - Poland - 03/2011

  •  Hello Mr. Dalles. I’ve recived the kit 3 days ago.I’ve tested it , with good result. I bought 300 patch cords patch-see (of course!) from G.F.O. Torino with pleasure. Thank you for support Best regards 

    Davide R - IT Dept - Highways Management Company - Italy - 03/2011

  •  Thanks for the free kit I’m impressed with the cable But i‘m not sure it’s anything we going to use anytime soon..  

    Steen R - Systemadministrator - IT Server Management - Public company - Denmark - 03/2011

  •  Dear Mr Frederic, I receive the demo kit and i just place an order throught my networking partner of patchsee cables to put order to our network racks It is beautiful if in the future you will make fibre channel patch with the same tecnology.. 

    Riccardo C - IT Infrastructure & OSS Specialist - World leader in safety and regulation valves business - Italy - 02/2011

  •  Thank you for the demonstration kit it was very helpful displaying your product and I can say we are very impressed with how it feels and works. I would say we are very interested in your product but as always there is the question of price :-) We are interested in both the short versions for cabling within a cabinet and the datacenter length cables. If we could get a price that would be excellent.  

    Mikael J - IT-Consultant - Administration - Norway - 12/2010

  •  Thank you for the demonstration kit. We found it interesting, and a nice solution. We will show it to our clients, it makes maintaining the patch cables easier.  

    Dávid Miklós T - IT Director - Data Network Integrator - Hungary - 12/2010

  •  Hello, I've recived demo-kit, thank you very much. I think it's great idea to add lights to the patchcord, I was impressed. It's very useful in datacenter. 

    Lech K - Network admin - Marketing consultant - Poland - 12/2010

  •  I only know the patchsee cords, it’s very useful in a Rack. Simple and effective, greatly reduces the time needed to identify the cords I think that the cords were the colors would be better to use the clips  

    José C - Project Manager - Data network Installer - Portugal - 11/2010

  •  Hello ! Better late then never, i have to say that i'm 100% satisfied with PatchSee Cables !! Delivery time from CCPartners here in Poland was very good. Is it possible to send me info Material for your Products so i will ask my local IT Supplier if he is interested in reselling PatchSee, and evaluate if can do reselling.  

    Frank J - Sales - Mold Manufacturer - Poland - 11/2010

  •  These patch leads are very useful, in fact we use them on a number of our switches already.  

    John G - Computer Technician - End User - Education Sector - United Kingdom (The) - 11/2010

  •  We’ve been using your products indeed, mainly cat 6 patch cables in a data center environment and client lan access switching. As far as our experience goes, we must that every PatchSee product we use has met or even surpassed our expectations in terms of reliability and overall quality. Plus we find your solutions to facilitate identification and patch troubleshooting. Moreover we don’t have any complaint about the delivery service. We rate your products and service first class and would buy again when needed.  

    Rui N - IT Director - Bank - Portugal - 11/2010

  •  I have received sample kit. Thanks. It’s really good solution.  

    Miroslaw A - Network design - Civil Engineering - Poland - 11/2010

  •  I have had a brief look at the item and can see some great benefits for this in data centres. I will be meeting with a customer early next week to look at its uses in more detail , so will send you some comments once this has eventuated. Thanks again. 

    Shane K - General Manager - Data Network Integrator - Australia - 11/2010

  •  Hi, Impressive. Good for ICT Network support person. What is the maximum length of one cable? How do you price it? 

    Thabo M - IT Director - Government Organization - South Africa - 11/2010

  •  We did receive the product and are very enthousiastic about it. We’ve already could convince 1 customer to work with this product (+ 100 cables).  

    Mark D - IT - IT Installation - Belgium - 11/2010

  •  I've passed the demo kit onto the network team to have a view and they will let me know what they think in the next week or two.  

    Craig S - Systems Infrastructure - End User - Education Sector - United Kingdom (The) - 11/2010

  •  Thank you for your email. I have used your product before so I have sent this onto a prospective client to supplement my quote.  

    Richard B - Network Engineer - Installers of Network Cabling - United Kingdom (The) - 11/2010

  •  I saw this product a few years back and the idea appealed to me then. I think it is a great product. The only thing I guess on this solution is the cost. I noted back then that the cost of the cables is quite high. Is this still the case? Are there volume discounts available etc?  

    Kam P - Service Desk Team Leader - End User - Building Industry - United Kingdom (The) - 11/2010

  •  Look a good solution, just running through some figures as we to replace 500 3m cat5e leads  

    Peter F - IT Manager - End User - Property Investment & Development - United Kingdom (The) - 11/2010

  •  Looks great, works great! Will be ordering some of these I think  

    Ged C - IT Manager - End User - Law Firm - United Kingdom (The) - 11/2010

  •  I think it’s a interesting idea and could certainly prove beneficial in large data centers. The next time we need to make a purchase of Ethernet cables I will review the prices for the PatchSee vs standard cables to determine if it’s a solution we could implement. Thanks for your help. Regards.  

    Wayne D - Network Engineer - End User - Oil Industry - United Kingdom (The) - 11/2010

  •  I have had a very good experience with your products, the only reason for complaining that I have is that sometimes takes a long time to get the products delivered. But since I started ordering them way before I need to use them that is not a big problem now. Thanks for making such a good produtc line!  

    Reis A - IT Systems Engineer - Pharmaceutical Manufacturing - Portugal - 10/2010

  •  I have a positive feedback regarding the quality of the cables, ease of usage, testing the implementation once it was completed. We had a small issue with the delivery as not all the patch lead lengths we ordered were available. I have forwarded your email to our local partners as they might be interested in becoming resellers.  

    Tudor B - IS Network Engineer - Leading Gambling Multinational - Romania - 10/2010

  •  Hello ! My only regret about Patchsee is not being using it from day 0 in our network racks. 

    Luis M - Information Solutions - Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Multinational - Portugal - 10/2010

  •  Hi! We found it very interesting. In fact we have ask for more patchee cables to our supplier!  

    Ivan R - SAP Consultant - Packaging Manufacturer - Spain - 10/2010

  •  Hi Frederic, We are very happy with the Patchsee cables. Our patch cabinet is looking great and the ease of tracing the cables is amazing. All the goods ordered came in good order and delivery was good. I would not go back to using any other type of patch cable. Thanks  

    Patricia L - IT dept - Marine and Tourism Industry - Romania - 10/2010

  •  We receive the sample kit thank you. We would like to buy your product. Could you send your Turkey distributors Info so we can get in touch with to purchase your products Thank You  

    Ezgi S - Information Technology Assistant - Mining - Turkey - 10/2010

  •  I received the equipment and its fantastic.I will contact you in due course. 

    Royco M - Network / IT Support - Bank - Malawi - 10/2010

  •  The package arrived now and I'm very happy with the solutions Patchsee. The expansion of our data center will use certainly Patchsee. 

    Ezio M - IT Administrator - Office Furniture Multinational - Italy - 10/2010

  •  Yes, I have received the demonstration kit. My first impression is that this product really can save some time, and some headache… Do you sell these products directly or via distributors? I do not have an immediate need as we have changed a few servers recenty, but I will save your mail for future reference and will definitely concider your products the next time we are in need of new patch cables. I will however show the demo kit I received to some of my contacts, and pass your contact info to them if they are interested  

    Johan S - IT-Chef - Tranport - Sweden - 10/2010

  •  The demonstration kit was excellent. We will certainly be using PatchSee cables on our upcoming installation.  

    Adrian W - IT Manager - End User - Video Game industry - United Kingdom (The) - 10/2010

  •  I received your demonstration kit, thank you. Unfortunately due to a very heavy work schedule at present I have been unable to demonstrate it to my team. Once I get some spare time I'll assess the cables functionality and let you know if it would work within our infrastructure.  

    Jonathan R - Network Engineer - End User - Mobile Technologies - United Kingdom (The) - 10/2010

  •  I love the solution and one of our big customers uses it already - I've got the kit to show it to other customers who need to tidy their cabs  

    Simon B - Field Service Technician - IT Solution Provider - United Kingdom (The) - 10/2010

  •  It’s an impressive solution to say the least, especially as the biggest single cost is for the light as opposed to the cables which aren’t a great deal more expensive than good quality patch cables. 

    Jonny M - IT Manager - End User - Events Facilities and Logistics - United Kingdom (The) - 10/2010

  •  I got the kit a couple of days after placing the eval order – I’m pretty impressed with the idea, and can see how it’d be useful in our datacenter. Unfortunately, I don’t see us replacing our existing infrastructure any time soon – however I’ll certainly keep your products in mind for any future datacenter/comms room rollouts we perform.  

    Jon F - Networks - End User - Financial Services - United Kingdom (The) - 10/2010

  •  I wondered where that’d come from! I can certainly see it’s applications within the industry - especially the larger, multi-cab sites, Data Centres etc., where there is a large amount of cab to cab patching. I would be interested to know the cost of a PatchSee patch lead in comparison to say a standard Excel or Krone patch lead. With the scale of businesses that we deal with (SMEs typically), this would definitely be a considerable factor.Cheers.  

    Robert M - Marketing - Network cabling installers - United Kingdom (The) - 10/2010

  •  We started using PatchSee cables 5 years ago and never looked at another product. We currently have more than 400 cables in place and finding the right cable is a piece of cake. No more fear of taking out the wrong cable and spending time finding it. Now i have just received the new Pro PatchLight which is 10x better than the old one and is even more easier to find the cable we want. One thing to remember when buying is to buy various sizes so you don’t end up with a mess at back of the rack. Also with the patch clips you can optically separate the various networks. eg we have yellow for telephones, green for pc's white for fw etc. I know it costs more than a normal cable but the quality and convenient of it worth every penny. 

    George P - Head of I.T. and System Administration - Banking & Finance - Cyprus - 10/2010

  •  Thanks for the Demo Kit. PatchSee looks like a great idea (and the cables are high quality CAT 6 which makes them even better). I will hopefully be purchasing some soon, could you advise me how/where I could buy them in the UK? 

    Adam J - Network Designer - End User - United Kingdom (The) - 10/2010

  •  The Kit is for one of our customer who rents space in his offices, I need to send this to him for his approval , could I also get you to send one more for another customer who runs 5 business centre in London as I think it would be a good solution for them as well? 

    Julian R - Telecoms Manager - Installer - United Kingdom (The) - 10/2010

  •  Can you provide me with some contacts for resellers please. We are looking at purchasing quite a few patchsee cables and want to get the best price possible. We have purchased some or your cables before 

    Rich F - Network Co-ordinator - End User - Financial Services - United Kingdom (The) - 09/2010

  •  Many thanks for the recent trial cable you sent me. We have recently built a new server room and saw your solution as giving us a real benefit. I am delighted to inform you, we have installed your system in our new server room and plan to buy more PatchSee cables when our office extension is complete. Merci beaucoup  

    Baxter A - IT Manager - End User - Food Industry - United Kingdom (The) - 09/2010

  •  I did pass the demo kit to my tech support guys, I will chase them to get some feed back.  

    Rupinder H - Purchasing - ICT Services Provider - United Kingdom (The) - 09/2010

  •  thanks for you feedbaclk, I've received the demo kit and I really like it. We will contact you in case a customer has interests for those nice cables.  

    Timo D - Consultant - SSII - Belgium - 08/2010

  •  Thank you, Laetitia. Yes, I got the kit. I have already tried this product and I like it. Do you have a pricelist you could send me?!  

    Markús Sveinn M - Network Administrator - Bank - Iceland - 08/2010

  •  Yes, I have received your product. I am impressed by it. Do you have it in a CAT6a version? And what are the prices on it?  

    Lasse J - IT-Supporter - Integrator - Denmark - 08/2010

  •  I received the kit. Thank you. I already know the system from one of my clients but I would like to promote it to other clients. (let us hope the battery lasts for some time) It is great material, the only thing is that it is a lot more expensive than other cables and therefore it might withhold some clients to use it.  

    Kris V - IT Manager - IT Reseller - Netherlands (The) - 07/2010

  •  We recieved the kit. And i used patchsee at my last employer. I think its great and we requested an offer at Black Box and we are waiting on approval of the management team 

    Jeroen D - ICT Technician - Automation - Netherlands (The) - 07/2010

  •  Hi, and thank you for a wonderfull product! I have demonstrated this product for my colleagues, and they were absolutely thrilled about it. They imediately saw the benefits both in money saved, and definately in time saved in sorting out a patch-panel that looks more like a tangle of spaghetti than a well-organized panel. I can't say when we'll be buying your products, but I'm quite confident that we will purchace cables and other equipment from you in the future. Keep up the good work, and thank you for the sample package.  

    Steven W - Network/IT Support - IT Reseller - Norway - 06/2010

  •  Hi! I have seen the Patchsee demo kit and I like it. It is possible that we want to buy some of the cable soon. I have shown it to some of my colleagues and the like it to.  

    Petter N - IT Director - Consultancy - Norway - 06/2010

  •  We looked at it. It's very good idea, but useless since the price is so high  

    Kjetil P - Network Design/Architecht - Data Center Installateur - Norway - 06/2010

  •  It was a funky product, it worked like a charm. My boss wanted me to order it to see what the product actually was. It’s a very awesome and very handy tool to have. However, I’m sorry to say that we probably won’t be ordering any. Simply because we do not require a tool like this in our daily work. Who knows that when the time comes when we would see this tool as a must have we can order it. We’ve shown it to other people, I personally referred it to some of my friends who also study / work in the IT. Thanks for your e-mail, it’s always nice to get regards from France =D Au revoir and regards from Holland  

    Dennis V - ICT Technician - Industry - Netherlands (The) - 06/2010

  •  i give it avay town hall computeradmin. its look pretty cables. help find cables easy. :-)  

    Etelä-Karjalan M - Network/IT Support - Community - Finland - 06/2010

  •  Hello! It was very nice but since then we have transferred to more wireless LAN structure and have so few cabling left that at the moment we no need for this.  

    Petteri K - IT Manager - Industry - Finland - 06/2010

  •  Hi, We have tested the PatchSee in our network team. We got positive feeling for this and we will keep the product in our mind if we need that kind of solution later  

    Kimmo S - Network Administrator - Telephony Company - Finland - 06/2010

  •  Hi, My colleges loved it! We would have used in our new datacenter, but had to drop the thought because of the tight budget. As a town government, these days our financial resources are lower than ever, so we will have to wait for better times.  

    Robin K - Consultant - Public sector - Netherlands (The) - 06/2010

  •  Hi, Patchsee seems to be a very interesting product. Me and my colleagues thought it would be a good ide to use patchsee when we build a new server-rom, but we will not change it in the already uprunning inviroments  

    Rune H - ICT Technician - Industry - Norway - 06/2010

  •  We do see a large value in the PatchSee system. We building a new data center in 2012, and hopefully patchsee will be implemented then. Kinds Regards  

    Ravn G - Network Administrator - Services - Norway - 06/2010

  •  I’m impressed – and so are the costumer... we are soon placing an order.  

    Henrik H - Systemkonsulent - System Integrator - Denmark - 06/2010

  •  Hi, Yes, we have received the demonstration kit. It looks promising. We are investigating how to proceed forward with this. It is a cost issue for now. We have been in contact with one of the Norwegian vendors for price information. BR  

    Tron L - Network Administrator - Industry - Norway - 06/2010

  •   We have received the demonstration kit, but as yet have not used it as we have not had a need to. We look forward to trying it out. Your regards have been passed on, thank you.  

    Pierre K - Telecoms Manager - Installer - Australia - 06/2010

  •  yes I did receive it. I must say it is a fantastic idea! The only question I guess is down to cost? On the basis of existing patch cables costing a few pounds each, how does this compare on a low order number? regards  

    Shaun W - Managing Director - Computer Services - United Kingdom (The) - 05/2010

  •  Simple answer for me would be; anything that can provide clarity when making changes or troubleshooting in an operational environment is a positive step. I know what is like to be at a rats nest and trace a cable! Regards,  

    Gary N - Network Design/Architecht - Integrator - United Kingdom (The) - 05/2010

  •  Thanks for the demo kit. I showed the product to my colleagues and we could see its usefulness. We will bear it mind for future installs now that we are aware of the product. Regards,  

    Bill P - Systems Engineer - Integrator - United Kingdom (The) - 05/2010

  •  The idea is good and we are considering replacing our patch cables with them. We are looking at the cost implications now. Kind Regards  

    Alan P - IT Director/Manager - Heating & Ventilation Equipment - United Kingdom (The) - 05/2010

  •  Thank you very much yes, I received but this kit for patchsee cables only right! Kind Regards  

    Sallam Z - Project Manager - Integrator - Egypt - 04/2010

  •  The solution is great, just what we have been looking for We have a virtualised infrastructure, and each server has 12 network cables connected to 4 switches, and tracing cables has always been extremely time consuming, so this solution is ideal to solve this issue. We have found a UK supplier, so should we just contact them or have you someone you would recommend for us. Regards  

    Iain D - Operations Manager - Insurance - United Kingdom (The) - 04/2010

  •  Hi I got acquainted with Patchsee last year. My company moved too a new site in march and I decided too use you products, so I have ordered about 500 patchcables and various accessories. I am very satisfied with your product and its allready helped us a lot  

    Geir L - IT- Manager - Services - Norway - 03/2010

  •  I was very impressed with the product, makes life for a Network Admin a little bit more manageable. We are due to roll out a new facility and I am contemplating the use of these cables, ive had issues of the past of people adding network cables without changing my documentation.  

    John-Paul W - Network Administrator - End User - Aerospace Industry - United Kingdom (The) - 03/2010

  •  I bought a load of them, and they're working great. Thanks. I will let you know when more are needed 

    Steve Y - Administrator, Operations - Industry - United States (The) - 03/2010

  •  Yes, I am currently using PatchSee cables, they make my life a lot easier J Best Regards  

    James B - Internal Systems Manager - Services - United Kingdom (The) - 03/2010

  •  I received the product and I think it is fantastic. I am in the process of showing our team to get there opinions. If we decided to go with the product, we will contact your distributer network. Thank you for the sample. 

    Jeff W - Network/IT Support - Insurance - United States (The) - 03/2010

  •  Thank you for sending us a demo kit. We are very enthusiastic about your product. There’s a very big change that we will purchase Patchsee cables in the near future. Met vriendelijke groet,  

    Tom K - ICT Officer - University Medical Centre - Netherlands (The) - 02/2010

  •  Hello Yes I received the demo kit! I am very impressed the only problem I have is the extra price tag so we have to analyze the benefits but it is very clever idea! Many Thanks.  

    Gavin W - Purchasing Manager - Flooring Industry - United Kingdom (The) - 10/2009

  •  I think this is a brilliant idea and can't see any problem in distributing them amount my clients when doing new sites or comms upgrades etc. I would appriciate a price list to be sent to me as well as a few more demo kits so I can distribute them amount my staff for there use also. If this is possible please send them to me ASAP. I hope to be using patchsee on a regular basis once my clients have the knowledge for how evolutionary this product is and how this will change the IT department costs etc. Many Thanks  

    Billy W - Managing Director - Installer - United Kingdom (The) - 10/2009

  •  We received the kit thank you. Our team like the idea and we are currently obtaining quotes for a small number to evaulate further. Regards  

    Jeremy W - Head of ICT - Services - United Kingdom (The) - 10/2009

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