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  •  Thank you. I received the order very quickly. I'm really happy with the eco-stratch it's very easy, soft and strong. The deskpatch doesn't work for me but the idea is good (and the cable ofcourse)  

    Rob L - IT Tech - End user - Netherlands (The) - 01/2014

  •  Bonjour, Oui nous avons testé votre produit que vous nous avez envoyé. Votre câble est bonne qualité et bien étudié. Pouvez-vous m’envoyez un tarif 2014 sur tous vos produits svp ? Cordialement  

    Stéphane B - Gérant - Infogérence - France - 01/2014

  •  Hello, I´ve received the package with your demo kit. Thanks a lot. I´ve passed the kit to my team to be tested. The first impression of your solution is very good. We´ll probably want to now more details about that solutions and others that you have. If it is possible, send me some more information about it. Regards, Filipe F. 

    Filipe F - IT Manager - DATA NETWORK INSTALLERS - Portugal - 01/2014

  •  Hello, First time I saw Patchsee on Cebit Hannover in 2005 or 2004 and I knew that is a fine product. Every time I get a demo kit I show this to my supervisiors and suggest thet to buy some patchcords to server room. The problem is price but I think that in my current job I convince my chief to upgrade cabling with Patchsee patchcords. Will see. Best regards 

    Slawomir S - Network Administrator - HOSPITAL - Poland - 01/2014

  •  Hi Laetitia, We have tested the product and do like it very much. We have ordered the patchsee cables trough our local supplier for use in our computer room  

    Joris K - Network/IT Support - industrial manufacturer - Netherlands (The) - 12/2013

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