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RJ45 tested, approved

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  •  Dear MR DALLES Thank you for sending the sample. This is a very interesting solution. We do audits of information security so we can recommend your solution to our customers. Who is your sales representative in Poland? I found the information about your products on this site: Best regards. Marek S. 

    Marek S - Consultant - SYSTEM INTEGRATOR - Poland - 01/2014

  •  Hi Frederic The Patchsee intelligent patch cords are a brilliant innovation. The current cabling is untidy and makes it hard to find the end connections when trying to do a trace on the cable. We are looking at this type of patch cabling for our Data Centre. We learnt of the Patchsee cables through T.D. Consulting who are currently doing some design & integration work for us. Regards Arthur S. 

    Arthur S - IT Manager - LOGISTICS COMPANY - Australia - 01/2014

  •  Thank you. I received the order very quickly. I'm really happy with the eco-stratch it's very easy, soft and strong. The deskpatch doesn't work for me but the idea is good (and the cable ofcourse)  

    Rob L - IT Tech - End user - Netherlands (The) - 01/2014

  •  Bonjour, Oui nous avons testé votre produit que vous nous avez envoyé. Votre câble est bonne qualité et bien étudié. Pouvez-vous m’envoyez un tarif 2014 sur tous vos produits svp ? Cordialement  

    Stéphane B - Gérant - Infogérence - France - 01/2014

  •  Hello, I´ve received the package with your demo kit. Thanks a lot. I´ve passed the kit to my team to be tested. The first impression of your solution is very good. We´ll probably want to now more details about that solutions and others that you have. If it is possible, send me some more information about it. Regards, Filipe F. 

    Filipe F - IT Manager - DATA NETWORK INSTALLERS - Portugal - 01/2014

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