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  •  Hi Frederic, thanks, my college likes this solution. Also as reference i can point to local distributor Alternetivo. kind regards, martin  

    Martin S - IT Manager - COLLEGE - Czech Republic (The) - 05/2014

  •  Hi Frederic, Sorry for the late reply. Yes, I have received the demo kit and thank you cause I have seen your very innovative solution. Your PATCHSEE intelligent patch cords really help the engineers in locating a specific end of cable. But, most of the cabling now have use some tagging or has a label for both ends. Anyway, your solution is unique and I think you’re the only one who offers it worldwide. I have heard about your solution from my friend and I am so curious that’s why I get your free demo kit. Thanks  

    Ragie G - Consultant - Installer - Philippines (The) - 05/2014

  •  Hi Laetitia, Yes of course and they were impressed :) I worked with PatchSee before and like it a lot. I'm going to order some cables from my local supplier . The demo kit helped me convince everyone that this is a superior drop-cable.  

    Dirk R - ICT Coordinator - Installateur - Belgium - 04/2014

  •  Sir, Thanx a lot for sending demo kit. Recently tested the kit. Found the product useful for network people. The idea of patchsee is really innovative, simple to use. For patch cord identification we used to plug in and plug out the patch cord from patch panel and depended on the Switch port LED. Now with this product patch cord can be identified live , without disconnecting and without disturbing the users. My further understanding is as follows: 1. Product application is within a network rack. 2. All patch cords in the rack must be from Patchsee. 3. Product can not be used to identify a cable running from patch panel to users desk. Let me know the additional details regarding the product. Thanx once again. Kalyan 

    Kalyan D - IT Manager - UNIVERSITY - India - 03/2014

  •  Frederic Just to let you know that I got my kit today and its AWESOME. I will check with the contacts you gave me to see if they can send me some quotes. Regards Nilton 

    Nilton G - IT Manager - INTERNATIONAL MARKETING COMPANY - Brazil - 03/2014

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