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  •  I am more than satisfy with your product and I am going to send u a detail BOQ for the same but do you have any tool to trace the live cables as i have to remove old cables after tracing it. 

    Raza H - Manager Operations - SYSTEM INTEGRATOR - United Arab Emirates (The) - 08/2013

  •  Hello Frederic, I received demo kit, thanks a lot. I was really surprised, this is really smart solution! I will contact ALTERNATIVO, because I need price to do calculation for our management. Thanks Kind regards Milan S. 

    Milan S - IT Manager - TRANSPORT and LOGISTIC COMPANY - Czech Republic (The) - 08/2013

  •  Hallo Latitia, I have received the sample Kit, and it works fine. It is definitely my nice system. What makes it easy to find a tree in the forest. For the most existing environments, will it be difficult or the expensive to replace all the patch cables. With new projects it could be done. I will bring it to the attention of the others, while designing the project. And contact you when needed. If you have other ideas, feel free to tell me. Whit kind regards  

    Faruk F - Network Engineer - Integrator - Netherlands (The) - 07/2013

  •  Hello Laetitia, I apologize: i didn't contact you to confirm i received the sample kit. Well, it 's good idea and it could be very interesting. We will start a project to evaluate the move of our data center, and i will include such kind of equipment in the suggestions. I will contact you,but don't expect befor end of year. Thank you for the sample. Have a nice day. Best regards  

    Luigi P - data center manager - Bank - Belgium - 07/2013

  •  Hi Frederic, I did review the patch see products and found them very innovative. We will start positioning these in our projects with a focus in the DC space. I am sure we will have good success moving forward. Manas D 

    Manas D - Vice President - SYSTEM INTEGRATOR - India - 06/2013

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