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  •  Dear Mr DALLES, I received your demo kit, thanks. It is an interesting idea. If not for hole network, then just for some more important connections. We were wondering what would be the price for Cat 6 patch cords 1 and 3 m long? Best regards, Robert P 

    Robert P - IT Manager - UNIVERSITY - Slovenia - 10/2013

  •  Dear Mr. Dalles, we have received FREE demo KIT of PATCHSEE cord. Thank you. These cords are really practical and I'm almost sure we will buy them in the future from your distributor INOVAKOM. Thanks for your concern. Stanislav Z. 

    Stanislav Z - IT Manager - LOGISTICS COMPANY - Slovenia - 10/2013

  •  Dear Frederic, We have received a Free demo KIT and it works fine. I'm impressed with good idea and its functionality. When we plan next installation we will contakt INOVAKOM. Regards, Stane Ilc 

    Stane L - IT Manager - REAL ESTATE - Slovenia - 10/2013

  •  Hi! I liked the patch cord, I'll keep it in mind for the next redesign of our network rack. I actually find your offer for a free sample on reddit (r/freebies), it seemed interesting and I asked for the sample.  

    Damjan D - IT Manager - SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH INSTITURE - Slovenia - 09/2013

  •  Hi Frederic, I have received the package and we’re very impressed with the intelligent patch cord, we will definitely be considering them for the next rack we setup. Can you please send through a price list. Kind Regards, 

    Adrian P - Group IT Manager - Oil & Gas Exploration - Australia - 09/2013

Free demonstration kit
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