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  •  Hello Mr Frederic, I saw it once before and now it is more interesting in use. It can be very usefull in big server racks. Do u have patchsee patchcords on shilded u/ftp? Greets MK  

    Marcin K - IT Manager - SYSTEM INTEGRATOR - Poland - 05/2014

  •  Hi, I have received the free demo kit and i already tested. It was interesting your solution to test the connection of the fiber our network. It will gives us a help in future :). I meet your solution by a friend. I think he have read an article on a magazine about your kit and because of that we decided to try it. Best regards, Ricardo  

    Ricardo M - IT Manager - CITY HALL - Portugal - 05/2014

  •  Hi Frederic, thanks, my college likes this solution. Also as reference i can point to local distributor Alternetivo. kind regards, martin  

    Martin S - IT Manager - COLLEGE - Czech Republic (The) - 05/2014

  •  Hi Frederic, Sorry for the late reply. Yes, I have received the demo kit and thank you cause I have seen your very innovative solution. Your PATCHSEE intelligent patch cords really help the engineers in locating a specific end of cable. But, most of the cabling now have use some tagging or has a label for both ends. Anyway, your solution is unique and I think you’re the only one who offers it worldwide. I have heard about your solution from my friend and I am so curious that’s why I get your free demo kit. Thanks  

    Ragie G - Consultant - Installer - Philippines (The) - 05/2014

  •  Hi Laetitia, Yes of course and they were impressed :) I worked with PatchSee before and like it a lot. I'm going to order some cables from my local supplier . The demo kit helped me convince everyone that this is a superior drop-cable.  

    Dirk R - ICT Coordinator - Installateur - Belgium - 04/2014

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