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  •  Hi Frederic, I did receive the demo box, thanks! I think the idea and design is great, and would be hugely helpful to us if we are going to reorganize our Ethernet cables again. However the last time we brought in a new switch we carefully labeled both ends of the cables so now we know exactly where each cable goes. So for now, we don't need your solution, but it is a great idea and I will let you know if we decide to order in the future. Regards, Kit 

    Kit C - System Admin - PUBLISHING AND SOCIAL NETWORKING - United States (The) - 07/2014

  •  Hello Frederic, I received the demo kit today and I am really pleased with it. I think that the PatchSee system could be a good solution to our datacenters cabling, that have hundreds of RJ45 cables. I will get in contact with XXX soon to know about prices and delivery times. Thanks a lot for the demo kit and your attention through all this process. Best Regards, Cristina M 

    Cristina M - IT Manager - INDUSTRY - Portugal - 05/2014

  •  Hello Mr Frederic, I saw it once before and now it is more interesting in use. It can be very usefull in big server racks. Do u have patchsee patchcords on shilded u/ftp? Greets MK  

    Marcin K - IT Manager - SYSTEM INTEGRATOR - Poland - 05/2014

  •  Hi, I have received the free demo kit and i already tested. It was interesting your solution to test the connection of the fiber our network. It will gives us a help in future :). I meet your solution by a friend. I think he have read an article on a magazine about your kit and because of that we decided to try it. Best regards, Ricardo  

    Ricardo M - IT Manager - CITY HALL - Portugal - 05/2014

  •  Hi Frederic, thanks, my college likes this solution. Also as reference i can point to local distributor Alternetivo. kind regards, martin  

    Martin S - IT Manager - COLLEGE - Czech Republic (The) - 05/2014

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