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  •  Hi Fredric, I received your kit and I testes it. I believe it is a very interesting solution, especially in the network racks in the workshop where there are VLAN and potentially many people that could move a patch cord from the correct switch port. Of course now it depends how competitive the cost of this solution is compared to a standard one. I’m going to ask a quotation to the supplier. I know that xxx is one of you distributor in my area and they are whom told me about the solution. Of course I already have all my racks cabled and I could purchase new patches for expansions or rack revision only. For your info our group has 3 production plants and 4 sales offices in Europe, all together with about 1000 PCs Many thanks for your help and I hope to begin having a piece of your company in ours. Regards Roberto 

    Roberto P - IT Manager - MULTINATIONAL IN HOME AND OFFICE FURNITURES - Italy - 12/2014

  •  hello Frederic, yes I have it. The KIT is very useful for our work. Thank you very much. regards Dimitris  

    Dimitris K - IT Manager - GOVERNMENT IT Dept - Greece - 11/2014

  •  Hello sir, Yes I did receive the patch cord and I will propose it in future projects and let’s see what happens, Thank you  

    Jorge M - Telecom and Network Specialist - DATA NETWORK INSTALLERS - Portugal - 11/2014

  •  Hi Frederic, I have had your previous demo unit, long time ago. I’ve included such solution to one small project in Kosovo, upgrade of small data center where for reorganization of telecom and data racks I requested such patch cords. I hope that soon I will come back to you for patch cords and other equipment based on your solution. BR, Agon  

    Agon B - Data Network Engineer - NETWORK INSTALLER - Albania - 11/2014

  •  Hello we are satisfied with the quality of the material. We are planning a new data center with your cables. If the deal goes well we will adopt patchsee solution. Thank you Vitor M. 

    Vitor M - Owner - IT Consulting company - Portugal - 11/2014

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