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  •  Hello, I´ve received the package with your demo kit. Thanks a lot. I´ve passed the kit to my team to be tested. The first impression of your solution is very good. We´ll probably want to now more details about that solutions and others that you have. If it is possible, send me some more information about it. Regards, Filipe F. 

    Filipe F - IT Manager - DATA NETWORK INSTALLERS - Portugal - 01/2014

  •  Hello, First time I saw Patchsee on Cebit Hannover in 2005 or 2004 and I knew that is a fine product. Every time I get a demo kit I show this to my supervisiors and suggest thet to buy some patchcords to server room. The problem is price but I think that in my current job I convince my chief to upgrade cabling with Patchsee patchcords. Will see. Best regards 

    Slawomir S - Network Administrator - HOSPITAL - Poland - 01/2014

  •  Hi Laetitia, We have tested the product and do like it very much. We have ordered the patchsee cables trough our local supplier for use in our computer room  

    Joris K - Network/IT Support - industrial manufacturer - Netherlands (The) - 12/2013

  •  Have been using them for almost 5 yrs and it helps a lot for PABX and ever changing office LAN environment. 

    Ibrahim M - IT Manager - TRAINING AND EDUCATION - Singapore - 12/2013

  •  Dear Mr Dalles , Thank you very much for trhe Demo Kit . I have used PatchSee cord in the past while I was working at EIS . Our supplier was EMA Ltd. I like to use PatchSee Cord because of the facility for intervention and also of its quality. The first CAT 6A Network using 10 Mbps in Mauritus was implemented by us with about 750 points using PatchSee Cord. Should be glad to have more info and also to keep update of PatchSee new products. Best Regards , Clifford. 

    Clifford G - CEO - CABLING INSTALLER - Mauritius - 11/2013

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