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RJ45 tested, approved

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  •  Hello Mr. DALLES, I received the demo kit and I think that is an interesting solution. Had knowledge about the product through a company for which we provide services. Thanks. Best regards, Dinarte T. 

    Dinarte T - ICT Technician - SYSTEM INTEGRATOR - Portugal - 02/2013

  •  Hello Frederic, As a matter of fact we've just received de demo kit I will now look into it and then I would like to know prices (cat5, cat 6 and cat7 ), conditions and who are your partners here in Portugal. I thank you in advance for your concern and information. Regards, Jose 

    Jose C - Sales - CABLING INSTALLER - Portugal - 02/2013

  •  Hello Yes I received the demo kit. Sounds like a good solution to take into account in future network infrastructures. Thanks 

    Antonio P - IT Manager - SHOPS AND LEISURE CENTER COPORATION - Portugal - 02/2013

  •  Hi, I did you receive it a FREE demo KIT of the PATCHSEE intelligent patch cords. It’s an amazing product and i was thinking to show the kit to our company, at the sometime I discover now that our company will by this solution. Thanks for your attention. Best regards, Marco C. 

    Marco C - IT Dept - SHOPS AND LEISURE CENTER COPORATION - Portugal - 02/2013

  •  Hello, Yes i received the demo kit and i’m thinking about buying intelligent cables through a reseller. Thank you very much. Best Regards, Luís S. 

    Luis S - Informatica - PUBLIC ORGANIZATION - Portugal - 02/2013

Free demonstration kit
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