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  •  Hello Frederic, yes, I have already received today. Thanks. Today I will meet my client and I can show them. I am thinking about the distribution in our country. Our company is a little hungarian company but we are soulful. What do you think how can we be your hungarian partner? And I need a price list too. Thx BR 

    Attila G - General Manager - Data network Installer - Hungary - 10/2011

  •  Patchsee cables and PatchLight speed up connecting and reconnecting devices at network distribution points. They saved us a lot of time since we started using them 2 years ago. Patchgrip and Patchclips helped us in organising our connection groups  

    Tomasz W - Network Administrator - City organization - Poland - 09/2011

  •  Hi Frederic, I have received the Both Patch see and deskpatch. The products are really impressive.  

    Rao B - IT Manager - Hosting / Data Centres - India - 09/2011

  •  Hello Laetitia, thank you for your email. And thank you for the free sample kit. I think the light identification was a good idea, but I got more impressed by the clip-on color identifiers! Especially when I saw the wide variety of colors they come in 

    Sebastian R - System developer - Mode - Sweden - 09/2011

  •  Hello Federic, Thank you for sending us a Patchsee cable, we find it very useful, and we will be replacing the cables inside our server room next year. We will contact you sometime next year. Thank you again.  

    Megumi Y - Network/IT Support - Industry Multinational - Japan - 09/2011

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