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  •  Ladies and Gentlemen Thank you for your sample kit of our intelligent patch cords. The solution is very interesting. I try to be interested in this product to their customers. Please send me the terms and conditions. Best Regards Emil N. 

    Emil N - Dyrektor Zarzadzajacy - SYSTEM INTEGRATOR - Poland - 04/2012

  •  Dear Frederic Dalles, I just got demo-patchcord. I find this solution very interesting. Next week I will show, this some of my clients to get feed back. Where I can buy this solution ? Becouse they will ask for prices for sure. best regards Miron K. 

    Miron K - Manager - SYSTEM INTEGRATOR - Poland - 04/2012

  •  Dear Sir, Thank you for sample kit of your intelligent patch cords – I received it yesterday. The solution is very interesting and innovative. I received some information about your products during technical training delivered by XXX Company. Best regards Piotr Siwak 

    Piotr S - Assistant Designer - DATA CENTRE INSTALLERS - Poland - 04/2012

  •  Hello, mr. Frederic DALLES, Thank you for interesting demo kit of your innovative product. I must say that PatchSee is very handy solution for usually messed up cables in larger organizations as well as in smaller ones. Considering design I have no remarks and I would recommend the product to our customers. To do that, I need more information about the available lengths and prices. Best regards. Uroš B. 

    Uros B - - INSTALLER - Slovenia - 03/2012

  •  Dear Mr. Dalles, We are using ~20 PatchSee patch cords for 3 years, but we are in the process of replacing all of our patch cords (about 150) in our data center. Your sollution is very usefull for tracing cables, but we never had the chance to use your special light sources (we used little led torches). You cables were recommended to us by our hardware partner Maguay. Best regards, Stefan R.  

    Stefan R - IT Manager - INDUSTRY - Romania - 03/2012

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