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  •  Hi Your solution is the best I know of. Well to tell you the truth, I know about patchsee for a long time. I already bought hundreds of cables for my work. Best regards 

    Hugo V - Network Infrastructure - UNIVERSITY - Portugal - 10/2011

  •  Hello Frederic, yes, I have already received today. Thanks. Today I will meet my client and I can show them. I am thinking about the distribution in our country. Our company is a little hungarian company but we are soulful. What do you think how can we be your hungarian partner? And I need a price list too. Thx BR 

    Attila G - General Manager - Data network Installer - Hungary - 10/2011

  •  Patchsee cables and PatchLight speed up connecting and reconnecting devices at network distribution points. They saved us a lot of time since we started using them 2 years ago. Patchgrip and Patchclips helped us in organising our connection groups  

    Tomasz W - Network Administrator - City organization - Poland - 09/2011

  •  Hi Frederic, I have received the Both Patch see and deskpatch. The products are really impressive.  

    Rao B - IT Manager - Hosting / Data Centres - India - 09/2011

  •  Hello Laetitia, thank you for your email. And thank you for the free sample kit. I think the light identification was a good idea, but I got more impressed by the clip-on color identifiers! Especially when I saw the wide variety of colors they come in 

    Sebastian R - System developer - Mode - Sweden - 09/2011

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