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  •  Hi! The order was great! I have just started using it, and everything is perfect! The cables are smooth and nice and the light seems to work just fine! So Im happy! J  

    Sebastian G - Network/IT Support - Consultancy - Sweden - 08/2011

  •  Hi, Since I have just replaced a whole rack with patchsee cabling, the patchgrip is interesting to me at the moment. I can’t believe your company has been around since 2001 and I have only just heard of you ! Thanks Andrew 

    Andrew H - I.T. Department - International Holiday Resorts - Spain - 08/2011

  •  XXX is a utility company primarily involved in the generation of electricity. I am the technical lead for the Information Management group located at "-----" Nuclear station. I am always looking for innovative technology to improve our environment. I currently use Patchsee cabling in our computer center and in any location requiring a visual verification of point to point connectivity. The use of these really fantastic cables has improved our ability to reduce human performance errors during changes. I have introduced Patchsee to other stations and the Corporate offices in the hopes they will continue the trend. Have a great day and thanks for such a insightful product. Ralph 

    Ralph R - IT Technical Manager - Power and Energy Company - United States (The) - 08/2011

  •  Hi, Thanks forquick response! We tested the patchsee products already. Our network guys loved them!  

    Robin K - Owner - IT Consultancy - Netherlands (The) - 07/2011

  •  Hello Mr Dalles, I already use your solutions and find innovative and interested.. Our current supplier is ANIXTER. What other distributors in Italy and what discounts we can apply? thanks Best Regards 

    Stefano C - System Engineer - System Integrator - Italy - 06/2011

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