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  •  Hello , I received your sample kit and i confirm it's an intelligent solution for every kind of network implementation. We knew about your products by our Network Engineers and those field experiences. We are evaluating the utilization of this product in our environment and i suppose that we could consider a future purchase. I hope in a future collaboration.  

    Paolo R - Sistemi Informativi - System Integrator - Italy - 08/2011

  •  It is a very good product, very well made and of course also useful. I know patchsee via a friend that suggested me. Thansk for the free sample. 

    Francesco C - IT Manager - Technical Solution Provider - Italy - 08/2011

  •  Hi! The order was great! I have just started using it, and everything is perfect! The cables are smooth and nice and the light seems to work just fine! So Im happy! J  

    Sebastian G - Network/IT Support - Consultancy - Sweden - 08/2011

  •  Hi, Since I have just replaced a whole rack with patchsee cabling, the patchgrip is interesting to me at the moment. I can’t believe your company has been around since 2001 and I have only just heard of you ! Thanks Andrew 

    Andrew H - I.T. Department - International Holiday Resorts - Spain - 08/2011

  •  XXX is a utility company primarily involved in the generation of electricity. I am the technical lead for the Information Management group located at "-----" Nuclear station. I am always looking for innovative technology to improve our environment. I currently use Patchsee cabling in our computer center and in any location requiring a visual verification of point to point connectivity. The use of these really fantastic cables has improved our ability to reduce human performance errors during changes. I have introduced Patchsee to other stations and the Corporate offices in the hopes they will continue the trend. Have a great day and thanks for such a insightful product. Ralph 

    Ralph R - IT Technical Manager - Power and Energy Company - United States (The) - 08/2011

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