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  •  Hi Fred, thanks so much for the Demokit. Through one of my local distributors of your cable solutions I’ve replaced all the cables in my server room, with roughly 120 of your CAT6 cables. I heard of the product through one of your local suppliers, IC Srl, who brought me a cable to show me how they worked. Great product! Thanks once again for making my life a whole lot easier! 

    Johan S - IT Manager - VIDEO GAME EDITOR - Italy - 01/2013

  •  Hello Frederic, I’ve received the new patch see demo kit, I’ve tested it out and I enjoyed it! We need to re-patch our rack shelters over here, and I’ve the following questions: • How many costs a 1meter, 3 meter and 5 meter patch see cable? • Do you have any more colors than black? • Can give prices for the metrics mentioned above but with color cables? Thanks 

    Ricardo C - IT Support - HEALTH & HOSPITAL WASTE MANAGEMENT - Portugal - 01/2013

  •  Hi Frederic, I have some clients I am taking it to next week. We have tried it at our office – looks great! 

    Shelley D - Manager - CABLING INSTALLER - United States (The) - 01/2013

  •  Dear Frederic, Thank you for your email, I confirm receive of your sample. It looks very good, and we started to show it to some of our clients and consultants, most of them asked about its price but I cant answer them. Can you send me the price list so we can present it more efficiency ? Regards, Abdullah S. 

    Abdullah S - Manager - CABLING INSTALLER - Egypt - 01/2013

  •  Dear Mrs. Lecourt, Thank you for this great demo kit. I'm looking forward to receiving the kit! The way I discovered PatchSee is at a Dutch academic hospital (UMC, Universiteit Medisch Centrum, in Utrecht). I was there for a visit to the new datacenter they built. And the person responsible demonstrated to me these new patch cables and gave me a sample patch cable. I've shown this cable to a number of my students (all IT professionals) and really every single student was enthusiastic about it!!! I used a simple flashlight to demonstrate. I'm very sure that you received new customers because of me. :) And I will point to your website and the option for a free demo kit so that they can show it to their colleagues also. Yours sincerely,  

    Marco D - IT Trainer - University - Netherlands (The) - 11/2012

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