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  •  Hi Frederic, I did review the patch see products and found them very innovative. We will start positioning these in our projects with a focus in the DC space. I am sure we will have good success moving forward. Manas D 

    Manas D - Vice President - SYSTEM INTEGRATOR - India - 06/2013

  •  Dear Mr. Frederic, Thank you for sending us a PATCHSEE sample. We consider this as a first class product. We have heard about your products from one of our customers who is using them for some years now and they interested for future support and sales. We would like to discuss on how we can do business with you. As a start is it possible to have a price list and let us know of the payment terms? Looking forward to hearing from you 

    Christoforos C - Sales Engineer - SYSTEM INTEGRATOR - Cyprus - 06/2013

  •  Hi Fredric, At last have received it and i was worth receiving it. and yes it can be a value added product once delivering solution to clients . I will be utilizing your demo kit to our existing clients with Data center or are in planing phase to go for Patchsee. As far as the financials are concern will appreciate if some details can be forwarded on how to order quantity lead time and location if need to be ordered and available sizes Best regards Mustapha 

    Mustapha K - Sales - SYSTEM INTEGRATOR - Pakistan - 06/2013

  •  Hi Laetitia, I did receive the cable/package. Thanks, its good for a quiz question. How does it work they ask, ;-) What i did is show it on the XXX department and i will leave it there as well for curious people to examine. Most people here are administrators but they do not actually patch themselves.The patching is done by YYY people who do the phisical infrastructure here and i will show them as well. There is no questions for more cables though at the moment but you never know. Good luck,  

    Arend V - Senior Network Architect - Bank - Netherlands (The) - 06/2013

  •  Hi Frederic, Yes, I have, thank you. It is an imaginative and potentially useful solution, and I’ll certainly bear it in mind should I need something like this in future. Do you have a distributor in New Zealand or Australia? Regards, Martin. 

    Martin B - IT Manager - STEEL BUIDING SYSTEMS - Australia - 06/2013

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