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  •  Hi Frederic, I have some clients I am taking it to next week. We have tried it at our office – looks great! 

    Shelley D - Manager - CABLING INSTALLER - United States (The) - 01/2013

  •  Dear Frederic, Thank you for your email, I confirm receive of your sample. It looks very good, and we started to show it to some of our clients and consultants, most of them asked about its price but I cant answer them. Can you send me the price list so we can present it more efficiency ? Regards, Abdullah S. 

    Abdullah S - Manager - CABLING INSTALLER - Egypt - 01/2013

  •  Dear Mrs. Lecourt, Thank you for this great demo kit. I'm looking forward to receiving the kit! The way I discovered PatchSee is at a Dutch academic hospital (UMC, Universiteit Medisch Centrum, in Utrecht). I was there for a visit to the new datacenter they built. And the person responsible demonstrated to me these new patch cables and gave me a sample patch cable. I've shown this cable to a number of my students (all IT professionals) and really every single student was enthusiastic about it!!! I used a simple flashlight to demonstrate. I'm very sure that you received new customers because of me. :) And I will point to your website and the option for a free demo kit so that they can show it to their colleagues also. Yours sincerely,  

    Marco D - IT Trainer - University - Netherlands (The) - 11/2012

  •  Hi Frederic, Yes. It is very nice. Can you possibly send me the rates for patch cables? Thanks. I saw your promptioanal vid on youtube (Mission Impossible or something) . Kind regards, Rocelle 

    Rocelle A - Sales - Cabling Reseller - Australia - 10/2012

  •  Hi Frederic I got one of your demos units and are interested in becoming one of your distributers in Africa. Please tell me what we need to do to become a distributer and also let me know what prices we can expect? Thanks Adriaan K. 

    Adriaan K - Sales - CABLING DISTRIBUTOR - South Africa - 10/2012

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