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RJ45 tested, approved

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  •  Hi Fredric, Your product is really an invention, it will be with a great value in our environment. I’m checking with my team the required length and the needed quantities. Thanks, Hatem 

    Hatem A - IT Manager - Oil and Gas Industry - Egypt - 03/2012

  •  We loved it! We went ahead and ordered a package from your Swedish distributor XXX. Just received it yesterday!  

    Filip S - Consultant - Media - Sweden - 02/2012

  •  Dear Laetitia, Thanks for the free kit. It looks very promising! I’ve showed it to some of my colleagues and also discussed it with my international colleagues. It seems that your product is already the standard within one of our bigger sites (Mannheim – Germany), so this also gives me a trusted feeling. I think the quality is very nice and the fiber part is really useful. We will definitely consider your product when we are going to rewire our datacenter. This will probably happen in Q1/Q2 this year. Best Regards,  

    Michael K - Infrastructure - Pharmaceutical industry - Netherlands (The) - 02/2012

  •  Hi Mr. Dalles, sorry, that answer until now. I am very busy. Demo kit arrived okay. Patchsee is very simple but very functional solution I like. We negotiate with our suppliers to supply patchsee for our data center. Of patchsee I learned on the Internet. Best regards! 

    Petr V - Network Administrator - MILITARY HOSPITAL - Czech Republic (The) - 01/2012

  •  Dear Frederic, Thank you very much for sending the sample kit. PATCHSEE product is a great innovation of your engineering team. Providing the easy solution to networking and infrastructure teams. I believe that this will be appreciated throughout the world. Surely we will recommend to our project teams for the use of PATCHSEE products. Best regards 

    Shabbir S - Telecom Supervisor - Liquiefied Natural Gas Industry - Qatar - 01/2012

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