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  •  Hi Frederic, Yes. It is very nice. Can you possibly send me the rates for patch cables? Thanks. I saw your promptioanal vid on youtube (Mission Impossible or something) . Kind regards, Rocelle 

    Rocelle A - Sales - Cabling Reseller - Australia - 10/2012

  •  Hi Frederic I got one of your demos units and are interested in becoming one of your distributers in Africa. Please tell me what we need to do to become a distributer and also let me know what prices we can expect? Thanks Adriaan K. 

    Adriaan K - Sales - CABLING DISTRIBUTOR - South Africa - 10/2012

  •  Hi, I received a sample product and I am happy with it. Just wondering is there any reseller in Australia, Sydney ?  

    Ye A - IT Administrator - BEAUTY PRODUCTS MANUFACTURER - Australia - 10/2012

  •  Hello Mr. Dalles, generally I like the solution, I also like quality of cable. Our company is going to build new bulding next year, and I would definitely recommend to equip new distribution panels/racks with PatchSee cabling. I’ve got infromation about your product from one of our colleagues. 

    Marce M - IT Dept - INdustry Multinational - Czech Republic (The) - 09/2012

  •  Dear Fred, Thankyou very much for the Patchsee Kit .I received it this morning.Tested it.I think its a very useful tool. I use a tone generator which is sometimes hard to pick up the signals....we have to physically unplug the cords to confirm the tone. Saves time. Thanks again. Eve  

    Eve M - Cable Technician - Cabling Installer - Papua New Guinea - 09/2012

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