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  •  Hello Frederic, We have tested the Patchsee cables and have found good use in our testing environment. One concern we do have is with the moulded plastic clip protector being weak and showing signs of stress after a few insertions and removals. We would like to conduct further lab testing on the cables, are you able to provide a sales contact for a small order? Kind regards, Andre Z. 

    Andre Z - IT Manager - Web Hosting - Australia - 10/2013

  •  Yep. Received the demo kit in a timely fashion. I am quite impressed by the product! Are you able to send me some info regarding pricing and availability? We may consider using these cables for our major sites. Regards, Craig A. 

    Craig A - Project Coordinator - SUPPLIER OF CONCRETE AND AGGREGATE - Australia - 10/2013

  •  Dear Sir, We have received Patch Cord. I like your product we will contact you after responce or as needed Warm Regards, CHINTAN K. 

    Kalathiya C - IT Manager - CABLING INSTALLER - India - 10/2013

  •  Dear Mr DALLES, I received your demo kit, thanks. It is an interesting idea. If not for hole network, then just for some more important connections. We were wondering what would be the price for Cat 6 patch cords 1 and 3 m long? Best regards, Robert P 

    Robert P - IT Manager - UNIVERSITY - Slovenia - 10/2013

  •  Dear Mr. Dalles, we have received FREE demo KIT of PATCHSEE cord. Thank you. These cords are really practical and I'm almost sure we will buy them in the future from your distributor INOVAKOM. Thanks for your concern. Stanislav Z. 

    Stanislav Z - IT Manager - LOGISTICS COMPANY - Slovenia - 10/2013

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