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  •  Dear Frederic! I thank you for having sent us a sample of the cable. This solution is very interesting and solves many problem in finding the right cable. Of course, such a solution we are always interested in and when the right moment, we will contact your distributor in Slovenia, Inovakom d.o.o. Best regards Dragan S 

    Dragan S - IT Manager - UNIVERSITY - Slovenia - 02/2014

  •  Dear Frederic, thank you for the demo kit. It is a nice innovation. What are the prices like per metre? What lengths are available? best regards J.G. 

    Jernej G - IT Manager - UNIVERSITY - Slovenia - 02/2014

  •  Hi Frederic First I need to thank you for the demo kit. Interesting solution for a messy environment as academic in our house. Unfortunately I got it about a year to late while we are moving in the new building that is already set up with cabling and we are not expecting much more purchases to be done in next year. But I am very interested in IDScratch that was also in the demo kit you've sent me. I find its flexibility very useful in computer classrooms and other places where we need to reorganize calbes on a weekly on monthly basis. But first I need to get a budget to buy it. I am also curious about other two datacenter cabling protecting/marking solutions. PatchClip and PlugCap for helping during quick actions in the datacenter cabling. Best regards Matej 

    Matej G - IT Manager - UNIVERSITY - Slovenia - 02/2014

  •  Hi Frederic, My excuses. We are in the midst of a complete network assessment project & a data center relocation project. We have received the demo kit and where really surprised by how easy this is. We might consider this for our networks in the future. But for now there are no short term plans. Regards, Ricky R. 

    Ricky R - IT Data center Manager - OIL&GAS Company - Suriname - 02/2014

  •  Hello Frederic, Thanks for your prompt action. I did receive the Demo Kit Last week and I must tell you that, this is a great product with simple innovation that can help end users to trace patch cords without any additional investment on Intelligent devices in the Hub Room / Patch Rack area. This will fly with great success if made available with right marketing plans, product reach and pricing in the cabling market. Irrespective of OEM cabling vendors, customers who are having budget issues for a full intelligent solution can quickly decide for these patch cords instead of choosing semi-intelligent solution for 20% premium from an OEM basket. - Girish KP, Bangalore, INDIA 

    KP G - Managing Director - DATA CENTRE INSTALLERS - India - 02/2014

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