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RJ45 tested, approved

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  •  The product is very impressive. Will share with others. 

    Joe B - President - CABLING INSTALLER - United States (The) - 02/2015

  •  Hi, I appreciate this demo kit. It's really amazing, and helps to organize and indentify problems in our network structure. Which is the price for these items? I know this Kit by a partner. 

    Nuno M - IT Manager - MUNICIPALITY - Portugal - 02/2015

  •  Hi Frederic, I have not had a chance in install the patchsee cable in a production environment yet, but have tried it out in my lab. Very nicely built cable and looks like an interesting solution, but Iím not sure it would be viable in most of our installations. I will keep it in mind for future installations. I first heard about Patchsee from a discussion on I am actually more intrigued with the roll of id-scratch cable ties, thatís a very cool solution. Regards, Thomas 

    Thomas C - IT Manager - MEDICAL EQUIPMENTS - Australia - 02/2015

  •  Hallo Mr. Dallas thank you for the demo KIT. I think, that itís interesting solution for IT techniques and we will recommend your product to our customers. Sincerely 

    Pavel S - Telecom and Network Specialist - SYSTEM INTEGRATOR - Czech Republic (The) - 01/2015

  •  Dear Fredric, Sorry for being late in replying, i checked the light couple of days ago after coming back from a short vacation, It works and able to actually demo the patchsee cable and i like it very much. I am planning it to demo it to our clients and i am hopeful that i would be able to get some orders. Regards, 

    Irfan U - Owner - SYSTEM INTEGRATOR - Saudi Arabia - 01/2015

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