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  •  Dear Mss Lecourt, We received the demo kit, thanks. Quality of the cable looks good. We don’t have a patching project yet but if we would have one in the future, it looks like we would buy patchsee cables. Kind regards, Olivier  

    Olivier V - Head of ICT Facilities - INTERNATIONAL LAW FIRM - Belgium - 04/2015

  •  Hello, we´ve received the Demo Kit, thanks for that. In an Customer Project we´ve implemented these technology and we will see how it works in the daily business. mit freundlichen Grüßen Michael  

    Michael K - General Manager - SYSTEM INTEGRATOR - Germany - 04/2015

  •  Dear Laetitia, Thanks a lot for the trial products. That are very good and qualitative products and we are very happy with it. In case of further need... I will contact you directly. Thanks and have a nice weekend. Kind regards, Pascal 

    Pascal P - IT Manager - SYSTEM INTEGRATOR - Germany - 04/2015

  •  Dear Mr. Dalles, I received you demo kit and open it. To be honest, I was surprised. Your solution is very interesting and very practical. The only potential drawback can be the price. If the price is acceptable, I think this patch cord will find his piece of market. Best regards, Nenad 

    Nenad K - IT Manager - UNIVERSITY - Serbia - 04/2015

  •  Hello, About the question. I know you from CeBit and back then I recieved my first Free Kit (I'am ordering them sience then). The last Kit got on my blog but it is written in Polish. Do you have a partner or a shop here in Poland? I'm asking because I will be rebuilding my server room and I'm looking for best cable solutions for 1/10 Gbps  

    Slawek S - IT Manager - HOSPITAL - Poland - 04/2015

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