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  •  Great product! :) , we ordered a set from our local distributor. Regards 

    Bie W - IT Manager - MARKETING AGENCY - Poland - 10/2015

  •  Excellent Cables, They are worth the extra, I would not use anything else in any wiring cab.  

    Scott W - IT Manager - Education sector - United Kingdom (The) - 10/2015

  •  It’s a great product. Trying to get more people to try and comment on it. Thanks! 

    Steven M - IT Manager - CLOUD SERVICES COMPANY - United States (The) - 10/2015

  •  Hi Fredrik, Yes, I do have some feedback – I LOVE IT!!! It’s sitting here on my desk right now because I’ve been showing it to everyone I know who understands the challenge of trying to trace a cable from a switch to a server when it is bundled, tied, and routed with dozens of other cables. I don’t have any immediate plans to replace our existing cables right now, but the next opportunity I get to do so, I will definitely be interested in using your product. Thanks again for the demo unit – it’s definitely something people need to see to realize just how much of a game-changer this would be for them. Stacy S. IT Manager 

    Stacy S - IT Manager - AEROSPACE - MANUFACTURER - United States (The) - 10/2015

  •  So far I have liked it. I am trying to get the rest of the team to see its efficacy 

    Mark H - IT Manager - STATE ORGANIZATION - United States (The) - 10/2015

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