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  •  Thank you, Laetitia. Yes, I got the kit. I have already tried this product and I like it. Do you have a pricelist you could send me?!  

    Mark˙s Sveinn M - Network Administrator - Bank - Iceland - 08/2010

  •  Yes, I have received your product. I am impressed by it. Do you have it in a CAT6a version? And what are the prices on it?  

    Lasse J - IT-Supporter - Integrator - Denmark - 08/2010

  •  I received the kit. Thank you. I already know the system from one of my clients but I would like to promote it to other clients. (let us hope the battery lasts for some time) It is great material, the only thing is that it is a lot more expensive than other cables and therefore it might withhold some clients to use it.  

    Kris V - IT Manager - IT Reseller - Netherlands (The) - 07/2010

  •  We recieved the kit. And i used patchsee at my last employer. I think its great and we requested an offer at Black Box and we are waiting on approval of the management team 

    Jeroen D - ICT Technician - Automation - Netherlands (The) - 07/2010

  •  Hi, and thank you for a wonderfull product! I have demonstrated this product for my colleagues, and they were absolutely thrilled about it. They imediately saw the benefits both in money saved, and definately in time saved in sorting out a patch-panel that looks more like a tangle of spaghetti than a well-organized panel. I can't say when we'll be buying your products, but I'm quite confident that we will purchace cables and other equipment from you in the future. Keep up the good work, and thank you for the sample package.  

    Steven W - Network/IT Support - IT Reseller - Norway - 06/2010

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