Traceable patch cords patchsee systemTraceable patch cords patchsee system

Category 5e UTP and FTP
RJ45 Patch cords

Category 5e RJ45 patch cords with optical fibre identification

  • available in unshielded (UTP) and foil shielded (FTP) 100 Ohms
  • 6 lengths from 0.6 m to 4.9 m
Feet 2 4 5 7 10 16
m 0.6 1.2 1.5 2.1 3.1 4.9

  • black PVC sheath
  • part number and length printed on the boot
  • compatible with colour coded PatchClips for the first level of identification

A reliable patch cord for all networks:

  • complies with EIA/TIA 568.2-D category 5e,
  • quality control :
    • 100% testing of electrical and optical properties,
    • each patch cord identified by a unique serial number.

Product part numbers and packaging:

  • U/x for category 5e UTP RJ45 patch cord, where x is the length in feet
  • F/x for category 5e FTP RJ45 patch cord, where x is the length in feet
  • Packaging : plastic bags of 12 cables.
Category 5e RJ45 patch cords


  FTP Technical Datasheet
  UTP Technical Datasheet

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