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Discover the ethernet cable
that is always at the right length

DESKPATCH is a 5-meter RJ-45 cable combined with a clever cable tidy. Discover the new way to get the most out of your connections: with DESKPATCH you can now plug your computer into the network plug and adapt the cable length to exactly meet your needs and organize your desk where you want to.

Deskpatch, RJ45 at the DESK

  • Performance up to 10 Gigabit/s (Cat 6A TIA/EIA and ISO).
  • Compatibility and guarantee for all cabling systems.

Deskpatch pricing

Desk-VR-6-U/5 0 to 5m U/UTP cat 6A Violet red 6€
Desk-AG-6-U/5 0 to 5m U/UTP cat 6A Apple green
Desk-BW-6-U/5 0 to 5m U/UTP cat 6A Bright white
Desk-SB-6-U/5 0 à 5m U/UTP cat 6A Sky blue
Desk-VR-6-F/5 0 to 5m F/UTP cat 6A Violet red 7€
Desk-AG-6-F/5 0 to 5m F/UTP cat 6A Apple green
Desk-BW-6-F/5 0 to 5m F/UTP cat 6A Bright white
Desk-SB-6-F/5 0 to 5m F/UTP cat 6A Sky blue

Deskpatch & PATCHSEE

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