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RJ45 tested, approved

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  •  I have had a brief look at the item and can see some great benefits for this in data centres. I will be meeting with a customer early next week to look at its uses in more detail , so will send you some comments once this has eventuated. Thanks again. 

    Shane K - General Manager - Data Network Integrator - Australia - 11/2010

  •  Hi, Impressive. Good for ICT Network support person. What is the maximum length of one cable? How do you price it? 

    Thabo M - IT Director - Government Organization - South Africa - 11/2010

  •  We did receive the product and are very enthousiastic about it. We’ve already could convince 1 customer to work with this product (+ 100 cables).  

    Mark D - IT - IT Installation - Belgium - 11/2010

  •  I've passed the demo kit onto the network team to have a view and they will let me know what they think in the next week or two.  

    Craig S - Systems Infrastructure - End User - Education Sector - United Kingdom (The) - 11/2010

  •  I saw this product a few years back and the idea appealed to me then. I think it is a great product. The only thing I guess on this solution is the cost. I noted back then that the cost of the cables is quite high. Is this still the case? Are there volume discounts available etc?  

    Kam P - Service Desk Team Leader - End User - Building Industry - United Kingdom (The) - 11/2010

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