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  •  We looked at it. It's very good idea, but useless since the price is so high  

    Kjetil P - Network Design/Architecht - Data Center Installateur - Norway - 06/2010

  •  It was a funky product, it worked like a charm. My boss wanted me to order it to see what the product actually was. It’s a very awesome and very handy tool to have. However, I’m sorry to say that we probably won’t be ordering any. Simply because we do not require a tool like this in our daily work. Who knows that when the time comes when we would see this tool as a must have we can order it. We’ve shown it to other people, I personally referred it to some of my friends who also study / work in the IT. Thanks for your e-mail, it’s always nice to get regards from France =D Au revoir and regards from Holland  

    Dennis V - ICT Technician - Industry - Netherlands (The) - 06/2010

  •  i give it avay town hall computeradmin. its look pretty cables. help find cables easy. :-)  

    Etelä-Karjalan M - Network/IT Support - Community - Finland - 06/2010

  •  Hello! It was very nice but since then we have transferred to more wireless LAN structure and have so few cabling left that at the moment we no need for this.  

    Petteri K - IT Manager - Industry - Finland - 06/2010

  •  Hi, We have tested the PatchSee in our network team. We got positive feeling for this and we will keep the product in our mind if we need that kind of solution later  

    Kimmo S - Network Administrator - Telephony Company - Finland - 06/2010

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