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  •   We have received the demonstration kit, but as yet have not used it as we have not had a need to. We look forward to trying it out. Your regards have been passed on, thank you.  

    Pierre K - Telecoms Manager - Installer - Australia - 06/2010

  •  yes I did receive it. I must say it is a fantastic idea! The only question I guess is down to cost? On the basis of existing patch cables costing a few pounds each, how does this compare on a low order number? regards  

    Shaun W - Managing Director - Computer Services - United Kingdom (The) - 05/2010

  •  Simple answer for me would be; anything that can provide clarity when making changes or troubleshooting in an operational environment is a positive step. I know what is like to be at a rats nest and trace a cable! Regards,  

    Gary N - Network Design/Architecht - Integrator - United Kingdom (The) - 05/2010

  •  Thanks for the demo kit. I showed the product to my colleagues and we could see its usefulness. We will bear it mind for future installs now that we are aware of the product. Regards,  

    Bill P - Systems Engineer - Integrator - United Kingdom (The) - 05/2010

  •  The idea is good and we are considering replacing our patch cables with them. We are looking at the cost implications now. Kind Regards  

    Alan P - IT Director/Manager - Heating & Ventilation Equipment - United Kingdom (The) - 05/2010

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