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  •  Hi! I have seen the Patchsee demo kit and I like it. It is possible that we want to buy some of the cable soon. I have shown it to some of my colleagues and the like it to.  

    Petter N - IT Director - Consultancy - Norway - 06/2010

  •  We looked at it. It's very good idea, but useless since the price is so high  

    Kjetil P - Network Design/Architecht - Data Center Installateur - Norway - 06/2010

  •  It was a funky product, it worked like a charm. My boss wanted me to order it to see what the product actually was. Itís a very awesome and very handy tool to have. However, Iím sorry to say that we probably wonít be ordering any. Simply because we do not require a tool like this in our daily work. Who knows that when the time comes when we would see this tool as a must have we can order it. Weíve shown it to other people, I personally referred it to some of my friends who also study / work in the IT. Thanks for your e-mail, itís always nice to get regards from France =D Au revoir and regards from Holland  

    Dennis V - ICT Technician - Industry - Netherlands (The) - 06/2010

  •  i give it avay town hall computeradmin. its look pretty cables. help find cables easy. :-)  

    Etelš-Karjalan M - Network/IT Support - Community - Finland - 06/2010

  •  Hello! It was very nice but since then we have transferred to more wireless LAN structure and have so few cabling left that at the moment we no need for this.  

    Petteri K - IT Manager - Industry - Finland - 06/2010

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