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RJ45 tested, approved

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  •  The demonstration kit was excellent. We will certainly be using PatchSee cables on our upcoming installation.  

    Adrian W - IT Manager - End User - Video Game industry - United Kingdom (The) - 10/2010

  •  I received your demonstration kit, thank you. Unfortunately due to a very heavy work schedule at present I have been unable to demonstrate it to my team. Once I get some spare time I'll assess the cables functionality and let you know if it would work within our infrastructure.  

    Jonathan R - Network Engineer - End User - Mobile Technologies - United Kingdom (The) - 10/2010

  •  I love the solution and one of our big customers uses it already - I've got the kit to show it to other customers who need to tidy their cabs  

    Simon B - Field Service Technician - IT Solution Provider - United Kingdom (The) - 10/2010

  •  Itís an impressive solution to say the least, especially as the biggest single cost is for the light as opposed to the cables which arenít a great deal more expensive than good quality patch cables. 

    Jonny M - IT Manager - End User - Events Facilities and Logistics - United Kingdom (The) - 10/2010

  •  I got the kit a couple of days after placing the eval order Ė Iím pretty impressed with the idea, and can see how itíd be useful in our datacenter. Unfortunately, I donít see us replacing our existing infrastructure any time soon Ė however Iíll certainly keep your products in mind for any future datacenter/comms room rollouts we perform.  

    Jon F - Networks - End User - Financial Services - United Kingdom (The) - 10/2010

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