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  •  I love the solution and one of our big customers uses it already - I've got the kit to show it to other customers who need to tidy their cabs  

    Simon B - Field Service Technician - IT Solution Provider - United Kingdom (The) - 10/2010

  •  Itís an impressive solution to say the least, especially as the biggest single cost is for the light as opposed to the cables which arenít a great deal more expensive than good quality patch cables. 

    Jonny M - IT Manager - End User - Events Facilities and Logistics - United Kingdom (The) - 10/2010

  •  I got the kit a couple of days after placing the eval order Ė Iím pretty impressed with the idea, and can see how itíd be useful in our datacenter. Unfortunately, I donít see us replacing our existing infrastructure any time soon Ė however Iíll certainly keep your products in mind for any future datacenter/comms room rollouts we perform.  

    Jon F - Networks - End User - Financial Services - United Kingdom (The) - 10/2010

  •  I wondered where thatíd come from! I can certainly see itís applications within the industry - especially the larger, multi-cab sites, Data Centres etc., where there is a large amount of cab to cab patching. I would be interested to know the cost of a PatchSee patch lead in comparison to say a standard Excel or Krone patch lead. With the scale of businesses that we deal with (SMEs typically), this would definitely be a considerable factor.Cheers.  

    Robert M - Marketing - Network cabling installers - United Kingdom (The) - 10/2010

  •  We started using PatchSee cables 5 years ago and never looked at another product. We currently have more than 400 cables in place and finding the right cable is a piece of cake. No more fear of taking out the wrong cable and spending time finding it. Now i have just received the new Pro PatchLight which is 10x better than the old one and is even more easier to find the cable we want. One thing to remember when buying is to buy various sizes so you donít end up with a mess at back of the rack. Also with the patch clips you can optically separate the various networks. eg we have yellow for telephones, green for pc's white for fw etc. I know it costs more than a normal cable but the quality and convenient of it worth every penny. 

    George P - Head of I.T. and System Administration - Banking & Finance - Cyprus - 10/2010

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