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  •  Thanks for the Demo Kit. PatchSee looks like a great idea (and the cables are high quality CAT 6 which makes them even better). I will hopefully be purchasing some soon, could you advise me how/where I could buy them in the UK? 

    Adam J - Network Designer - End User - United Kingdom (The) - 10/2010

  •  The Kit is for one of our customer who rents space in his offices, I need to send this to him for his approval , could I also get you to send one more for another customer who runs 5 business centre in London as I think it would be a good solution for them as well? 

    Julian R - Telecoms Manager - Installer - United Kingdom (The) - 10/2010

  •  Can you provide me with some contacts for resellers please. We are looking at purchasing quite a few patchsee cables and want to get the best price possible. We have purchased some or your cables before 

    Rich F - Network Co-ordinator - End User - Financial Services - United Kingdom (The) - 09/2010

  •  Many thanks for the recent trial cable you sent me. We have recently built a new server room and saw your solution as giving us a real benefit. I am delighted to inform you, we have installed your system in our new server room and plan to buy more PatchSee cables when our office extension is complete. Merci beaucoup  

    Baxter A - IT Manager - End User - Food Industry - United Kingdom (The) - 09/2010

  •  I did pass the demo kit to my tech support guys, I will chase them to get some feed back.  

    Rupinder H - Purchasing - ICT Services Provider - United Kingdom (The) - 09/2010

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