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  •  The idea is good and we are considering replacing our patch cables with them. We are looking at the cost implications now. Kind Regards  

    Alan P - IT Director/Manager - Heating & Ventilation Equipment - United Kingdom (The) - 05/2010

  •  Thank you very much yes, I received but this kit for patchsee cables only right! Kind Regards  

    Sallam Z - Project Manager - Integrator - Egypt - 04/2010

  •  The solution is great, just what we have been looking for We have a virtualised infrastructure, and each server has 12 network cables connected to 4 switches, and tracing cables has always been extremely time consuming, so this solution is ideal to solve this issue. We have found a UK supplier, so should we just contact them or have you someone you would recommend for us. Regards  

    Iain D - Operations Manager - Insurance - United Kingdom (The) - 04/2010

  •  Hi I got acquainted with Patchsee last year. My company moved too a new site in march and I decided too use you products, so I have ordered about 500 patchcables and various accessories. I am very satisfied with your product and its allready helped us a lot  

    Geir L - IT- Manager - Services - Norway - 03/2010

  •  I was very impressed with the product, makes life for a Network Admin a little bit more manageable. We are due to roll out a new facility and I am contemplating the use of these cables, ive had issues of the past of people adding network cables without changing my documentation.  

    John-Paul W - Network Administrator - End User - Aerospace Industry - United Kingdom (The) - 03/2010

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